November 2018
Dear Camp Partners,

First, let me welcome a number of new Camp Partners who are receiving Camp Monthly for their first time. We  appreciate you signing up to receive this monthly mailing from Trinity Pines and hope you find it inspiring and  informational, as well as a good source that provides you with plenty to pray about related to the camping ministry.

We have been racing against the elements of weather on the Phase II project. Anthony Henry, Camp Manager, has  provided excellent coordination of the project to keep subcontractors, volunteers, and staff on task to complete as much as possible before wet weather arrives.

The snow is already moving down the mountains on both sides, freezing temperatures are coming in at night, and  a little rain has presented us with some challenges, but we are moving forward. The HVAC contractor is putting the final stages in place; we will have to wait a few months to truly enjoy the new air conditioning, but are sure it will be well-received in the summer of 2019. Concrete sidewalks and entrances to the new office addition have been  completed and the parking lot is graded and ready for pavement. We are waiting for the installation of the fire  suppression system in the office area and then can proceed with finishing the walls, carpet, and moving in. Anthony anticipates on or before February 1 to have the project completed. The new hardy board siding on the Conference Center is a welcome sight based upon the failed siding that was originally installed. Plus, the new cold roof to  reduce icicles and other complications related to snow is complete.

All of this to say that it has been a busy season at Trinity Pines! Thanks to everyone who has had a role in helping  to make all of this happen.

Rick Waitley
Camp Executive Director

Below is a link to a flyer that tells about the upcoming fall Work Week. Yes, this usually happens in the spring but the goal of the Camps Board and Trinity Pines Staff is to "rise to a level of EXCELLENCE" during this slow rental time. If you have a day, a few days, or more - and have some friends you could invite - we encourage your participation. As always, we tried to line out some tasks, but those who have been with us before know that new things appear every day. Food/lodging will be provided during your stay. We hope each church will send a team of workers to help us with our goal of EXCELLENCE.
Welcome back to two familiar faces - Steve and Carol Loder. They served for several years in the area of maintenance and housekeeping. The Loders approached Anthony in October and offered their services for the winter. They have been residing during winters in Arizona since first retiring from camp, but they have returned. They will live in the farmhouse and will assume similar roles that they had in the past.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Food Service Director Carla Thompson who had shoulder surgery in mid-October. The surgery was successful and Carla is well on her way to returning the first week of November.
In the course of a year, Trinity Pines employs full time, part-time, and hourly employees. All of these folks need to have policies and procedures in place for their protection and liability of camp. The Camp Personnel Committee has been very busy updating and revising the Employee Handbook. An outside HR consultant was contracted to assist with federal and state labor laws. Everyone sleeps better now with the new handbook in place.
In mid-October, Gerron Gibson, Cindy Pusey, Jenae Slonaker, and Rick Waitley spent a day at Trinity Pines assessing the current status of all living quarters as well as the Conference Center. The report was filed with the Camps Board at their October 20 meeting. Their response was, "Bring Trinity Pines to a level of excellence for our guests and campers." That is the plan that is currently in process with staff and volunteers during this lower-demand rental season.
Extend an invitation for a guest to join you! There is no cost and the evening will include a dessert fellowship. The evening will include an update on what has happened this past year, inspirational interviews, recognition, and forecasting our future on projects and activities. Please contact Cindy at 208-888-0988 or to make a reservation. We would like to hear from you by Tuesday, November 27.
  • Sympathy is extended to the family of Denise Elwood who passed away on September 19 after a battle with cancer. Denise and her husband, Scott, were very engaged with directing Girls Camp for years at Trinity Pines. A beautiful memorial tribute was held in her honor at Boise Tree City Church.
  • Sympathy is extended to the family of Wendell Long who passed away recently. Wendell and his wife, Vi, were active volunteers at Trinity Pines. A long time worker in the carpet industry, Wendell spent most of his time at Trinity Pines on his knees and Vi worked in the kitchen and laundry area of camp operations.
  • Recently, Jeff Greene was named Director of Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and Employment at St. Al's Hospital in Boise. When Jeff was at NNU, he worked at Trinity Pines on summer college staff. Congratulations, Jeff, and blessings on your new role.

The Camps Board has approved the following list of directors for the 2019 camping season:

Genesis 1st-3rd Grade Camps:
Kym & Scott Slater; Sara Ross

4th-6th Grade Boys Camp:
Grady & Jessica Harmon

4th-6th Grade Girls Camp:
Stephanie Austin

7th-8th Grade Camp:
Matt Cochern, Jayson Martindale, & Rich Vasquez

9th-12th Grade Camp:
Chelsea Pearsall, Zach Carpenter, & Rich Vasquez

Men's Retreat:
Brian Bowman

Women's Retreat:
Bettina Bowman

Adult Retreat:
Rick Waitley
Come drive on the recently paved Cabarton Road. Yes, it is a fact! Cabarton has been paved from Highway 55 past the property line of Trinity Pines. Thanks to a federal grant you can now enjoy a smooth ride to Trinity Pines at either entrance.
Since opening this area, there has never been a fee increase. A review of local RV parks was conducted and the following rates (still below what is offered in Cascade) were established:
  • RV (Nazarene affiliation) - $20/night
  • RV (other than Nazarene) - $30/night
  • Tent Camping - $15/night

Trinity Pines is looking for an assistant cook, intern, or someone with culinary arts skills to work in the kitchen. If interested, contact
Manager Anthony Henry at


Also, be thinking about being a summer volunteer at Trinity Pines. To learn more about the roles and responsibilities, contact Volunteer Coordinators Bob and Marilyn Swartzentruber at 208-989-9620 or by email at


Applications also available online for either opportunity at



Get these dates on your family's calendar!

June 10-12:  1st-3rd Genesis Girls

June 12-14:  1st-3rd Genesis Boys

June 17-21:  9th-12th Senior High

June 24-28:  4th-6th Grade Boys

July 8-12:  4th-6th Grade Girls

July 22-26:  7th-8th Junior High

Trinity Pines belongs to the CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association). This affiliation gives us guidance, ideas, and help in many areas of camp operation. In early December, the National Conference will be held in Palm Springs, California. Attending this conference on behalf of Trinity Pines will be Anthony & Serena Henry, Camp Manager/spouse; Gerron Gibson, Finance Committee Chairman; and Nic Gibson, Graphic Design/Marketing.
Trinity Pines Calendar

Nov. 7-10                 SDMI Tell the Story Training
Nov. 9-11                 BSU Fall Writing Retreat
Nov. 9-10                 Rocky Mtn. High School A Capella Choir
Nov. 12-16               Family Reservation - Fall Getaway

Nov. 12-20               Fall Work Week - Revise, Refresh, Renew

                                 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Dec. 3-6                   2018 BOLD - National CCCA Conference
                                 (Palm Springs, CA)

Association Management Group
55 SW 5th Ave., Suite 100
Meridian, ID 83642
208-888-0988   208-888-4586 (fax)

Trinity Pines Camp & Conference Center
PO Box 1269, Cascade, ID 83611
Physical address: 349 Cabarton Road