Dear Greater LA Scouting Family and Cherry Valley Campers -

As the year comes to a close, I am long overdue in sending you a Camp Cherry Valley update. Back on August 8th, when I sent my original message, and then on September 22nd, when I sent you a second message, I thought surely we would have definitive information to share with you well before the end of the year. I regret that we do not

I remain hopeful that the 101st summer of camping will in fact take place at Cherry Valley in 2024, but the Catalina Island Conservancy board has yet to approve the new lease.

Here is what you should know:

  • Both parties (the Conservancy and the foundation who hopes to lease the camp property) continue to assure us that they are working towards a final lease.
  • The Conservancy asked Greater LA Scouting to remain in occupancy at Camp Cherry Valley past our December 31, 2023 lease expiration. We have agreed to stay on for a finite period of time, but the reality is that we continue to incur $40k+/month of rent and operating expenses to maintain and staff the camp and we do so with no assurances of occupancy for the summer.
  • We have consistently acted in the spirit of partnership, transparency and collaboration.

All of that said, while I am hopeful about the ultimate outcome, it is uncertain. The Conservancy has had difficulty providing reliable timing for the process. The moment we have additional information, we will share it.

If you are a Camp Cherry Valley troop, I know you need to solidify your summer camp plans for 2024. Please give us until January 16th. If the Conservancy is unable to provide definitive information by then, we will refund your deposit and likely have to make some tough decisions about summer 2024.  

Know that we are doing all we can to support an outcome that keeps Scouts at Cherry Valley - Scouting’s first and original island camp. 

Thank you and Happy New Year.

Bob Kurkjian

Chief Executive Officer and Scout Executive

Greater LA Scouting

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