Dear Camp Ramah in Canada Family,

We are thinking about all of you, and praying for your health and well-being, and the health and well-being of your loved ones.

We know the question that is on everyone’s minds:
Will Camp Ramah in Canada open this summer?

And our answer is:
We certainly hope so!

With all our hearts, we hope for the best, and still we realize that we must also be planning for all scenarios. At this point, we feel there are enough reasons to continue to plan for the summer together at Ramah. We remain in close contact with our partners in the Jewish Camping field, the National Ramah Commission, The Foundation for Jewish Camp, as well as our camp Wellness Committee who are in contact with Public Health authorities. As this crisis unfolds, we continue to monitor and assess the situation. We hope that after Pesach more will be clear about the summer.

If permitted to proceed, we know that Kayitz 2020 will be the most important camp season in our children’s lives. They are under such stress, feeling high levels of anxiety, lacking social connections, and having a whole lot of screen time. Never have genuine, face-to-face social interactions, the outdoors, silly fun, and kehillah been so essential.

We continue our planning work in preparation for the summer, and everyone — from our year-round team, to our Hanhallah (senior leadership) — has been working (albeit remotely) to make Kayitz 2020 an amazing summer!

In the meantime, we are moving forward! Please help us by filling out your camper forms. While we know that some forms may be difficult to fill out at this time, there are many you can tackle while at home. Please complete the forms in your CampMinder account so that we know your child's medical information, bunking request, special dietary needs, etc. by Friday, May 8 th .  If you are new to Ramah, please make sure that you have filled out our New Camper Information Form. Thank you! 

While we’re continuing our “regularly scheduled” planning, we have also been actively creating moments of connection for our camper and staff community. Once the majority of our camper community experienced school closings and stay-at-home orders, we began to launch more frequent communication and opportunities to connect. Each weekday at 3:00PM EST on our Facebook and Instagram pages we post a special Ramah BaBayit video from our Hanhallah and members of our Camp Ramah Family. On Thursdays we post a special Shira BaByit, featuring the shira and the voices from some of your favourites! After Shabbat this week we had very beautiful and moving Zoom Havdallah! And this past Tuesday we ran an amazing Zoom Cooking Demonstration from our very own Chef Shawna!
What’s in store:
Zoom Havdallah on Saturday night, April 4 th & April 18 th !

April 4 th @ 9:00pm

April 18 th @ 9:00pm

Good news! We have upgraded our Zoom account since last week and can now accommodate up to 500 families at a time!
Zoom Edah Virtual Hangouts!
The goal of our edah hangout is for our chanichim (campers) to connect with one another and with this summers' Rashei Edah (unit heads). Parents, there will be many opportunities for you to connect with camp staff, stay tuned…

Sunday April 5

Shorashim (Currently in Grade 2) : 9:30 – 10am
Nitzanim 1 (Currently in Grade 3) : 10 – 10:30am
Nitzanim 2 (Currently in Grade 4) : 10:30 – 11am
Arazim (Currently in Grade 5) : 11 – 11:30am
Kfirim (Currently in Grade 6) : 8 – 8:30pm
Tzirim (Currently in Grade 7) : 8:30 – 9pm
Monday April 6

Nachshonim (Currently in Grade 8) : 8 – 8:30pm
Magshimim (Currently in Grade 9) : 8:30 – 9
Tuesday April 7

Alonim (Currently in Grade 10) : 8:30 – 9:30pm
Zoom Arts & Crafts at 3:00pm EST on Monday, April 13 th

And, of course, our 3:00PM Ramah BaBayit every single weekday!
Share Your Inspirational Stories!
Are you doing something great in your community right now? Are you delivering Passover food to your grandparents? Do you know someone who is sewing masks and scrub caps? Has your family decorated your windows with beautiful artwork? Have you donated blankets to local hospitals?

We want to feature your inspirational stories! Email them to us at
Our prayers go out to the members of our community who are suffering from illness, or whose loved ones are suffering. Our gratitude goes out to the many medical professionals across our community who are on the front-lines of fighting this pandemic. And our love goes out to each and every one of you, our beloved Ramah mishpacha.

We will continue to keep you posted if and when there are updates. Follow our social media (Facebook and Instagram) for fun camp events and resources. And please keep us informed if you or another member of our Ramah community are going through a difficult time (and of course please share good news too!).
Please look for a Pre-Pesach message from Jordan next week.
Bivracha , with blessings,
Aviva and Jordan
Aviva Millstone, Associate Director
Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell, Director