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up-date on Winter Honey wines
Seasons Greetings Mead Club members!   Just a quick reminder of our winter honey wine selections.   We have some of your popular spiced wines returning this season. 

If you are giving any of our wines as gifts this season, we are happy to make them more festive in clear gift bags with a please do not hesitate to ask for this free service for Mead Club Members.
Just a reminder that you get 10% off on all of your wine purchases and 15% off on your case lot purchases.   

We offer free delivery on case lot orders to all Mead Club Members residing in Greater Vancouver or the Fraser Valley and are happy to deliver up to December 23, 2017

Available now:
  •  Mistral Mead - dry
  •  Merry Mead - sweet
  •  Cysor -  (honey wine with apples) - Sweet 
Metheglin  (great for mulling)
  •  Spice is Nice (honey wine and cranberries with spice)- dry 
  • Metheglin  (Spiced Merry Mead) - sweet
Melomel (honey wine with fruit and/or berries)
  •  Twilight (honey wine with shiko plums) - sweet - small supply left
  •  Current Trends (honey wine and Currant Blend) - dry
  •  Cheeky Cherry (honey wine and black Cherry) - dry
  •  Red Currant (honey wine and Red Currant) - dry
  •  Cheery Cherry (honey wine and cherry plums) - dry
  •  Cheery Cherry (honey wine and cherry plums) - sweet
  •  Elderberry (honey wine and elderberry) - sweet
  •  Ruby Slippers (honey wine and red currant) - sweet
  •  Out of Eden (honey wine and apricot) - off dry
  •  Crofters Choice (honey wine and cranberry) - off dry
  •  Raspberry Melomel (honey wine and raspberry) - dry
  •  Pyment (honey wine and riesling grapes) - dry
Being released the week of Dec 18!
  • Country Casual (honey wine and apples with spice) - sweet
  • Pear-a-dize (honey wine and pears with spice) - sweet
  • Metheglin  (Spiced Mistral Mead) - dry
Releases planned for reopening in 2018!
  • Black Beauty (honey wine and black currants) - sweet
  • Sweet 'n Wild (honey wine and haskap) - sweet
  • Gogi (honey wine and goji) - med sweet
  • Plum (honey wine and plums) - sweet
  • Sun Kissed (honey wine and white currant) - sweet
  • Crabapple (honey wine and crabapple) - med sweet
  • Elderberry (honey wine and elderberry) dry
  • Poet's Passion (honey wine and riesling grape) - med sweet
If you have any questions or would like to place an order please contact us at 604-856-2125, or 
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