Session 1 - Volume 2 | July 8. 2022
A Note from the Camp Director
Week 2 of camp has been a blast. Campers are making close friends, getting more skilled at their instruments, learning songs, and showing more of their personality. It’s been great seeing some of the performances come together in the classrooms and also see kids taking more risks by speaking up or trying new things. We’ve also had some scrapes this week which means that kids are getting more comfortable playing as well. It’s a part of camp that is not always fun, but I’m glad to see them take chances in a safe environment. Thankfully there have been no serious injuries or incidents, but lots of serious fun!
The staff is continuing to do great things and push the campers. Little ones were learning about Andy Warhol, complex drumming patterns, and I’ve even seen TAs sitting one on one with campers who were having a tough time. The relational engagement is as high as the educational, which makes the camp experience truly wonderful. Looking forward to another week.
Jonathan Hamilton
Site Director 
Notes for Next Week
Dear Camp Families,
I can’t believe that we’re already at the end of the second week of camp! We are having so much fun that time just flies by. Here are a few reminders as we look forward to week 3.
Lunches/Backpacks: Your child should only be bringing their lunch box (containing snack, and mask) and water bottle to camp. Please do not send a large bookbag or other items as space is at a premium and our lost & found is growing.
Please ensure campers are not bringing toys or items from home. We don't want home items getting fought over, lost, or damaged.  

 All-Camp & Musical Theatre Performances
All-Camp Performances are this Friday.
Due to COVID-19 precautions and space occupancy, families and friends are not invited this year. Campers will be performing for their camp community. Performances will be recorded and shared with families.
All campers should wear their Camp Levine t-shirts next Friday.

Performance Videos: We want you to be able to enjoy your camper’s performance in the safety and comfort of your home. All camp families will be emailed a link to their site & session's performance video as soon as it is available. It may take us awhile to edit and send them, but they will be on their way as soon as we complete them!

Attendance: Please email [email protected] if your camper will be missing any days next week. It is important to for us take this into account while we are planning the rehearsal and performance.

Happy Friday,
Mary Cat Gill
Site Director of Camp Levine
Camp Group Updates
Prek/k is working on the Sound of Music, and making lots of music, arts, and crafts. We have been working on paper plate faces, and our song ‘So long, farewell,’ from the sound of music. We are also reading books, playing with toys, painting, drawing, and making jewelry. The campers favorite thing to do is probably paint, and they love to be creative! It has been a great week so far and I look forward to seeing more of your campers in the upcoming days!
Spotlights & Emmys
Spotlights & Emmys (1st and 2nd grade group)- This week the Spotlights and Emmys started off going to music+ where we have begun playing the melody for We Will Rock You. Before that however, we usually play a game where we walk, jump, spin, or freeze to the beat of a drum.
Then in art, we’ve started making our own minions and watermelon fans. Campers really
enjoyed being able to customize their fans and minions in their own special ways:). We then usually finish off with a choice of free draw. Then, after lunch, we go to sports and games. We’ve played multiple different games like sharks and minnows as well as soccer. In the afternoon the Spotlights and Emmys practiced their dance moves to Happy and Try Everything. They also started learning the lyrics to happiness from Charlie Brown (not to be confused with Happy from Despicable Me).
The Tonys have been working on their focus instruments. During morning sing they are practicing the lyrics to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. In games we play hide and seek tag and SPUD. In Art, we made fruit fans (watermelons and dragonfruits).

The campers are learning the melody and supporting parts to The Lion Sleeps Tonight in Music + with Ms. Mary. Then, we go to choir/musical theatre. In this class we are learning the words to a bunch of different songs like Try Everything, Happy, Can’t Stop The Feeling, Bare Necessities, Tomorrow, You Can’t Stop the Beat, Favorite Things, and Happiness. After we’re done with musical theatre we go to dance where we are still learning and modifying our dances to Happy, Try Everything, and Can’t Stop the Feeling (campers seem to enjoy it:)). Then we go to drama, where we’ve started to rehearse the campers lines for the camp performance. The campers’ favorite class is drama and they love playing all the theater games. They really enjoy putting their own spins on what characters and voices they use when reading the lines. Overall things are going well for the Tonys!
Grammys & Oscars
During morning sing they have been learning I Will Never Grow Up from Peter Pan. In sports and games they have been playing card games and musical chairs because it's been too hot to play outside. In music plus they have been playing Orff instruments and percussion instruments and learning a poem to pair with the music. In Art they have been making minion plates and learning about Andy Warhol. In drama they have been reading through the script for their end of camp performance. In chorus they have been learning
the songs You Can't Stop The Beat (Hairspray), My Favorite Things (The Sound Of Music), Tomorrow (Annie) and many more songs! In dance they have been learning moves that go along with songs like Happy, Try Everything and Everything Is Awesome.
Morning Classes

Violin Sampler + Focus Group- The violin focus group is working on the Trolley
Song, and practicing a D Major scale with different rhythmic patterns. We are excited to show you what we’ve learned

Percussion Focus + Sampler Group- Our young percussionists are continuing to
hone their rudiments. Tomorrow they're going to apply them to the drumset.

Piano Focus- In piano focus, we’re learning our song for the performance,
experimenting with melody and harmony, playing with rhythm, and most of all having fun!
Sports & Games- In sports and games, we've been focusing on games to help
build teamwork and cooperation.

Art- While Ms. Maddi is out , Ms. Brett has come to the rescue! In Art we are making watermelon fans and minion faces from paper plates!

Music +- In music+ campers are enjoying singing, playing games, and learning to work together as a team while playing xylophones. We have begun the process of learning our end of camp performance pieces.
Afternoon Classes
In Drama, we are focusing on improvisational games catering towards
constructing/ staging scenes for the upcoming play. We are performing script analysis, read throughs, and scenic improv on our feet. We are also constructing the "4th wall" and building imaginary environments

Dance- Campers showed their dance skills and learned fun dance games! They’ve started learning some dances they will perform at the end of camp. They are all really “awesome”! 

Vocal/Choral - In vocal/choral class, campers are enthusiastically learning the songs in our music theatre show. We are also starting to combine groups to work on the songs in tandem with the developing
script from drama class and choreography from dance class.
Parent Portal
The Parent Portal will continue to be updated as camp progresses. Please take some time to explore and learn more about your child’s musical adventure! This includes the parent handbook, car line maps, teacher bios, contact info, health form links, camp photos, and more. The portal will be regularly updated during the camp session.
Password: camplevine2022!
Next Steps at Levine Music
Looking for more Levine programs after camp? We have several more Levine summer experiences for campers ages 8-13 at our NW DC campus from August 8 – 19.

  • Budding actors will love Levine Music Theatre’s LMT Experience! This is a two-week day camp where campers will explore dance, music, and acting in an ensemble setting and create a final showcase. Please contact [email protected] for information.

  • Levine Music offers private lessons, group classes, ensembles, music theatre, and more. I hope you explore the wide and wonderful options at Levine for children and adults year round.
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