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Happy 2019! We have had a busy few years since becoming the National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign * creating new content, curating resources, and adding functionality to our website to provide an exceptional experience for Campaign participants. Read on for some highlights, and to see what's coming next. We always look forward to hearing from you. In fact, your feedback drives our direction:
*The Campaign was transferred from Advancing Excellence to CMS and renamed the
National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign in August, 2016.
Dementia Care &
Psychotropic Medication Goal
Our new quality goal to improve care for individuals living with dementia  replaced our "Medications" goal in November and focuses on knowing the person, building on strengths, filling days with positive moments, and proactively addressing unmet needs. Of course, our new goal   includes appropriate use and reduction of psychotropic medication as part of whole-person care. Explore more  about the goal and the available resources .
Quality Improvement Methods
Our Quality Improvement Methods page has a collection of accessible essentials, from PDSA basics through guides for implementing and sustaining change. Featuring top picks from IHI and QAPI, you'll find videos, tip sheets, templates and instructions.
Success Stories
An important step in building a culture of continuous quality improvement is recognizing successful efforts. By celebrating successes, large and small, you help inspire improvement across our country. Read more about our success story project and how to share your own story.
Comparative Campaign Data
Detailed sensitivity analyses supported the decision to make available Campaign-wide trends for all measures for the Hospitalizations and Consistent Assignment Goals, and turnover rates for the Staff Stability goal. While not representative of national rates, the median Campaign-wide trends are available to providers and data share partners to add to their own trend graphs for reference.
Data Share
Data share accounts enable group leaders to view web-bas ed trend graphs of Campaign outcome measures, customize their view for individual and/or group data, and download and print these graphs. They may also download the data in Excel files. Participating homes provide permission for the Campaign to share their data with the account holder via an on-line data use agreement. 
Up Next: New User-Defined Measures
Launching in Spring 2019, this new online functionality will allow users to set up their own measures, record outcomes, and view their data displayed in graphs on the website. Available for groups too!
Dementia Care & Psychotropic Medication Tracking Tool
Featuring an enhanced user-interface, this new tool is designed to support and prompt individualized care, documentation of key processes, and provide information to identify opportunities to drive improvement. The development of this tool has been guided by representatives from the Alzheimer’s Association, Consumer Voice, Pioneer Network, the Partnership to Improve Dementia Care, QIN-QIOs, surveyors who worked with the Partnership’s special dementia and schizophrenia surveys, pharmacists, clinicians, and consumers.
Staff Stability Tracking Tool
With this tool, users can calculate rolling 12-month retention rates AND turnover rates for CNAs, RNs, and LPN/LVNs; populate a dashboard to easily review on-boarding and termination processes and patterns; monitor your action plan for quarterly staff satisfaction surveys; and create customized replacement cost estimates. This workbook will last for 12 calendar months, beginning in any month you choose.  
Up Next: Infections Tracking Tool
You asked for it! We are expanding the existing Infections ( C. difficile) Tracking Tool to include tracking UTI testing and treatment with integrated antibiotic stewardship process cues.
The Campaign hosts occasional events for a national audience. These events provide opportunities for broad engagement. As a venue for diverse stakeholders within a state to learn about innovations in other states, we choose topics where partnerships are particularly valuable, and where an idea-generating discussion may help foster those partnerships. The Campaign also leverages this forum to support greater visibility of initiatives and resources that support long-term care communities in quality improvement.
Showcasing an innovative quality improvement training program, this event received warm reviews from attendees and requests from providers to have this program implemented in their state. QAPI Push is an intensive 6-week instructional series created and conducted by the QIO, Telligen. During the course, each home undertakes a QI project of their choice to help staff master the principles of Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI). Conducted in small groups, participants benefit from a special arrangement with state survey that exempts them from regular survey during the 6-week period. View the recording .

Incentivizing Consistent Assignment
Held in January 2018, this webinar featured guest speakers from the Tennessee and Utah state health departments, and Qsource, the QIO that supports nursing homes in Tennessee. Speakers discussed the rationale and logistics of implementing an incentive for consistent assignment, with reference to key elements of success for value-based purchasing programs.
All Cause Harm Prevention in Nursing Homes: Applying Strategies from the New CMS Change Package
With record-breaking registration and turnout, the Campaign was delighted to host this roll-out event for the new change package from CMS and the Quality Innovation Network National Coordinating Center, January 2019.
Missed it? We'll be posting the recording on our Videos & Webinars page.
Find us on the next MLN Connects Call!
March 12, 2019, 1:30 to 3 pm ET
Gain insight on the Dementia Care & Psychotropic Medication Tracking Tool, a free, publicly available electronic tool that facilitates a structured approach to tracking preference-based care and psychotropic medication use among individuals living with dementia. Also hear about the CMPRP Nursing Home Staff Competency Assessment Toolkit, updates on the Phase 3 Requirements for Participation, and the progress of the National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes.
Educator/Coach Registration
We noticed quite a few people indicating their role as a quality improvement educator or coach when they registered with the Campaign. So, we've added a new registration type just for you. Educator/Coach accounts can be enabled for data sharing and will also allow the user to create and save customized tracking templates for group use. We're gathering input on other resources you'd like to have. Educator/Coach Registration .
Campaign HelpDesk
The Campaign HelpDesk provides support with project design, collecting and interpreting data, locating resources, and updating/setting up website accounts. We start with email, but schedule calls and screenshare too. We address between 100 to 300 inquiries a month, but you'll hear back from us within a business day, and usually within a few hours.
LANE Convener Calls
Monthly calls with Campaign state liaisons (LANE C onveners) include cross-state sharing and providing input on important Campaign decisions and initiatives, often in a work group format. Liaisons provide critical feedback on needs in the field and offer suggestions for new functionality and resources. Find your state liaisons .
Up Next: Webinars & Office Hours
This spring we'll begin hosting regular webinars and office hours to create more opportunities for live support and sharing among Campaign participants.
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CMS will soon conduct an important survey with the help of Booz Allen Hamilton to learn about quality improvement efforts of nursing homes, including the sources of information or resources that are used to guide these efforts. This is a continuation of the survey that was conducted in 2017. 
This 15-minute, voluntary telephone survey* will be conducted among a sample of nursing homes that have been scientifically selected. Nursing homes that participated in the first survey will not be contacted a second time. CMS highly encourages you to respond and make your voice heard to ensure representation and provide valuable information to help CMS improve its quality improvement programs. 

Questions? Please contact:
Nancy Sonnenfeld, PhD: Oversees the evaluation for CMS |
Ping Yu, PhD: Coordinator for the survey |

*All survey responses will be confidential.
Our HelpDesk Team is here for you! We provide support with everything from project design, collecting and interpreting data and locating the resources you need. We'd love to hear how your project is going -- challenges and successes.
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This material was prepared by Telligen, National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign contractor, under contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The contents presented do not necessarily reflect CMS policy. 11SOW-CO-NNHQIC-03/18-001