Virginia City - 25 miles from Reno

Virginia City Camel Races September 11-13, 2015 


In Virginia City you will find streets steeped in the history of the Gold Rush and the birth of the American West. The once silver and gold lined Comstock Lode drew thousands of miners, including American writer Mark Twain, to its promise of riches. Now the town preserves its illustrious past with tours, restored historical architecture, informative museums and commemorative events for all ages. 


Video about Virginia City Nevada

Virginia City hasn't changed all the much since those early days some 140 years ago. Both men and woman still walk around with handguns and rifles (not loaded) on the town's streets.

The main street of historic Virginia City.

The wooden boardwalks of Virginia City.

Fireworks explode over the historic Bucket of Blood Saloon in Virginia City.

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