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January 2017

 Camano Arts Association (CAA) represents many talented artists from the vibrant arts community in Camano Island and Stanwood. We hope this newsletter will provide an interesting source of information about our artists and what they are doing and about art events in our area and beyond.
Enjoy exploring the art links in this newsletter and discovering a bit more about our wonderful community of artists.

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Our featured artist this
month is Marie-Claire Dole. Marie-Claire is well known for her unique, delicate, and one-of-a-kind, fine jewelry and for her pastels and oils. She has been a member of the Studio Tour since 2009.

In both her work as a fine jeweler and as a painter she expresses a joy with color and exquisite craftsmanship.

Robins Bathing, oil on canvas

Each of Marie-Claire's
Opal Butterfly Pin
exquisite fine jewelry creations is made by hand and is one of a kind, and reflects a deep and personal artistic vision.  "I believe in jewelry with simple lines that suggest feelings of beauty & timeless enjoyment, " she says.

Bee's Art pendant

 "Creating a piece of jewelry often starts from an inspiring colored stone", she says.  Sometimes her creativity leads her into inventing a hidden side or a movable part or a little world of its own, giving her pieces surprising and delightful touches.

 She makes use of all four of the precious metals and a variety of gemstones in her work, and she likes to use several metals on a single piece for color contrast.  Often it is Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold or Rose Gold accents.  

Two Tone Cloud and Diamond Pendant

Marie-Claire grew up in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the most important center of watch making in Switzerland and also a famous center of Art Nouveau.  Perhaps this nurturing artistic environment catalyzed her innate creativity because she knew that she wanted to become a jeweler since she was 5 years old. She says she "spent many hours by myself creating anything from drawings to clay figures before I started grade school.  I always knew I would be an artist. "

Marie-Claire passed the entrance exam of L'Ecole d'art appliqués at age 16 and graduated with a CFC in Goldsmithing  in 1979 after a 4 year training program that included jewelry design, academic drawing, painting and composition, followed by an extra 6-month training in Diamond setting.  Patek Philippe of Geneva, considered to be one of the world's most prestigious watch brands, gave her her first job 2 days after she finished Art School.  She was the first woman goldsmith hired by Patek Philippe and fabricated one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for them for two and a half years.

She has made countless
14KW Sapphire and Baguette Diamond Pendant
pieces of jewelry over the past 30 years, many on commission. Creating a custom piece of jewelry usually involves at least 3 appointments with a client, she says.  While some clients have a precise idea of what they want, others have no idea. But, she loves the process, and tries to involve the customer as much as possible. She says, "It is my passion to let them inspire me, and it comes out as a unique design for them."

Marie-Claire paints in both oils and pastels. She learned painting in Europe but discovered pastels right here in Washington and studied under a variety of artists. Her first Solo Show was at the Gallery by the Bay in September 2009.  "Color has always been a source of joy and energy for me and painting with pastel is a direct approach that delights my desire to create and work with color. I like to paint in many layers blending pastels with my fingers.  I find inspiration through reflecting on my inner thoughts and my dreams that have always been vivid and present.  I like recalling those images in my journey to become more intuitive and aware of my creative world." 

Yellow Angelique Tulips in pastel, work in progress will be available on 2017 Studio Tour

You can see (and buy) Marie-Claire's work, jewelry and paintings, at The Silvery Moon Gallery in Bellingham, at the 2017 Camano Studio Tour, and by appointment (contact her via her website here: Marie-Claire Website). Also, check her website for other events she's participating in. More examples of her work can also be seen here
The Great N.W. Glass Quest Event 2017

Mark and Marcus Ellinger are busy making about 300 limited edition glass balls for this year's Glass Quest event and another 100 plus or so unlimited glass balls for sale.

"The limited edition floats are stamped with the official 2017 stamp and have color on the glass where the stamp goes and are then signed and numbered with a diamond dremel bit.

Every year we use a different color for the limited edition glass ball stamps, this makes them even more unique & collectible.
This is a free event to the public and a great way to spend the day on Camano Island & Stanwood enjoying parks, local businesses & maybe find a treasure along the way."

