We're baaaack!
By now, we know you know a few things about us, like, summer is almost over, and that means "it's United Way season!"
Yes, it's that time when we begin to fan out across North Central Florida to evangelize about how everyday people, like you, can help to change the lives of families living in our community. We visit with local businesses - big and small - community and city leaders, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, schools, government offices - virtually anyone who accepts our call to fight for the education, health and financial stability of every person living in our region.
That's because last year, nearly half of Alachua County's 96,427 households struggled to meet the basic cost of living in the county, and for many of them, that means they are one emergency away from being out on the streets. In communities of color, the numbers were even more staggering: 70 percent of African American households, 62 percent of Hispanic households and 47 percent of Asian households made too much money to qualify for federal subsidies but not enough to pay for food, housing and other basic needs even though most of them have jobs.*
We know you want to change those statistics. So do we. 

We have one life to live. To live better, we must #LiveUNITED. 
Deborah V. Bowie,
President & CEO

PS -- What we do is serious business, but we also have a sense of humor, which is why we are sharing this video with you about how far we will go to help the community. Enjoy! 

*2016 ALICE report, which examines individuals and families who earn more than the federal poverty level but still struggle to afford the basic cost of living in communities where they reside.

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