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Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Received Chicano Latino Caucus Recommendation for Endorsement and Endorsement of Los Angeles Times
Villaraigoza Received Chicano Latino Caucus Recommendation for Endorsement

By Carlos Alcala, Chair of the Chicano Latino Caucus
     The Chicano Latino Caucus voted to recommend the endorsement of Antonio Villaraigoza to the California Democratic Party. However, no candidate received enough delegate votes to snare the California Democratic Party Endorsement.  Carlos Alcala, Chair of the Chicano Latino Caucus, CDP has personally endorsed Antonio Villaraigoza.*  Villaraigoza is working hard for the public's votes in the June 5, 2018 primary.
      On May 12, 2018, the Los Angeles Times joined the chorus of organizations endorsing the former Los Angeles Mayor. The Los Angeles Times compared the four leading Democratic candidates and found Villaraigoza to be the strongest among them. The Los Angeles Times cited Villaraigoza's experience as both Assembly Speaker and Los Angeles Mayor as distinguishing him from Gavin Newsom, Delaine Eastin and John Chang.  Both Republican candidates were dismissed as "not serious" contenders.
Antonio Villaraigoza
  The Times credited Villaraigoza with reducing crime and improving school performance in Los Angeles while he was Mayor.  The Chicano Latino Caucus endorsed Villaraigoza amidst praise for bringing health care to 800,000 poor California children.
     Former Senator Richard Polanco,who is Senior Advisor to the Chicano Latino Caucus, CDP, has endorsed Villaraigoza.
     Villaragoza is endorsed by both the United Farm Workers and Cruz Reynoso, Former Associate Justice, California Supreme Court.
      Villaraigoza supports rent control and building affordable housing.  Villaraigoza supports protection for the Dreamers.  Villaraigoza has fought for the Affordable Care Act and for  expanding it to universal health care.
      Villaraigoza is endorsed by Southern California Teamsters Joint Council 42,  Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters, and Maria Elena Durazo, California Labor Leader.
     Villaraigoza is also endorsed by a host of California mayors including Sam Liccardo, Mayor, City of San Jose
Miguel Pulido, Mayor, City of Santa Ana, Aja Brown, Mayor, City of Compton, Bob J. Archuleta, Mayor, City of Pico Rivera, James T. Butts Jr., Mayor, City of Inglewood, Manuel Cantu, Mayor, City of McFarland, Rose Espinoza, Mayor, City of La Habra, Steve Hernandez, Mayor, City of Coachella, Yxstian Gutierrez, Mayor, City of Moreno Valley, and Manuel Lozano, Mayor, City of Baldwin Park.
     According to political activist Kevin Wolf, if Villaraigoza and Newsom land the top two spots in the primary election on June 5, then the November ballot will have no Republican at the top of the ticket, thereby increasing the chances of Democrats winning more house seats.
* Title for Identification Purposes Only.

    Following Watergate, the history of campaign reform is the story of attempts to reform followed by disingenuous arguments using free speech as the foil against democracy.  Public financing of campaigns may be the principal reform available to correct a broken system 
     Only two years after Congress established the Federal Elections Commission in 1974, Republican Senator James Buckley challenged FECA campaign spending limits on free speech grounds.  The US Supreme Court agreed in the 1976 decision Buckley v. Valeo. In McCain Feingold in 2002,Congress sought to limit unlimited soft money spending. However, p rovisions of McCain Feingold banning ads in the month leading up to an election were declared to violate free speech.  
     In a 2010 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in  Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, that corporation's spending on political campaigns was protected by the First Amendment.  What followed was a torrent of political spending that made money the center piece of American politics. In 2014, the Court, in McCutcheon v. FEC, extended the same "free speech" rights to American oligarchs. By 2016, half of all money spent on Presidential campaigns was limited to just 158 families in a nation of 328 million people
     When you factor in the wealth of varying communities, then the effect on Latinos is predictable.  The Latino community has ten times less wealth than the white community, making it much more difficult for Latinos to run political campaigns.  Money is ten times the obstacle for Latinos, than for the white community.  Anything that eliminates campaign spending limits makes it more difficult for people of color to run for office. Campaign reform may help level the playing field.
     Seattle began an experiment in Democracy in 2015.  Seattle initiated a program to provide four $25 Democracy vouchers to citizens and residents to donate to candidates for local office. In the 2017 election, 19,000 persons donated to Seattle candidates.  Eighty four percent of them were new donors who largely used vouchers to donate.
     California should follow Seattle's example for elections.  One drawback to Seattle's Democracy vouchers was the difficulty qualifying which required 400 signatures and 400 $10 donations.  There should be an easier way to qualify which also protects against fraud.  Democracy vouchers are one way to bring campaign reform; however other reforms may work just as well. The current system is broken.  Reform is badly needed.

