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February 2017

 Camano Arts Association (CAA) represents many talented artists from the vibrant arts community in Camano Island and Stanwood. We hope this newsletter will provide an interesting source of information about our artists and what they are doing and about art events in our area and beyond.
Enjoy exploring the art links in this newsletter and discovering a bit more about our wonderful community of artists.

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This month's featured artist is
Russ with wall cabinet
"Scenic Route"

Russ Riddle. Russ designs and makes furniture from wood. Russ' furniture displays clean lines, elegant proportions, warm colors, and organic themes.

Russ' formal education is in the biological sciences, not art, but "life often takes the scenic route," he says. "I've always loved the warm feeling that wood lends to a space. That feeling is the magic of this "medium" and the basic reason I love working in wood."

"My creativity is often inspired by the wood itself, its unique elements of color, texture, grain, figure, and knots or other "defects", with which I can create beautiful and engaging pieces of furniture. Woods offer an endless source of visual textures, but I was captivated by the magic of quilted maple some 20 years ago and have especially enjoyed working with this and other rare wood with "special figure" ever since. These woods interact with light, like a Tigers Eye gemstone.

Rosette Table
While I strive to make pieces that are beautiful and interesting visually, it is more fun for me to make pieces that talk to me in other ways as well. Visually, the Rosette Table capitalizes on illusion from closure, the woods add brilliance because of their way of reflecting light, and the quilted maple adds the illusion of movement because of chatoyance. But the real inspiration was actually the spiral of nature. The construction of this stylized rose is based on the same logarithmic spiral as in the Nautilus. To me the piece speaks to the enormous cast of wonderful creatures that display this organization. 

Joinery, or the ways in which pieces of wood are connected together, may seem a carpenter's interest, but is an element of furniture making that can be used to impart a feeling to furniture. In the Pagoda Table I found a new way to connect table legs together that, along with other structural elements, evokes the feeling of the iconic Asian structure. This table was inspired by a trip to Asia and to Asian gardens, and I added visual imagery on the top using marquetry to complete the metaphor.

Pagoda Table with oak leaf marquetry 

I began using marquetry and

Apple Blossom marquetry panel
inlay more than 10 years ago to add nature imagery to my work because regular geometrical forms and structures did not satisfy my need to stay connected with nature. I do this by hand using  sawn veneer that I make myself. This aspect of my work has gone from a whisper to a shout as I've discovered how it can influence the way we experience furniture.
I was initially hesitant to use this technique because of its historical use for opulent and formal furniture. However, used more sparingly and in a less structured way, I've found it adds warmth and charm to my work.

Plum Blossom Chest with "all over" marquetry

"Morphosis" wall cabinet
I use natural edges and spalting as design elements, too. I find both to be visually intriguing but also strongly evocative and powerful in reconnecting us to nature. Spalting can be taken as just a visual curiosity, but as part of the real process of renewal, is also a  powerful symbol.

I used both elements in the wall cabinet, "Morphosis." The edges morph from natural edges to milled edges, highlighting the duality of wood as a once living organism and as a utilitarian building material."

Russ is a self-taught woodworker who sells furniture on commission and at various shows and galleries, which have included the Northwest Woodworkers Gallery (Seattle), Art Wood Gallery (Bellingham), Wood Merchant (La Conner), the juried Bellevue Arts Museum Arts Fair, and at a variety of other shows and galleries, in addition to the CAA Studio Tour.

Tree of Harmony table edge detail
"I am excited to be introducing my newest work at the 2017 Studio Tour. These tables are more sculptural than any of my previous work and use both tactile and visual textures. I call them Trees of Harmony, and they feature polished burl tops with extraordinary, natural burl edges and are supported by a very organic, shaped base."

Tree of Harmony I

You can see more of Russ' work at his website  here or by appointment. Contact him via his website.

February 14, 2017 outside of the Stanwood Library.

"(BIG) Art in Public Places" just got a huge boost!!! . . . Art to Inspire Community!
Artist Danny Koffman joined forces with The City of Stanwood, the Stanwood-Camano Community Resource Center, and the Stanwood Library to construct this 21-foot Rocket mural dedicated to the Future. Artwork was created by 32 local families. Participants were asked what they would take to the future. Their responses, in images and words, are positive and clear . . . and have become even more powerful when stitched together because . . . we are all on this journey to the future together!

This is the third (and largest) Rocket designed by Camano Island artist Danny Koffman (Koffman Gallery, Art with a Smile!) to be launched in Stanwood in the last year. "The question posed . . . What would you take to the Future? . . . lingers in the mind and is a constructive and optimistic topic of family conversation!" Koffman says.

This is a permanent installation on the East outside wall of the Library for all to see, enjoy and be inspired by.
His Koffman Gallery, located at the "Tip of Freedom Park" is now the home of the Rocket Destination Future project as he now begins to unroll the project into other communities. Stop by the Gallery any weekend (noon - 5PM) to hear more.

Art in Public Places
See art from many CAA members in the following locales:

 Camano Community Center

Marie-Claire Dole
April Brauneis
John Ebner
Marilyn Crandall
Wayne Simmons
Laurie Luan
Chris Tuohy
Ray Fossum

Stanwood Public Library

Chris Tuohy
Linda DeMetre
Bob Paczkowski
Diana Yakowitz

Rick Klauber  is participating in the Viewing Stone show, "Best of the First Seven," at the Pacific Bonsai Museum in Federal Way which lasts through March 26. 

Arch and Grotto by Rick Klauber 

Rick is also participating in the Matzke show "Earth Elements" which opens March 11th (see details below).


Michele Rushworth  
is excited to announce that her work will soon be in the esteemed Palm Avenue Fine Art Gallery in Sarasota, Florida. 

Chaim Bezalel and Yonnah Ben Levy, who have been collaborating under their combined signature of Bezalel-Levy have an exhibition currently at the Cultural and Events center of Ashkelon, Israel, where they live for half the year.

Touching on Place Exhibit

The exhibition, entitled "Touching on Place," consists of thirty paintings, part of a series they have been adding to over more than twenty-five years of architectural elements representing the stages of history they see in the country. The exhibit will continue until March, when they return to their Stanwood House studio and gallery. In addition they have recently been invited to exhibit at an upcoming show at the Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology at Cambridge University in England.

Painting showing ruins from the Roman Era, by Bezalel- Levy

The following is a video of the exhibit:

Bobbie Mueller will be part of a 4-artist show during March at the Fountainhead Gallery in Queen Anne
Twenty-One Springs - Realist to Abstract." 

Opening reception is 5-7 pm, Sat., March 4. 

Old Customs House - Croatia by Bobbie Mueller

Summer Bay by Bobbie Mueller

Gallery address on Queen Anne Hill:
625 W McGraw Street, Seattle 98119. 
Hours Thu - Sun 11-6.

 It would be great to see friends there!

Helen Saunders  reports back on her visit of craft villages in northern Vietnam. "We have seen gold and silver leaf making, lacquer ware, inlay work, silk weaving, rattan weaving, beading and work of the H'mong and Red Dao tribes in and around SaPa, and pottery here in Ha Noi."

"The young men in the photo are pounding (to make gold and sliver leaf)  in rhythm and the women take it out of the protective paper and stack up into bundles.. no sneezing allowed or fans for the hot weather!!

The image of a woman in the rice hat is an example of traditional lacquer ware. It was made from duck shell and resin from the "lacquer tree" (rubber tree family). It  turns black with oxidation and is applied in 17 coats."

CAA members win awards in Arts Aloft

Diana Yakowitz won first place in photography and Jerry Finn one first place for his stone sculpture at SCAG's Arts Aloft.

CAA welcomes new member April Brauneis. April moved here from Surrey, British Columbia, four years ago with her husband. They have both retired from their day jobs and April now has the time to focus on her art and writing. Her main medium currently is soft pastel, and her main focus is pet portraits.

