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Sunday, March 11, 2018
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Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday, March 11. Remember to move your clocks ahead one hour before going to bed Saturday night.

The Easter season is the perfect time for baptism! If you or anyone in your family is interested in being baptized, we will schedule baptisms for Sunday, April 8, the Sunday after Easter Day. Please contact Joanna.
Easter flower offering. Easter offering envelopes are scattered in the pews in the church, or available in Hannaford Hall, inviting donations for Easter flowers. The flowers may be given in memory of, or in thanksgiving for, a loved one or loved ones and the names of donors and beneficiaries listed on Easter Day. We appreciate your generosity in making the church glorious for our Easter celebration.
Calvary Food Drive Tournament: The battle between the Loaves (9:30) and Fishes (10:30) is raging on! As of last Sunday, the Fishes are ahead with 50 items of food, while the Loaves have collected 34 items, with more items added on Sunday morning. Besides competing for Food Drive Champions, each week, lets also try for another goal: to collect at least ONE THOUSAND items by Easter! We are keeping count each week, so let's fill the boxes, deliver and refill again - and win the battle against hunger! All items will stock St. Andrew's Pantry.

Lenten Series 2018, "A Grown Up Lent." There will be no Lenten prog ram this Wednesday, March 14 a s the building has been scheduled for another group. The accompanying Taize service will also not be held. The next and final, program will take place on Wednesday, March 21. The discussion will center on the theme "Being a Living Parable." Of all the characters in Jesus' parables, which character am I? Which one are you? Who is really the good guy here?

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From the Interim.....

Stumbling Through Lent

         So how is Lent going for you? I just bought four pounds of dark chocolate truffles from Harry and David store on the way back from a clergy meeting at Procter Center.  Luckily, I did NOT commit to giving up chocolate for Lent, but still.

        Forty days is a long time for self-discipline, in these days it's frustrating if the computer takes a whole seven seconds to turn on.  The traffic lights takes FOREVER to turn green. A three-minute wait in the checkout line at the supermarket makes me squirm with restlessness.  A fast-paced world? This is roller coaster and I'm falling off!

        One interesting effect of self-denial is that, when I promise to refrain from say, eating meat during Lent, the promise itself makes me more conscious of wanting just exactly what I have denied myself. I will spend forty days not eating meat. But I WANT IT, I WANT IT!

         And maybe that's the point.  As we move through Lent with our practices of self-denial, self-reflection and meditation on God's Holy Word, we become more conscious of what - during non Lent - holds us back from a one-centered focus on God.

        And it looks like what holds me back is often --- me. My own self-indulgence and desires.  During Lent, I become uncomfortably attuned to my beloved temptations and how I can hang on to them and why those earthly self-indulgences keep me from being more focused on God and what God wants me to do. And that is how self-denial circles me back to God - who has been waiting for me all along.

          At this point, the Church is smack in the middle of Lent, but we clergy are busy preparing for Easter.  As we say at the beginning of our Eucharistic Prayer:
"You bid your faithful people cleanse their hearts, and prepare with joy for the Paschal feast; that, fervent in prayer and in works of mercy, and renewed by your Word and Sacraments, they may come to the fullness of grace which you have prepared for those who love you."

          So THAT"S what Lent is all about! Not about the meat, or the chocolate, or even about me! Have a happy reminder of Lent, preparing with joy for the Paschal feast coming up on April 1st!



Habitat for Humanity HOPE COALITION
Thank you for the time and energy you put into the homes located at 225/229 Hunsford Street in Hartwell.  We are so grateful for your dedication to our families.  Thanks to your hard work, they have a safe and affordable home of their own! Join us for the Dedications. Click Here for more details.   Contact Troy Romantini or Helen Jones for further Calvary info. 

Sign up for Kroger's  Community Reward Program to support 
El Hogar.  If you already have a Kroger reward card click this link

Tender Mercies  March  25, 4:00 p.m.

Calvary Youth News

Field Trip: Art Museum March 11
We're off to Eden Park after church on Sunday. Pleade RSVP to Ms. Miriam at

Exodus Bible Study - most Sundays
We're almost through chapter 13, and pharaoh finally let the Israelites leave Egypt. Or, as we learned, God did not harden pharaoh's heart after the first passover. Pharaoh even asked for God to grant him a blessing. The story continues this Sunday.  Click here to catch up using an online Bible. 

Music News
 -  Howard Helvey  

Louisville's Cathedral of the Assumption, venue for Southern ACDA's
ecumenical worship service on February 23
For many years, I've been an active and enthusiastic member of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), whose mission is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.  ACDA's approximately 22,000 director members represent over one million singers across the United States .  There are regular national, regional, and state conferences, and they are virtually indescribable.  Two weeks ago I was honored to, in part, represent Calvary Church in Louisville for the 2018 Southern Division conference, where thousands conductors and singers convened for several days jam-packed with extraordinary choral performances, dozens of workshops/lectures, and unique networking occasions among great colleagues and long-time friends.  ( Cincinnati is actually part of the Central Division of ACDA, but I was unable to attend that regional conference held slightly earlier in Chicago . Members are free to attend any divisional conference.)  I am grateful for and blessed to have had this opportunity!

With any questions regarding the Choir and/or the Choral Scholar program, please contact the organist/choirmaster, Howard Helvey: or 513-476-3261

Sunday School and Family News

Sunday School

Last week the pre-K - 3rd grade classes continued the Faces of Easter lessons. We heard about the Jesus' baptism and his time in the desert.

The 4th-6th grade class heard the second part of the Greatest Parable.  We considered Jesus' early ministry in Galilee.

Come join us this Sunday to share another story!

Family News
Wednesdays in Lent: A children's lenten program, "Once Upon A Time," will run at the same time as the adult programming on Wednesday evenings

This past week we talked about The Little Red Hen and how important it is to be prepared. We worked with building materials and thought about ways to practice being prepared.

G racious Father, whose blessed Son Jesus Christ came down from heaven to be the true bread which gives life to the world: Evermore give us this bread, that he may live in us, and we in him; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

If you would like to add someone to the Prayer List please contact the Parish Office
Prayers for strength, healing, and other requests for prayer from parish members and friends of the ­larger community:
Brandon Davis, Paul McCauley, Marilyn Fietz, Carol Ann Edmonds, Mary Ann Bragg, Charles Parsons, Susan, Kelley, Wilson Willard, Ruth Ann, Terrell Lackey, Randy Caldwell,  Paul Davis, Anne Greenwald, Miriam McKenney and Steven Worley.


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