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A Word from Draino
The summer camp season is over. Many youth, parents and grandparents have crossed that bridge back into their own lives outside of camp. The summer staff have packed up their belongings and headed back to college and Camp Luther becomes quiet for a few weeks before the Fall retreat season begins. One thing is for certain, relationships were created this summer and some lifelong friendships were formed. Counselors and junior counselors had the opportunity to serve each camper who crossed that bridge and mentor them in their walk with Jesus.
Camp Luther's second Core Value reads, "Develop respectful and caring relationships which serve to provide a lifelong network of Christian mentors and friends." As a good Lutheran would say, "This is most certainly true." Camp Luther has four core values and I can relate to all 4, but this one is clearly evident in my life. I met my husband at Camp Luther. We met wonderful friends when working there together who are still our closest friends. We were in each other's weddings. We serve as God parent's for their children and they for ours. Our kids have now grown up together and have become closer friends, building their relationships in a strong, faith filled way. These lifelong friendships were created through our service at Camp Luther many, many summers ago.
I recently reconnected with one of my campers from the early '90's. Her husband took a job as a pastor in the Midwest after serving a church in California. She moved close enough that a drive for a morning and lunch to reconnect was possible. She invited another one of her counselor who lives nearby. Our time was so Christ filled. We shared our camp stories, we shared our journey as moms - this girl was my camper and here I was sitting with her and catching up on our lives. Just think, that all started at Camp Luther over 20 years ago. That is the power of the Holy Spirit!
During this campaign, our hope is to build those relationships with you, our Friends of Camp. We want to hear your camp stories, share in your memories and listen to what your desire is for Camp. This place would not be the place it is without the Holy Spirit and how He works through the relationships that have been built here for almost 70 years. This summer we were able to hear many of the Family Campers share their stories week after week. What is your story? I can't wait to get to know you and the friendships you have based on your time in this great place we call Camp Luther.

Our campaign theme was chosen to reflect the power of the Holy Spirit that lives in the hearts of His people and this special place we call Camp Luther.  Year after year God continues to enrich the faith of young and old through this ministry.  Hearts are being changed through the work of the Holy Spirit in Bible study, worship, and song, but also through the caring relationships that emerge within this Christian community. It is our prayer, that all who are touched through the ministry of Camp Luther may be filled with the Holy Spirit and take the love of Christ into their congregations, community, and the world.  As our theme verse states, "And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly."  
Acts 4:31b NIV
We have had a great leadership response from many members of the board and close friends of Camp.  What a blessing  to see how God works through His people to grow His Kingdom!                                                                                     
Stories from Camp

This past summer there was a young camper who shared with a fellow camper, "that she didn't want to be here anymore, her life wasn't worth it because of some major things going on with her father, stepmother, mother and brother." This was very concerning to her friend, so she told their counselor about what was going on .
She had a very loving and supportive counselor who encouraged her to trust Jesus in all things. They read the Bible and prayed together.  Throughout the week, the counselor had many opportunities to share Christ's love for her, to study God's Word with her and to play and have fun together. 
After this young camper went home, the counselor received a  beautiful letter from her. in the letter, she shared how she was so thankful for her friendship and support. The camper also said that she was very thankful for the support she received and how she was encouraged to talk to her own mother, which re-established a healthy relationship with her mom. Praise God for bringing families back together. This counselor was bold in her faith and shared God's word, and when that happens - Lives change!
Prayer Requests
"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for 
this is God's will for  you 
in Christ Jesus."   
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 

Give thanks for:  
  • Camp Luther and how the Holy Spirit continues to IMPACT lives in that place!
  • The beauty of this place that thousands of people are able to enjoy in God's creation.
  • The many volunteers that have stepped forward to support and help with the campaign and many other areas of ministry at camp.

Pray for:

  • To always keep focused on the Lord's mission in this place of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone who comes to camp.
  • Continued direction of the ministry here at camp in planning for 2016.
  • That through all of the retreat season programs, Christ is taught in all things.
  • That the enemy, the devil, would gain no foot hold in this place and not cause dissension among God's workers. 
Our  Campaign Steering Committee

Jamie Nelson
Prayer Chairperson
Wausau, WI
Anne Hartman
Campaign Chairperson
Eau Claire, WI
Rick & Ruth Steinke
Leadership Chairpersons
Green Bay, WI  

Tim & Linda Mattson
Cottage Family Chairpersons
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Julie Wilkins
Alumni Chairperson
LaGrange, IL
Pastor James & Kathy Wiebel
Congregational Chairpersons
Appleton, WI
Thane & Melissa Bublitz
Friends  of Camp
Neenah, WI

Phil Kirchner
Friends of Camp
Green Bay, WI

Michelle Treankler
Friends of Camp
Atlantic Mine, MI


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