April did illustration work, then took a hiatus from art to make a living , as many of us have, then got into doing commission portraits of pets after coworkers discovered her talent. The Sheltie is one of her latest commissions.

About her horse portrait, she says "He was my Appaloosa, Kiefer, and we were together from the day he was born until the day he died. I've had horses all my life, and I've loved them all, including the Standardbred I now own, but Kiefer was special; he was my life-time horse. I lost him nine years ago, and I still miss him every day."

Aside from her visual art she is also working on a first novel which she hopes to have ready for publication later this summer. She is hoping to join the Studio Tour in 2018.
Some artists are famous for their self portraits. Artist - Author Jack Gunter creates his with words as well as paint in a new book about his creative journey.

You  can read the entire story here in the newsletter in monthly installments.  Clicking on the link below will bring up the third installment in a separate window.
Read Jack Gunter's Self Portrait - Installment 5

Read Jack Gunter's Memoir - Installment 4
Read Jack Gunters Memoir - Installment 3
Read Jack Gunter's Self Portrait - Installment 2
Read Jack Gunter's Self Portrait - Installment 1

Sunnyshore Studio
Celebrating Jack Dorsey at 77: An Art Retrospective  
Sunnyshore Studio is excited to announce the celebration of Jack Dorsey's 77th birthday with an art retrospective looking back over Jack Dorsey's career as an artist. This retrospective which will feature Jack's artworks from over 50 years of painting including many new contributions. 
Jack's family invites his friends, art patrons, golfing buddies and all art enthusiasts to join us in celebrating the life, career and artistic legacy of one of the northwest's most gifted artists.
  •          Saturday, March 11th, 10:00am - 5:00pm
  •          Sunday, March 12th, Noon - 5:00pm
  •          March 13th -April 1st: Gallery open for private showings (call 360.387.7304)
Click here to watch a video of Jack Dorsey's Life and Legacy:

Sunnyshore Studio is also pleased that a long-time Dorsey friend & one of America's premier artists, Thomas William Jones, has accepted our invitation to include two watercolor paintings in this year's May exhibition.

Thomas William Jones was born in Lakewood, OH in 1942 and graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1964. Jones' watercolors have been influenced by the smaller spaces of his native OH and the vastness of the Pacific NW. Regarded as a master in watercolor, he is known for his refinement of texture and delicacy of brushwork. Jones has painted since childhood and his entire career has been devoted to fine art. He is currently represented by A.J. Kollar, Seattle Washington. Jones and his wife, Carrie, reside in Snohomish, WA.

Asian Influenced Contemporary Crafts, Paintings and Shibori Wearables.

Opening party March 11th, 5:00 to 9:00

Bird in Space by Seth Rolland 

Come early to walk the 10 acre Sculpture Park and see over a 100 sculptures.
The show continues until April 16th.
Nancy Loorem Adams - basketry/sculpture
Dona Anderson - basketry/sculpture
Liz Axford - shibori/quilting
Danielle Bodine - basketry/ sculpture
Carys Hamer - shibori
Lin Holley - ceramics
Cheryl Kamura - shibori
Patti King - shibori
Nan Leaman - shibori
Brian O'Neill - ceramics
Seiko Purdue - cast paper
Claire Renaut - spun paper
Patricia Resseguie - mixed media drawing
Seth Rolland - wood
Brian Somers - ceramics
Donna Watson - painting
Hiroshi Yamano - glass
Richard Nash - painting 
Dinah Steveni - Ceramics
Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park
2345 Blanche Way
Camano Is., WA 98282
Open Fri. Sat., Sun.11 - 5
weekdays appt. 360-387-2759
email:  1 hour north of Seattle


Getting Free Publicity for your Artwork

by Michelle Rushworth 

The CAA program for Wednesday March 1st will be presented by Michelle Rushworth who does Portraiture and other fine art in oils. Her talk will be the third in a series of three. She will be talking about art marketing, specifically how to use your most valuable marketing assets.

The program starts at 6:30 pm at the Camano Center on Camano Island.

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