Camp's almost over, and it's going great! This year, we decided to split camp into three age groups instead of two, allowing for better age-appropriate activities and more authentic peer interactions. We also gave each group a "team" name and started a little friendly competition to reward excellent behavior. It's working like a charm!

Our campers are still going on fun and fantastic excursions to places like Ocean Breeze, Wanna Be's Karaoke, and the Children's Museum. We've also had the pleasure of welcoming some fascinating visitors to campus, like Zoo Pro Adventures and the extremely talented Derek Amato- who put on a beautiful concert for us last week.This week, the Cape Henry Rotary Club will be sending fellow Rotarian, Senator Bill DeSteph, to make their final birthday cake delivery.The anticipation of the Senator's visit will certainly be a bittersweet ending to this year's summer camp. FACT is so thankful to Friends School for being such gracious and supportive hosts to Camp Gonnawannagoagin'.

For the fifth year, the Wyncote Foundation has chosen to support FACT by bestowing upon us another incredibly generous grant, totaling almost $145,000 since 2011! In 2016, FACT served 300 children with autism just in the summer day camp. With this year's number served being considerably higher than the years prior, FACT was facing a substantial increase in cost. Thanks to the Wyncote Foundation and the Haas Family, that cost increase was relieved, enabling FACT to offer even more children with autism social and recreational programs throughout the year.
While we are currently putting most of our resources into running Camp Gonnawannagoagin', we look forward to resuming our family socials, teen and tween night, sports leagues, and adult programs in the fall. Please visit our Events  page to view our upcoming plans; we will begin posting our fall and winter schedule mid-August. 
Note: Our next sporting leagues will be bowling and volleyball, both of which start in September.

Until then, DON'T MISS OUT! If you would like to receive monthly updates and program reminders, please join our mailing list and       "LIKE" us on Facebook Like us on Facebook.  This way, you will never miss a registration deadline.
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We all wish we could be a fly on the wall when our children are evoking on a new journey like summer camp. What's the next best thing? Photos, of course! If you want a peek of your child making memories at Camp GWGA, please visit our Facebook page and view our Summer Camp 2016 album- and feel free to share! You can also look up photos by date using our Dropbox link below.
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It's Camp GonnawannaBOWLagin' time! Don't miss the chance to register your bowler with autism for this oh-so-popular fall league. Registration opens Monday, August 8th. The Bowling League will be every Sunday starting September 25th though November 20th (excluding November 6th). Please click on link below for information on eligibility and volunteering.

What's more exciting- that Tween Nights is returning, or that the legendary Teen Nights are baaaaaaack? We are busy booking our calendar with events to impress. Be sure to join our mailing list so you won't miss an announcement. In the meantime, please spread the word that TWEEN NIGHT IS BACK so we have enough participants to keep it for good!

  ** Schedule will be posted
The Cape Henry Rotary Club Oyster Crush is a little over a month away! You can help support FACT and several other local charities simply by partying and having a great time. Come hungry and come thirsty! Please call our office at (757) 422-2040 to purchase tickets.

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As summer camp comes to a close this week, we are filled with both sadness and joy. Although our experiences from camp will be missed, we are fortunate to have made so many wonderful new memories these past 6 weeks. Each day of camp only serves as a reminder of our mission, our goals, and why we work so hard to keep Camp Gonnawannagoagin' thriving year after year.  For all of you who continue to keep us in your heart and offer support, we thank you. Enjoy the rest of your summer.


Pam Clendenen
Executive Director
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