Camano Arts Association Newsletter

October  2016

 Camano Arts Association (CAA) represents many talented artists from the vibrant arts community in Camano Island and Stanwood. We hope this newsletter will provide an interesting source of information about our artists and what they are doing and about art events in our area and beyond.
Enjoy exploring the art links in this newsletter and discovering a bit more about our wonderful community of artists.
Featured Artist
 This month's featured artist is new member Stan O'Neil. Although new to CAA, Stan is well known locally and throughout the western US for his incredible creations in glass.

At the the age of 14 Stan knew that he would work with his hands and create something that gave him satisfaction both artistically and provide a viable commercial success.  He was designing and fabricating in metal in his mid-teens and  his first work experience was art work on vehicles.  Initially, full time employment was in metal forging and fabrication as his art skills developed.  Stan attended many blacksmithing and metal working courses. 

During his course work in metal forging he was introduced to the art of glass blowing and knew this was going to be a focus of future work.  Stan combined metal forging with an expansive color palette of hand blown glass platters and displayed them in floral arrangements in hand forged metal stands.  Metal working and glass art worked well together and as his skills increased so did his ability to merge these two art mediums in an array of art creations.
"I hand forged and hammered the stands which provided a base for display with my custom hand blown glass.  This creative endeavor was developed further in my glass studio in Sedro-Woolley, WA.  The hardness and darkness of the metal work set a backdrop for vibrant displays and provided me with never ending pleasure when a project was completed.  The colors and forms are an endless challenge and provide an ever expanding number of combinations."

Stan has attended glass blowing classes at Pratt Art Institute in Seattle.  He has had many private lessons from some of the best glass artists in the country.  He continues to attend classes to learn new and more advanced techniques in glass blowing.  In the summer of 2010 he had the opportunity to attend the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood Washington.  Under the instruction of glass artist, Randy Walker, he was able to further develop his skills.  Stan is now working in hot glass sculpting to add more variety to his art.  He loves the beauty of the colorful art glass he creates and is inspired every day to create new designs. 

"I am always looking at my natural surroundings to see what I can bring from this world into my glass art.  My art focuses on the beauty found around me.  It can be as simple as an angle seen in tree branches or as complex as the intricacy of forming an animal in glass while capturing its expression.  Working with glass feels like an extension of what I am seeing and my imagination.   As I develop new techniques using different tools and colored glass it provides me so many opportunities to bring my visions to life for the enjoyment of others.

I have been blowing glass for 11 years and have had the privilege of working with many outstanding glass blowers who have helped me develop my skills.  In recent years my wife and I have traveled extensively and participated in 12 to 15 juried art festivals a year.  In 2014,  I was a featured artist in an acclaimed show: the La Quinta Arts Festival in the Palm Springs area.  I was also invited by that show to be a jury member in the glass category for two of their recent shows.  I have won art awards including one at the Bellevue Museum ARTSfair and two at the Tempe Festival of the Arts where I was honored each time I applied.  My work can be seen in galleries in Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Texas.  I also sell my work online.   Currently I am relocating not only my home but my art studio to the north end of Camano Island at Juniper Beach.  I am excited and encouraged by my reception in the Camano Arts Association and look forward to further artistic development in this group."

You can contact Stan at and see more of Stan's  art at these websites:

Oneils Arts
Oneils Fine Art Glass
Expressions Fine Art Gallery


CAA's Scholarship Fund Drive will be one of 21 local projects seeking funding on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - Giving Tuesday.

Our goal is to raise $6,000 towards scholarships for Stanwood graduating seniors looking to pursue their education and interest in the fine arts!  All donations given to CAA during the 24 hour on-line giving event will go towards scholarships.

The SC Give Facebook page is already on-line.  Please take a minute and look at it to get the latest news.....and then be sure to click "like"!  Click here to go to the facebook page.  Additional information is also available on the Stanwood Camano Give website here.

The event is being sponsored by the Stanwood Camano Area Foundation, Windermere Realty, Coastal Community Bank and Community Foundation of Snohomish County.

More information will be sent to CAA members closer to the event to help us to promote our participation.  We really appreciate your help and participation to help make this a successful event!  As you look at the end of the year and making donations to your favorite charities, please consider donating to CAA during the Giving Tuesday event!

