Jonathan Kay speaks with mathematician Dr. Theodore Hill about how his paper was considered too controversial to be published.

In conversation with Claire Lehmann on the occasion of the release of her new book, Paglia minces no words discussing the #metoo movement, the tragedy of art being reduced to politics, and more.

An academic makes the case that the new moral culture taking root on the American campus is going to get worse before it gets better.

When huge corporations pour money into polarizing social issues, it's like pouring gasoline on a culture fire.

For decades laws have been in place curtailing the ability for criminals to earn money from their crimes. Should that apply to false accusers?

A former teacher urges educators to remember that books are supposed to be so much more than mere guides to modern morality.

The deluge of modern entertainment options spurs on prognosticators to kill off the novel. But will literature's third act have a Hollywood ending?


"It is obviously a positive development that sexual abuse is no longer hidden or tolerated. In 1986, I developed moderate sexual harassment guidelines in my 'Women and Sex Roles' class and presented them to the college administration for adoption. I am wholeheartedly in favor of women students or employees knowing their rights and speaking up to defend them. However, the #MeToo movement has gone seriously off track in encouraging uncorroborated accusations dating from ten, twenty, or thirty years ago. No democracy can survive in such a paranoid climate of ambush and summary execution. This is Stalinism, a nadir of politics. at the cost of destroying the country."

Man sues to reduce his age like, genders sometimes change, and is clearly on the right track

And so I'm fighting hard to get my Starbucks card...

This week an international tribunal declared that the Khmer Rouge committed genocide. It's worth looking back at the historical skepticism of Western intellectuals.

When the underpinnings of truth give way and no points of view are held in higher esteem than others, we all lose.

The idea that we are clay to be moulded is more commonly associated with the political left, but it can be the enemy of nuance on the right as well.

A historian laments the battle being waged over what makes great literature and proposes guidelines for getting the canon right.
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