February 2016

February 2016


 February Birthdays!

Nathan Achildiyev
Daniel Altshuler
David Bacdayan
Simon Bazelon
Eddie Browne
Cole Busny
Drew Busny
Gabriel Kurland
Alex Lefkowitz
Brett Litner
Jake Rosken
Jonathan Rubin
Andrew Sadow
Nathan Shabashov
Ethan Shifman
Ryan Shimelman
Jonah Taub
Zack Volinsky
Zachary Weiner
Jake Alexander
Harrison Bamel
Louis Douglas
Ben Edry
Scott Rubeck
Benji Satloff
Bryce Tischler

Let's Make Camp Wishes Come True!

Ever wish you could be thoughtful and give something to someone or someplace that gives to you? You can!

Camp Avoda has created a wishlist for items both ordinary and extraordinary to be used during the summer to make our games, activities, bunks, and camp facility even better than ever. Click on the wishlist below and choose your gift to Camp Avoda. Check back often as the list is always growing! Don't forget to go to smile.amazon.com first to make your gift a double one!


Amazon Smile

Do you shop on Amazon?

Amazon Smile is a simple way to support Camp Avoda at no cost to you! When you shop smile.amazon.com, you will recieve the exact same prices and ease of shopping, with the added bonus that a portion of the purchase price is donated to Camp Avoda.

How do I do it? EASY!

Go to smile.amazon.com on your computer or mobile device. Camp Avoda Inc. is listed. Select it and begin shopping. You may want to bookmark it to make it easier to go back.

Don't miss your chance to 
Celebrate July 4th at Camp Avoda!

Register Now!

Ken and Ronni like nothing better than taking the Camp Avoda show on the road! We would like to schedule an Open House in your community. Let's share the magic that is Camp Avoda.

Join us at:

Temple Emanu-El Purim Carnival in Providence
on March 20th



Is your son almost ready for overnight camp?

Camp Avoda is excited to offer several options as a lead-in to our overnight experience:

Camp Avoda Day Camp

 Day Camp: an option for campers to come to camp for days only during these weeks:

July 4 - 8
July 11-15
 July 25-29

Day-campers enjoy the activities and the fun at Camp Avoda, but go home at the end of each day. They will be integrated into camp life with all campers.

The day camp is $375 per week and includes transportation to and from camp, lunch & snack and field trips!

Day Camp Transportation is available from three locations:

Canton - pickup at 8:00 AM / dropoff at 5:30 PM
Mansfield - pickup at 8:30 AM / dropoff at 5:00 PM
Easton - pickup at 9:00 AM / dropoff at 4:30 PM 

Is your son ready for a trial overnight ?     
Prospect Overnight 2016
Camp Avoda Prospectors
enjoy living in the cabins with their peers and participating in regular activities on Friday and on Sunday. The boys participate in Shabbat act ivities on Friday evening and Saturday  
July 15th-17th

Perhaps he is ready to be a camper for the day?

Call the Camp Avoda office to reserve a date of your choice!
After June 15th please call 508-947-3800

Enrollment is Open for 2016!

Don't Risk Being Left Out of the Fun!

Camp Avoda is enjoying a busy and successful enrollment season! Many of you have already registered your sons for the summer of 2016, but some of you haven't.. 


A chance to get to know the new Director of Camp Avoda, Ronni Saltzman Guttin
Hi Ronni - Let's get the elephant out of the room. Tell me what you feel like as the first woman director of Avoda?  
Mostly, I am honored! Excited, and looking forward to using my skills to work with Ken and the rest of the staff to run Camp Avoda!
What do you know about boys?
Well, I married one, raised one, and taught many of them. You know, co-ed camps have boys too! I know that boys can be smart, funny, athletic, artistic, serious, thoughtful, kind, and energetic...sometimes all at once!
Are you replacing PGD?
No-one can replace PGD! I am joining the staff of Camp Avoda, and learning everything I can from PGD...he is probably tired of my emails and calls.
What's your favorite sport?
Does knitting count? Just kidding, I love to knit, but I really love basketball...the speed, need for teamwork and strategy make it lots of fun to watch and play.
What was your favorite activity when you were a camper?
Olympics. At Camp JORI, Olympics was kind of like Color War. Even though I wasn't a great athlete, I could belt out a cheer like no-one's business.
Were you a staff member too?
I was a counselor for 7 years. My specialty was Arts and Crafts, but I got to be an Olympic Captain, too!
So you know what an honor it is to be a captain or general of a camp team?
Ohhh, I do! In fact, I am pretty psyched about Color War at Camp Avoda.
Do you know any Camp Avoda songs yet?
Not yet, who is going to send me a sample so I can get a head start. My email is [email protected].
Have you heard about the Tispaquin Looney?
Uhhhh...noooooo....what do I need to pack to protect myself this summer?
Do you have kids?
I have 4 kids...well 8 kids, sort of: Ilana and her husband Gabe, Sari and her husband Leo, Aaron and his fiancée Hillary, Deena and her boyfriend Jose, and a granddaughter named Noa!
What camp did they go to?
They all went to camp to Camp JORI with me while I was the director.
What are you looking forward to this summer?
I am looking forward to becoming an Avodian for life! I am really excited to learn what it takes to be a part of the Avoda community that takes such good care of one another. Ok, and trips to Dairy Queen. We don't have any of those in Rhode Island.
Are you nervous?
Hmmm...should I be?
What's the fastest land animal?
Me, but only when a mouse is in my house! Outside, no problem!

Welcome to the Avoda Team!

Camp Avoda welcomes the following new campers:

Eli Bailit 
Eric Callum 
Jake Goodgame 
David Hicks
Oscar Hornick-Wu
Charlie Kaswell
Troy Leibovici
Jeremy Rossin
Nathan Shabashov
Leo Steindecker
Zachary Weiner
Jack Wexler
Joshua Gavenda
Eric Friedman
Adam Shaff
Josh Lewis
Ben Schreiber
Evan Stern
David Borokhov
Nathaniel Ilfeld
Tyler DeRosa
Truman Bright
Joshua Coleman
DJ Vetstein
Jacob Wise
Sam Wise
Jack Zhu
Matthew Brayer 
Jonathan Rubin(overnight)
Thomas Cushing(overnight)
Jake Kaufman(overnight)
Jonah Bornstein(overnight)