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Volume 7 | May 12, 2018
Camp Card Weekly News & Updates
"Strive for 25" Winners - Week #6
  • J. Fritz - Troop 122, Constellation
  • R. Josten - Troop 605, Minquas
  • A. Marks - Troop 3, Washington
  • D. Prieto - Troop 100, Roosevelt
  • S. Rodriguez - Troop 724, Lafayette

Great work, Scouts! Unit coordinators for the above units will be mailed the $25 gift cards next week. Please present this recognition to the Scout as soon as possible at the next gathering of your pack, troop or crew. Explain that this recognition was earned by selling 25 Camp Cards and submitting a Strive for 25 entry, and encourage all your Scouts to continue to sell and submit their entries for the remainder of the fundraiser to be eligible for recognition as well (the last drawing is on May 31).

Three Weekly Drawings Left!
Get those entries in to qualify for the SUPER DRAWING!

Scouts can enter into one of the weekly drawings for every 25 Camp Cards they sell. Each drawing will have five winners who will each receive a $25 Amazon gift card. All entries from the weekly drawings will then be put into a Super Drawing at the end of the sale for even larger prizes.

Entries are due by Wednesdays at 5 PM to be considered for the Thursday drawings. 

Start Planning for the End of the Sale
There's still plenty of time to sell, but please make sure your unit is ready to close-out the sale on time, no later than Friday, June 1. Please remember that no unsold cards can be accepted after this date -- no exceptions! That means that your unit will be responsible to pay $2.50 per card that it has in its possession.

Here are few tips to make settling-up the sale go easier:
  • If your unit has achieved its goal and has no further plans to sell at this point, please settle-up now.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to return cards! While there's still time, please return any cards that you know your unit won't sell so we can get them to units that can.
  • You may request a copy of your unit's invoice by sending a request to Units that have not settled-up by May 25 will also be emailed their invoices.
  • If you don't have that many cards to return or you know you can sell the cards later on, just settle-up your invoice.
  • You can settle-up/pay your invoice at a local turn-in location (listed below), at the Firestone Scouting Resource Center in Wayne, over the phone (610-688-6900), or by making arrangements with your district Camp Card volunteer or professional.
  • Have you set a deadline with your families? Does your deadline give you enough time to meet the payment deadline of June 1?
  • Everyone's compliance with payment deadlines ensures that the council can continue to offer its units risk-free, no up-front cost fundraising programs. Your cooperation is appreciated!
Getting More Cards & Submitted Money/Strive for 25 Entries
Here are the local district money turn-in/card pick-up locations available throughout the fundraiser (you may go to any location convenient for you, even if it's not in your home district):

Additionally, units may also turn-in money and get more cards at the Firestone Scouting Resource Center during business hours:

1485 Valley Forge Road, Wayne, PA 191087
Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Please don't hesitate to reach out to your district volunteer or professional if you need to make arrangements to get more cards.

When you meet with a district volunteer or staff member, they will have a Card/Money Transfer Form to account for any transactions of cards, money, and Strive for 25 entries. These triplicate forms allow for your unit, the district and council to keep proper records. Transfer forms will be recorded at the council office where a running invoice will be kept for each unit. To ensure that all records and invoices are accurately maintained, units are asked only to receive/return with a district/council representative and not with other units.
Selling at SEPTA Stations
Through a partnership with SEPTA, our Scouts are able to sell at a select number of stations in our area through May 31. If your unit would like to sell Camp Cards at one of the locations (listed on the website), please email your request to with the date(s) and station(s) you are requesting. If approved (the date/location is not already spoken for) you will receive a copy of the SEPTA permit that must be displayed while Scouts are selling.

Popcorn Fundraiser Leader Seminars
The next council-sponsored unit fundraiser will be kicking-off soon! We're offering several seminars this spring help your unit get ready for popcorn.

How the Popcorn Fundraiser Can Work for Your Unit: This is a great seminar to take if your unit has never participated, you are new to coordinating for your unit, or your unit is considering trying different sales methods. This seminar will go over the basics of popcorn and give your unit the tools necessary to run a successful fundraiser to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the program costs for your unit.

Offered on:

Taking your Unit’s Fundraiser to the Next Level: Learn the tips and techniques of units that sell $10,000, $20,000 and in some cases more than $40,000 annually. This is a great seminar to take if your unit has run a successful popcorn fundraiser before but wants to learn how to grow your sale so you only have to run one fundraiser a year. Units who sell over $10,000 are able to fun their whole program through one fundraiser, and offer each of their families the opportunity to eliminate all program costs.

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