For more information click 2017 Glass Quest
Michele Rushworth will be having a solo show in February of her landscape paintings at the prestigious Fountainhead Gallery in Seattle. She's calling the show Near and Far. It will feature a collection of over 20 new paintings from two areas of the world she loves, the Pacific Northwest and coastal Italy.

The solo show runs from February 2 through February 25.
Opening reception
February 4, from 5 to 7pm.

 The Fountainhead Gallery is located in the Queen Anne district of Seattle. You can find directions here. 


Susan Cohen Thompson will be showing ceramic tiles in the 5th Annual Bird Invitational at the Smith & Vallee Gallery, 5742
Gilkey Ave, Edison, WA, from Feb. 3 to Feb 26.  Artist reception is Feb. 4, 5-8 PM.

Alluring Redbird, Ceramic Tile, Susan Cohen Thompson

 Kathy Dannerbeck and Helen Saunders are headed off on an adventure to Vietnam to gather ideas and materials for new work this year. They will be visiting the village hill tribes of the north to see the crafts created there. They will have opportunities to see how their silk, silver and gold jewelry, rattan weaving, and mother of pearl inlay are made. There is some pottery and lacquer work as well as blacksmithing on the menu. A stop in Bangkok to check out some markets will also add materials for the abstract mixed media pieces Helen does. Kathy will have the opportunity in Vietnam to pick up some unusual gems for her jewelry such as orange pearls. We look forward to a report on their travels next month as well as some new works for the studio tour.
Diana Yakowitz will have three of her photographic works at  Art Aloft, Stanwood Camano Art Guild's annual judged art show, at the Guilded Gallery in Stanwood, Feb. 4th through Feb. 12th.
Lost in Rendition, Diana Yakowitz

A big Thank You for all who donated and participated in Camano Arts Association's fund raising effort on Giving Tuesday sponsored by the Stanwood Camano Area Foundation.  We are please to announce that we raised $2,767 for our scholarship fund!

Due to the strong fundraising efforts of members of CAA this year we will be awarding up to $6,000 in scholarships to graduating Stanwood High School Seniors wanting to pursue a degree in the arts fields.  This is the largest amount that we have ever awarded since the inception of our scholarship program in 2002.  Scholarships will be awarded after a review of student's work, grades and letters of recommendation.  Many of the students who will be applying for the scholarships also participate in our CAA mentoring program.

Another first for 2017, the CAA Board of Directors have approved up to $2,000 for junior art students wanting to pursue a summer arts program that will give them advance college credits.

One of the mentoring programs with Gail Merrick's students this past year was a wire sculpture class offered by Helen Saunders and Kathy Dannerbeck. Two of the finished projects were submitted to the Scholastic Arts Awards.  The announcement of awards is expected by February 1st.



2345 Blanche Way, Camano Island
open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11 to 5 and
weekdays by appointment ,
call 360-387-2759  
Some artists are famous for their self portraits. Artist - Author Jack Gunter creates his with words as well as paint in a new book about his creative journey.

You  can read the entire story here in the newsletter in monthly installments.  Clicking on the link below will bring up the third installment in a separate window.  Read Jack Gunter's Memoir - Installment 4

Read Jack Gunters Memoir - Installment 3
Read Jack Gunter's Self Portrait - Installment 2
Read Jack Gunter's Self Portrait - Installment 1

Puget Sound Bonsai Museum Stone Show
Stone Images VIII
"Best of the First Seven"

Rick Klauber and other members of the Viewing Stone Study Group of the Puget Sound Bonsai Association will present the best of the first seven years of shows in the Pavilion display cabinets at Pacific Bonsai Museum in Federal Way from February 18 - March 26.   The shows have presented over 250 different juried viewing stones from the Pacific Rim over the last 7 years.   Each year new stones have been exhibited.   This year a juried selection from those shows will offer some 30 stones including thematic displays from the Northwest.  Stones from Western Washington Rivers, Oregon, Wyoming and SE Alaska will make up the offerings. The Pacific Bonsai Museum in addition offers one of the finest collections of bonsai displays in the U.S.,  and these exhibitions are all free.  See the link for location, hours, and directions:

