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December 2015
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 Camano Arts Association (CAA) represents many talented artists from the vibrant arts community in Camano Island and Stanwood. We hope this newsletter will provide an interesting source of information about our artists and what they are doing and about art events in our area and beyond.
Enjoy exploring the art links in this newsletter and discovering a bit more about our wonderful community of artists.
Featured Artist
Michele Rushworth 
is our featured artist this month. Michele has been mostly known for her stunning portraits of governors, university presidents, and families across the US. The challenge in portraiture, she says, is "of capturing the human spirit, of conveying something of the inner life and depth of a person's character on canvas. I love getting to know interesting people and capturing their spirit on canvas."
Congressman Doc Hastings, Michele Rushworth, 46x38, oil

This fall her portrait work was included in a New York City gallery show entitled "The Modern Portrait" at Portraits Incorporated's new location on New York's Upper East Side.

Michele has been drawing and painting since childhood and has painted portraits for 30 years, but more recently she has "become more and more inspired by the beauty of the water, mountains and wildlife in this part of the country and have begun seriously painting landscapes." 

So inspired was she that she moved to Camano Island a year ago because of the beautiful scenery and art community. She will be an artist on the Mother's Day Tour in 2016.

Sunrise Song, Michele Rushworth, 15x30 Oil 
"I've only been living on Camano for a year but all the incredible views I see every day stop me in my tracks and make me want to pick up a paint brush. Looking out from our deck or walking along the beach near our house gives me endless sources of inspiration for my paintings," she says. A series of landscapes inspired by the water views around Camano led to a recent show of her landscape work at the Fountainhead Gallery in Seattle.

Arabesque, Michele Rushworth, 24x36, oil

Her landscapes convey an intensity that transcends the reality of the scene. "I want to paint how things should be, not just how they are in the everyday world. I want to express something a bit more intense, more glowing, with more energy. Like how things would be in a memory or a dream. It's what I feel when I see certain details in the landscape. It's a soaring joy that I experience and try to capture in my paintings. It's a passion for the exquisite details of the landscape, not always the wide view."

Crystal Clear, Michele Rushworth

"Line doesn't play a big part in what I try to communicate, it's all about color and light, exaggerating the light to express how rich and energetic everything feels to me when I'm out there in the forest or on the beach. I take the view and feelings in through my eyes, keep it in my heart and try to put it out there on the canvas. It always falls short of the intensity I feel, but that's what keeps me trying!"    

Lilly Light, Michele Rushworth, 16x16, oil 

How much does the feeling she achieves in her paintings depend on her use of oils, I wondered. "My paintings of water could be made with oil or watercolor or any other color medium. Getting the effect right is about saturation of color and soft and sharp edges to give the effect of reflections," she said. 

Day is Done, Michele Rushworth, 20x16, oil 

She doesn't use a journal or
sketch. "I take one or more of my four cameras with me everywhere, though, and have learned how to set the exposure and focus control to emphasize the contrast and color to come close to what I want to convey."

"Painting is how I connect with the world. I couldn't see a time when I would want to live without it."

See more of Michele's work at

Artists About Town
Dotti Burton's Global Warming is showing at the Tsuga Fine Arts Gallery in Bothell, and her new miniature series Water Utopia can be viewed at the current "Honey I Shrunk the Art" exhibit through January 10th at Matzke Fine Art Gallery. S he is also included in the "2015 Holiday Show", Main Gallery, Schack Art Center, Everett until December 24th. Click here to see more of her work

Participants in Dotti Burton's recent Creative Painting Workshop have decided to meet regularly to focus on contemporary, modern, abstract art. For more information, call Dotti on her cell phone, 206-714-3647

Kathy Hastings
is one of six artists in the show, Spiritual Nature, which opened Dec. 3 at the SAM gallery.

Solace by Kathy Hastings, 24X48"

 Follow this link for more information:

CAA member Helen Saunders has been donating her time and inspirational energy to Ms. Gail Merrick's Ap Art students of Stanwood High School.  The students "embarked on a journey last November to create sculptures based on Dan Reeder's Simple Screamer. It has been a long journey."

"Sixteen students started and only four completed the sculptures.  One was completed last year in time to enter the Scholastic Art Show and won a gold key."

