News & Updates | July 2021
Camp Nefesh's 2021 Summer Camp gathers for
in-person fun in the park after 2020 hiatus
It's all fun and games!

Inspired by the International Rescue Committee's program in Seattle, Camp Nefesh was founded by a teenager in 2018 to give the Summer Camp experience to refugee kids. Camp Nefesh works to provide a safe, fun space for refugee children to learn, play, grow, and meet new friends.

While Camp Nefesh was a virtual experience in 2020, for 2021 Camp Nefesh operated as a hybrid model this summer - mostly virtual with concurrent zoom programming and package deliveries - except for two in-person camp days where camp staff organized safe, socially distanced, masked, small group activities at a local park

Opening Doors thanks Camp Nefesh for their continued partnership to provide a safe, fun space for refugee children to learn, play, grow, and meet new friends.

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Camp Nefesh's Summer Camp day in the park,
Opening Doors partners with Los Rios to expand economic opportunity for refugees
Opening Doors partners with Los Rios Community College District, Asian Resources, Inc., and IRC Sacramento to assist refugees, asylees, individuals holding Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs), and federally-certified victims of trafficking resettling in Sacramento County to achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment, education, and training programs.

The goal is to expand opportunities, resources, and services critical to assisting refugees to increase their employability and competitiveness in the U.S. workforce.

The program is one of many offered by Opening Doors to help underserved Sacramento residents improve their economic situations by starting or expanding small businesses, taking control of personal finances, and better understanding the US financial system.
For more information about Opening Doors' Economic Prosperity programs,
please reach out to Program Director Lien Lam.
Generous bicycle donation from Sacramento
Bike Kitchen connects refugees to jobs,
education, and each other
SBK Blog Post: Sacramento Bike Kitchen (SBK) recently donated a full truckload of bicycles to refugee resettlement agency Opening Doors. After evaluating the bikes and performing necessary repairs to get them rolling, volunteers loaded 45 bikes – 25 child-sized and 20 for adults – into a U-Haul, shipping them off on Friday, June 11. Opening Doors then organized a fair [read more...]
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