Early Voting Begins October 15 | Election Day November 3
Campaign Weekly Update
On the 2020 general election ballot, City of Charlotte voters have the opportunity to approve a $197.2 million bond referenda package that will fund construction and revitalization of transportation corridors including streets and sidewalks, more affordable housing, and improvements to neighborhoods in established and emerging high-growth areas. At end end of your ballot, please vote YES ✅ for all three bonds: $102.7 million for streets, $50 million for housing and $44.5 million for neighborhoods.
Neighborhoods Project Spotlight: Corridors of Opportunity
Included in the Neighborhood Improvements bond is funding for Corridors of Opportunity, a City of Charlotte initiative renewing investment in six key corridors vital to the health of Charlotte's communities. Launched earlier this month, the program delivers $24.5 million to fund economic development projects in the following areas that have been historically underserved:
  • Beatties Ford/Rozzelles Ferry
  • Central/Albemarle
  • Freedom/Wilkinson
  • I-85/West Sugar Creek
  • North Tryon/Graham
  • West Boulevard

In a Charlotte Business Journal news story covering the Sept. 9 Corridors of Opportunity press conference, city manager Marcus Jones said the goal of the program is to identify and fund projects that need a little bit of financial assistance or other resources to become a reality. Projects include real estate development, intersection enhancements, sidewalk improvements, safety measures and placemaking efforts.

Community input will be solicited for projects in the six corridors to ensure the work is community-driven and community-focused. City councilmember Malcolm Graham, whose district includes Beatties Ford, said, "The goal is to make an economic investment in the corridor that has been waiting for this kind of investment for years. We want to make sure the residents are part of the change, not victims of it."

For more information about the Corridors of Opportunity, please visit the City of Charlotte website.

And for more information about the neighborhood improvements bond and other projects included in the bonds package, please visit our website.
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Deadline for Voter Registration & Updates
The deadline for voter registration is October 9. This not only includes those registering to vote for the first time, but those needing to make changes to registration including name, address or party affiliation. Visit the North Carolina State Board of Elections for more information.

Please spread the word and encourage first-time voters and Charlotte friends and family who may have moved or had a name change since the last election to register. October 9th is just two short weeks away.

For general election information including viewing your sample ballot by address, visit Mecklenburg County Board of Elections.
Frequently Asked Question
Q: Voters approved city bonds in 2014, 2016 and 2018. Why does the city need more money now?
A: Streets, intersections, curbs, gutters and other facilities need constant maintenance and improvement to operate safely and efficiently. City Council and staff use a master planning process to address needs, and part of the funding model involves tying specific projects to specific bond packages so money is borrowed closer to when the projects begin. The city seeks approval as funding is needed and this is the final of four bond referenda as part of the current 10-year plan.

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