Spring Brings New Beginnings
The electrification program continues to move forward, and we experienced an exciting milestone in March with the arrival of the first state-of-the-art electric trains, delivered from Stadler’s rail manufacturing plant in Salt Lake City. I’ve had the pleasure of riding on the new trains when they were being tested in Colorado at 115mph, and I can’t wait for our riders to experience it firsthand in 2024. These trains will usher in a new era for the agency in the coming years as we transition to electrified service. 

The new high-performance trains will be cleaner, quieter, more comfortable, and more efficient – providing our customers the modern riding experience they deserve while bringing a new standard of excellence to the Caltrain corridor.
Additionally, with Spring (and Giants season) upon us, we are offering a 50% discount for all fares in April to thank our loyal passengers and welcome back those who may be returning to the system for the first time. In addition to the reduced fares, Caltrain resumed running its regular, record-high 104-train schedule on April 4th
First Electric Trains Received
The first state-of-the-art electric trainset has arrived! Learn more about the train’s journey as it passed by a number of exciting landmarks and stunning regional scenery making its way home. More trainsets will arrive this year for system testing before entering into revenue service in 2024, when they will transform travel by providing faster, quieter, greener, and more frequent service to our riders. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to see these spectacular new trains!

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Congresswoman Speier Delivers Funds for Caltrain
Congresswoman Jackie Speier secured $460,000 in Community Project Funding through the Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations Bill for the purchase and installation of Mini High ramps at Caltrain Stations. Mini Highs are necessary to allow disabled passengers easy access to Caltrain’s bombardier trains. Caltrain thanks Congresswoman Speier for her continued support as we ensure Caltrain is accessible to all riders.

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Caltrain Halves Fares in April
Caltrain will be discounting all fares by 50% for the month of April. With many people returning to the office and weekday and weekend events heating up across the Bay Area, including 10 Giants home games, everyone can take Caltrain to where they need to go conveniently and affordably. The price reduction will apply to all fares except the Go Pass.

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Caltrain Recognizes Women's History Month
The Caltrain Board of Directors voted to recognize Women’s History Month this month. Caltrain recognizes that it serves a diverse population of riders that have a range of experiences with bias, discrimination, and unequal outcomes or treatment in their lives. Caltrain believes every person has the freedom to feel valued and respected, condemns sexism in rhetoric or action and works to ensure that everyone is welcome onboard.

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Transit Operator Appreciation Day Celebrated March 18
March 18 was Transit Driver Appreciation Day, and we would like to take one last opportunity to thank our Conductors and Engineers for everything they do. Our employees work hard getting the people of the Bay Area where they need to go, and do so with grace and professionalism, even under the most difficult of circumstances. We are proud of everyone we have on our team, and are always happy to give them the credit they deserve for the success of our system.
In light of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the Bay Area, Caltrain is monitoring the situation and following local public health agencies and CDC guidance regarding public meetings.
Caltrain is implementing a bold service vision for the future with a series of infrastructure and planning projects to modernize the system. Central among these projects is Electrification, which lays the foundation for a faster, greener, cleaner, and more reliable system for everyone.
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