Sunnyshore Studio
Celebrating Jack Dorsey at 77: An Art Retrospective

Sunnyshore Studio is excited to announce the celebration of Jack Dorsey's 77th birthday with an art retrospective looking back over Jack Dorsey's career as an artist. This retrospective which will feature Jack's artworks from over 50 years of painting including many new contributions. 
A Ragged Beggar Sunning, Jack Dorsey 

Jack's family invites his friends, art patrons, golfing buddies and all art enthusiasts to join us in celebrating the life, career and artistic legacy of one of the northwest's most gifted artists.
  •          Saturday, March 11th, 10:00am - 5:00pm
  •          Sunday, March 12th, Noon - 5:00pm
  •          March 13th -April 1st: Gallery open for private showings (call 360.387.7304)
Back Porch Geraniums, watercolor, Jack Dorsey


Asian Influenced Contemporary Crafts, Paintings and Shibori Wearables.

Opening party March 11th, 5:00 to 9:00
Come early to walk the 10 acre Sculpture Park and see over a 100 sculptures.
The show continues until April 16th.
Nancy Loorem Adams - basketry/sculpture
Dona Anderson - basketry/sculpture
Liz Axford - shibori/quilting
Danielle Bodine - basketry/ sculpture
Carys Hamer - shibori
Lin Holley - ceramics
Cheryl Kamura - shibori
Patti King - shibori
Nan Leaman - shibori
Brian O'Neill - ceramics
Seiko Purdue - cast paper
Claire Renaut - spun paper
Patricia Resseguie - mixed media drawing
Seth Rolland - wood
Brian Somers - ceramics
Donna Watson - painting
Hiroshi Yamano - glass
Richard Nash - painting 
Dinah Steveni - Ceramics
Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park
2345 Blanche Way
Camano Is., WA 98282
Open Fri. Sat., Sun.11 - 5
weekdays appt. 360-387-2759
email:  1 hour north of Seattle


"The Hod Carrier"

"The Hod Carrier," a presentation by Aaron Haba, will be the featured program for the Camano Arts Association's General Membership meeting on Wednesday, February 1st, at 6:00 pm in the Camano Center at 606 Arrowhead Road, Camano Island.
Aaron Haba is a creative and talented sculptor who lives and works on Camano Island and attended Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, where he studied art and sculpture.  Aaron also studied interior architecture and design at Berkeley, was awarded a month long Fellowship Residency at the Millay Colony in upstate New York,and also was awarded a residency in Pampelonne, France, for a month, where he did his work with red silk flags.

The Method Gallery in Pioneer Square in Seattle has held a solo show of Aaron's work, and the Bellevue Art Museum commissioned Aaron to do a large piece which hangs in their lobby.  Aaron has been a featured artist at the Anacortes Arts Festival.  Karla Matzke exhibits his sculptures at her gallery on Camano Island and featured Aaron in the book she co-authored with Ashley Rooney, "100 Artists of the Northwest.

 In this book Aaron writes of his work,  "Core themes run through my work:  the space within, exploring stillness through motion (implied or actual), repetition of form, positive space mingling with negative, and patterns in nature that evoke breath, mystery, and joy.  Inspired by the abstract forms of Isamu Noguchi, Constantin Brancusi, and Barbara Hepworth, I play with space, form, and texture.  I am drawn in by the subtle play of light as it wraps around form, blank space that reveals shape and the ethereal in between.   My studies in African and Asian art history combined with travels through India and Nepal have had a deep impact on my motivation to create.  I see the function of art beyond the Western Interpretation of something to acquire, as something to place value on.  My work is about living and seeing, a celebration of the fleeting and the evolving."

Aaron's presentation begins at 6:30 with the CAA business meeting to follow at 7:15 pm.  The public is invited.

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