Three students, Aiden, Amanda and Nicole, are just finishing up now. Kathy Dannerbeck joined Helen to help the students with the final embellishments. "We had a pizza celebration on Monday the 9th, but they are still adding details like teeth, and jewelry."

"All three of these students will most likely be entered in the Scholastic Art Show this year.  The mentoring program has allowed the students to create something outside the classroom that they do not have time to do during class."

"It was a joy to work with them and to see how proud they are of their creations."

Helen Saunders will have 12 pieces of art work on display at Laurie's Boutique in Stanwood through Christmas, and Dolors Ruscha will have a display of her jewelry there as well.

Fall Pears, Helen Saunders, collage

December 12  Noon to 4pm
Wrap up a wonderful year with
Susan Cohen Thompson
You are cordially invited to stop by Susan & Clay's, enjoy some treats and see what's up at the Studio.

Along with her latest ceramic tiles, bowls and lunar paintings, Susan is selling rolls of her new line of Art Wrapping Papers. You can also combine your own boxed set of notecards with images of your favorite Susan paintings. Local art makes meaningful gifts to celebrate the holidays with fun, style and story.
2188 Lowell Point Road, Camano Island
Located right before the entrance of the Camano Island State Park.
studio: 360-387-4245 & cell: 425-750-4994

Holiday Gift Show Opens at Seagrass Gallery
and the Camano Island Marketplace
Be sure to visit the Camano Marketplace at Terry's Corner, 848 North Sunrise Blvd. Unit C as you quest for Christmas Treasures.  Seagrass Gallery "Upstairs" is brimming with thoughtful, artful gifts for everyone on your list. From Hostess Gifts to Fine Art our local art community makes your Holiday shopping one-Stop and memorable. This year give gifts filled with heart and soul and creativity and good cheer.  See you at Seagrass!

Doris and the staff at the Camano Marketplace Open Daily 10-6pm. Tues and Thursday Gallery Closed 


14th OPEN STUDIO 2015
Patrons Appreciation Sale
20% OFF - TAX included!

Smooth Sailing Earrings

Greeting Cards and Giclée Prints!
December 12 & 13 - 1 to 6 pm
1515 Walter Street, Mount Vernon WA 98273
TELEPHONE 360.336.3776

Matzke Fine Art Gallery
Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park
Honey, I Shrunk The Art
Forty artists working in glass, oils, acrylic, ceramic, watercolor, mixed media, stone and metal.  

The show continues until Jan 10th.


The annual art exhibit, "Honey, I Shrunk the Art," was invented by Karla Matzke and Jack Gunter in 1990 as a holiday-priced collection of great artists working small.

All the genius was still captured in these diminutive works of art, but the space required to display it and the price was much smaller.

The artists, from Betty Frost, to William Morris, to Hiroshi Yamano and Lino Tagliopietra, Patria Resseguie, Kevin Pettelle, Gerald Tsutakawa, and even works by Jack Gunter and Karla Matzke, themselves, created magical tiny examples of their finest work. Greatness was captured in a 4" x 6" painting or a tabletop maquette.

Now in its twenty-fifth year, "Honey, I Shrunk the Art" offers great art by great minds at a shrunken price.

2345 Blanche Way, Camano Island 
Open every weekend 11 to 5 and weekdays by appointment.
360-387-2759  360-387-2759
Matzke Fine Art
Our mission is to promote, encourage, and serve as an advocate for fine artists.
Michele Rushworth wiill be the featured speaker for the January CAA meeting, Jan. 6th, 2016, and will be talking about her career painting oil portraits of famous subjects all over the United States.  The program begins at 6:30pm at the Camano Community Center. The PUBLIC IS INVITED.

Michele has painted the official portraits of nine state governors including Washington Governors Locke and Gregoire which now hang in the Capitol building in Olympia, and portraits of UW President Mark Emmert, Seattle Symphony Conductor Gerard Schwarz, along with portraits for the Pentagon, the US Capitol, the US Coast Guard and Department of Commerce, the CEO's of many corporations.... and beautiful portraits of families in many states.
Rushworth also paints landscapes in oils and will feature several of the paintings recently shown at the Fountainhead Gallery in Queen Anne, in her show entitled "Northwest Waterways".  Her art work will also be included in the 2016 Camano Island Mother's Day Tour.

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