     Prejudice and discrimination are the result of ignorance. They are the pillars for hatred and violence that have accompanied the Trump agenda of white supremacy. Education is the answer to ignorance.
     Assemblyman Jose Medina introduced AB 2772 to make ethnic studies a mandatory requirement for high school graduation.
     AB 2772 would require each school district and charter school that maintains any grades 9 to 12 that don't already offer an ethnic studies curriculum to offer and ethnic studies course, beginning in the 2021-22 school year. 
     AB 2772 would also add the completion of a course in ethnic studies based on model curriculum to high school graduation requirements, starting in the 2023-2024 school year.
By Carlos Alcala
Chair Chicano Latino Caucus
     When Trump referred to Salvadorans as immigrants from sh**hole countries, stating he preferred immigrants from Norway, Maxine Waters called for Trump's impeachment. In the 2018 election, the Republican Party is financing a Latino opponent, Omar Navarro to unseat her in the 43rd Congressional District. Navarro supports and stands with Trump, the scourge of the Latino community. By comparison, Congresswoman Waters stood
Chicano Latino Caucus Volunteers at Maxine Water Headquarters
with the Latino community to oppose the building of the wall. She stood with the Latino community to oppose laws that would require hospitals to report undocumented workers seeking health care.
     The 43rd Congressional District has a large Latino population. Navarro is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Cynical Republicans are using his last name in hopes that this will make Latinos forget Navarro's Trump ties.
     The Chicano Latino Caucus is working to re elect Maxine Waters. Our volunteers are contacting Latino voters in the 43rd District to tell them about our friend, Maxine Waters. She does not need a Spanish surname to have our support. Maxine Waters has something much more important: our back.   
By Carlos Alcala
Chair Chicano Latino Caucus  
          CLC Voter Registration Chair Norma Alcala joined a team led by Lola Acosta, which included Cheryl  
Grant High Student Leadership Team With Lola Acosta, Norma Alcala,(middle of first row) and
Cheryl Moore (far right end of first row)

Moore, and Elsa Romo, from Latinos Unidos, to register 776 high school students at Grant High School in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood of Sacramento.   On March 9, 2018, student leaders from leadership classes at Grant High school in one of the most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Sacramento registered 776 high school students to vote. The leadership class went from classroom to classroom asking students why voting was important to them. The result was a tremendous voter registration response.
       The team checked the registration forms for accuracy after the students registered. Having the students do the actual registration doubled the number of students that high school voter registration teams normally expect to see. Future registration teams will incorporate this change into voter registration efforts scheduled for Oakland and Sacramento.
     Lola Acosta and her husband Mike Acosta are longtime activists who have done tremendous civil rights work over the years. Lola is the co-founder of the Sacramento Roundtable, an organization that promotes monthly meeting of many Sacramento Latino organizations to coordinate their activities. Lola and Mike live in Sacramento California.
     In April, Corrin Hansen registered 400 more students in Tracy high schools.  Organizers were also at work  in Humboldt County.  Unfortunately, May registrations in Oakland were postponed to the Fall.  The CLC is now preparing for Fall Registrations.

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