Every Friday, we are delivering new opportunities to participate in camp programming via our website and social media. Your family will have new and exciting options to engage in activities, crafts, cabin chat conversations, fun resources, and more to help support you through this unprecedented time.

While we know this doesn’t replace the joy of coming to camp, we hope it provides some respite and happiness to your family. We would LOVE to hear from YOU about what you would like to see included. Are there certain camp games you want to share with your family? Skits you would like to see online? Staff you want to hear from? We want to hear all about it! Please send your ideas to  info@campkorey.or g.

This week’s theme is " Random Acts of Kindness." Camp Korey has been deeply impacted and shaped by the kindness and generosity we’ve received over the years. So we want to share ways you and your family can show kindness towards others in this moment of uncertainty. A little act can go a long ways!
Josh Simon, Camp Director
Hey Camp Korey How YOU Feeling? Our Child Life activity for this week is focused on some fun things we learned from our amazing BLOCK campers from the Camp Korey leadership program for campers ages 16-18 years old. Every week last summer the BLOCK campers brainstormed, created, and presented a Camp Korey give back project.

Check out what Session 4 BLOCK campers created as their give back project!

This week we are encouraging YOU to participate in our 15 Years of Fun campaign and give back to Camp Korey in your own special way! Your story matters and we want to celebrate it with you. You can do this by taking a few minutes to share your story with Camp Korey and how you are bringing camp magic into your homes!

Help us celebrate your story by doing one of the following options:
  • Draft a written story, shoot a fun video, interview your friends or family, or dig up some of your favorite camp photos!
  • Give us a ring! We’d love to interview you or listen to your memories and write them down.
  • Get creative! This is your story. Put on your own camp show, recreate your favorite stage night performance, bring camp traditions into your home, and most importantly make sure you are the star of your story!
  • Tell us how Camp Korey has been a part of your personal story and what positive impacts you seen or experienced.

To share your give back project please email info@campkorey.org. We are so excited to celebrate YOU!
Campers, this is your opportunity to teach your caregivers some of the most important rules at Camp Korey and challenge them to follow these rules to earn a prize!  Complete a STAR chart inspired by Camp Korey’s STAR model! Create your own chart or use the one provided below to challenge your caregivers to follow the STAR model! When you see your family following the STAR model, give them a star! When someone completes their star chart, they earn a prize! Prizes can include picking their favorite movie to watch, picking their favorite game to play, or getting a special treat! Make sure to start by explaining the STAR model to your family. Do you remember what each letter in the STAR model stand for?
  • S stands for SAFETY which helps us stay safety focused at Camp Korey
  • T stands for TRY NEW THINGS which helps encourage us to step into our stretch zone and try something new!
  • A stands for ALWAYS BUILD UP which helps to remind us to be kind to each other and find ways to make our friends and family feel all the Warm Fuzzies!
  • R stands for RESPECT which is a good reminder to be respectful, listen, and show gratitude to others.

Send us a photo of your completed star chart and tell us about some ways that you follow the STAR model at home!
Cabin Chat is a reflective activity that every camper participates in during summer camp programs. