Dear Scouters and Families,

As the Pathway to Adventure Council (PTAC) Board President, it is my honor to serve the Scouts and volunteers who make our council one of the finest in the nation. Though we have faced challenges, particularly in the past year, Scouting in PTAC remains strong, and I am proud of our accomplishments.

As you know, outdoor adventure is a cornerstone of the Scouting program both nationally and locally. It is through the outdoors that youth learn the tenets of Scouting and other important skills, like resiliency and adaptability. Since we understand the importance of outdoor Scouting activities, we are committed to ensuring that Scouts and Scouters continue to have first-class experiences at our camp properties and through our outdoor programs.

When the Pathway to Adventure Council was formed in 2015, a thorough study of properties and programs was completed by committees of volunteers from the four legacy councils and BSA national. The committees recommended, and the board approved, that the council divest Camp Lakota, though immediate action was not taken.

Now, as we consider the needs of Scouting in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana in 2021 and beyond, the Pathway to Adventure Council has made the difficult decision to approve the sale of Camp Lakota. The decision to sell now was largely prompted by two factors: 1) the long-term cost of maintenance and capital improvements are not sustainable; and 2) the sale will contribute to PTAC’s financial stability beyond the BSA’s bankruptcy and reorganization. The funds from the sale will be used to partially satisfy our council’s anticipated contribution to the victims settlement trust.

In preparation for this sale, camping operations at Camp Lakota will cease on May 23, 2021. All functional equipment from Camp Lakota will be moved to our other camp properties, and memorabilia will be honored appropriately.

While making the decision to sell a camp property is never easy, we remain committed to our camping and outdoor programming, including weekend and summer camp programs as well as local day camp and weekend activities. We look forward to bringing further program innovation to our outdoor activities.

If you have questions regarding the divestiture of Camp Lakota, please review this FAQ. You can also email with further questions.

As always, thank you for your participation and leadership in our Scouting programs.

Yours in Scouting,
Marc Passiment
Council President