Helen Saunders
Helen Saunders, exploring techniques for a new series of paintings, found herself  in a workshop offered by the Pacific Northwest Art School in Coupeville, Washington this fall.

"My instructor was Sandra Duran Wilson from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Four days of action packed painting allowed me to make a very long list of new ways to express myself in paint. "  

Marie-Claire Dole
Marie-Claire Dole was recognized at the Jansen Art Center in Lynden for her bracelet "Standing Rock", inspired by David Archambault II. The prize was for "Most Fabulous Fabrication".

Laurie Laun
Laurie Laun, painter and poet, submitted this poem.

The golden autumn sun
Alights on the feather grass
Chuckles with the breeze


Washington State Artists: Artist Trust wants to hear from you! 
Artist Trust is conducting their Annual Artist Survey to better understand and respond to the needs of individual artists of all disciplines. Every entry will be entered into a drawing to win a $200 prize for one lucky artist to apply towards things they need for making their art. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts - and please share this survey with other Washington State artists! The survey closes at midnight on November 8th, 2016.

Click to take survey 


Making art has a practical side. Sometimes what an artist produces isn't just a function of his vision but also of what materials he can afford or are even available. Wood is a good example of such a material. Some species have increased in price as much as 15% a year over the past 10 years and many species are unavailable because of over-exploitation of the world's forests. These developments have not limited but may have even contributed to the explosion of the diversity of studio furniture design.

CAA has many glass artists, and art glass may be seeing some changes, too. Now, or in the near future, the availability and price of color sheet art glass may be affecting the art of some of our artists.

Bullseye of Portland appears to be the only large scale manufacturer of color sheet art glass that will remain in the Northwest. Some production is moving to Mexico. At least part of the troubles that manufacturers face appear to be related to environmental regulations on manufacturing. Both the colors available and prices may be affected.

Glass blower Mark Ellinger says this is going to affect his color usage, especially is his floats or glass balls. He has stocked enough of the colors in high demand that the shortage may not affect his art immediately. He says his use of the warm or hot colors, including yellows, oranges, reds and pinks, will likely be affected. He has been using the red and green in his pumpkins and the dark green and pink in his floats. As he has been relying on local manufacturers for his glass supply, his costs are likely to rise just because of transportation.

Artists creating with slumped or fused glass may be affected more than glass blowers. Artist Ray Fossum says that he has already experienced a 12.5% increase in prices for glass and will no longer be able to produce works with the Aventurine green glass that has been a hallmark of many of his pieces.

Other glass artists, such as Dolors Ruscha, Stan O'Neil, Lee Beitz, and Mary Simmons, seem to be unaffected or to be taking the changes in stride. Mary Simmons says, "Yes, it has been an alarming time for many of us glass businesses and those into glass as a hobby.  I believe we will always have glass with which to create our art.  We may have to adapt our color palettes, but it does give us a challenge to mix together and layer new colors to create new and exciting options. It has been a challenge for me to work with clients to create new visions for their glass pieces, and in some cases the new color schemes are not what we had initially planned for, but new colors are beautiful too."   
Perhaps a silver lining to this cloud will be a push to new colors and new combinations of colors - new art. It will be fun to see what new directions will be discovered. 

Thoughts on "Art"
What is art?
 "Art has to move you and design does not, unless it's a good design for a bus" ( David Hockney, British artist, to The Guardian on October 26, 1988). 
What art has emotional power for you? I asked CAA members "What art has brought tears to your eyes" to help me understand what moves people.

CAA member Gay Jensen's response:
"Two artists-of different nationalities, with very different styles, and living in different eras-move me so deeply that I get tears in my eyes when I view their art, especially when I encounter one of their works that I have not seen before. They are Mark Rothko and Vincent van Gogh. It is hard to put into words why their art affects me so deeply because it is on an emotional level, not an intellectual level. I was quite young when I saw my first Rothko Color Field painting and I remember feeling like I was in the glow of the paint. It was a transformative experience and so moving I cried. That still happens to me. In van Gogh's art, which I encountered later in my life than Rothko's, what moves me is the tremendous yearning that I feel coming from the artist through the painting, a yearning to communicate his way of seeing. I feel and relate to the pain of that struggle.

The fact that both artists committed suicide undoubtedly contributes to my emotional reaction to their art, though I wasn't aware of their shared fate until long after their art had first moved me to tears ."

Add your own thoughts and see what others say at CAA Facebook 

Some artists are famous for their self portraits. Artist - Author Jack Gunter creates his with words as well as paint in a new book about his creative journey.

You  can read the entire story here in the newsletter in monthly installments.  Clinking on the link below will bring up the first installment in a separate window.

Read Jack Gunter's Self Portrait - Installment 2

Read Jack Gunter's Self Portrait - Installment 1

Sunnyshore Studio

Nov 3rd - 5th Workshop
Three day workshop in acrylic painting almost full with 12 people signed up. Three spaces available.

Click here to sign up
Our Beach, Jed Dorsey

Rexville Grange Art Show
Five CAA artists, Marguerite Goff, Kathy Hasttings, Molly LeMaster, Mary Simmons and Maria Patrizzi,
will be showing work at the Rexville Grange Art Show.  Show dates are Nov 11th, 10am - 8pm, Nov 12-13 and 19-20, 10am - 5pm.

Opening Party: Nov 11, 6pm - 8pm with live music from Campbell Road.

see Rexville Art Show

Michele Rushworth will be having a landscape painting
show at her art studio/gallery on Camano Island. She will have new paintings from a trip to Italy along with many Northwest landscapes.
Night Cafe (Oil on canvas, 14" x 11")
The show will be held Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at my home and art studio at 1309 Country Club Drive, Camano Island, WA 98282.

Cinque Tere Light (Oil on canvas, 16" x 20")

 ArtAuctionMatzke Fine Art Show
Paintings, Drawings and Original Prints
Oct 15th - Nov 12th

Original prints by 24 Artists, nude drawings by the famed Phillip Levine, paintings by  Betty & Russell Frost.
Plus, new sculptures in the ten acre park !

Engraving, Etching, Mezzotint, Aquatint, Drypoint, Lithography, Monotype and Woodcut are all printmaking techniques.  Each print produced is an "original".  The imagery of a print is not simply a reproduction of another work but rather is a unique image designed from the start to be expressed in a particular printmaking technique.  Represented at the gallery are all the above mentioned printing techniques, (130 prints from one collector).  I feel lucky to have such a wonderful display of prints for sale, and all very reasonably priced.

This large lino print by Nicolette Harrington was literally printed by a steamroller.

2345 Blanche Way, Camano Island
open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11 to 5 and
weekdays by appointment  
 Nov 2nd Meeting at Camano Center

Lydia Crouch is the featured speaker at the November 2nd Camano Arts Association Meeting.  Her program, entitled "Um-Afraid to Unafraid - Finding My 'Voice' on Canvas" is about her journey through a series of 7 painted portraits of dresses, that are expressions of who she is. 

Lydia is a wife to Rich Crouch, mom to Davis 20 and Laina 17, artist, writer, composer, choreographer, "Do It Yourself" decorator, and blogger.  In other words, she'll go down any creative alley she can find.  Lydia adores her little family and together they founded and direct SHOW & TELL Family Projects, a non-profit community theater group.  Southern born, Lydia is still in awe of her Northwest home.  Her dream is for her art to support organizations aggressively rescuing and restoring the lives of human trafficking victims.  If she could do anything she's not currently involved in, she would travel again...and again.  Lydia says, "Through working on 2' by 4' canvases with acrylics, I've allowed myself to "go for broke" and have found my richest experience ever."  Lydia's program begins at 6:30 prior to the CAA business meeting in the Camano Center on 606 Arrowhead Road and the public is invited.

Dec 7th Meeting at Camano Center

CAA Holiday Party!!
Please save the date - December 7, 2016
Our annual Holiday Party will be held at
the Camano Center. CAA will host our
traditional pot-luck dinner. We all look
forward to your home-made delicious goodies!
Additional information will be available at the
November meeting and sent via email.
We hope you can all come !

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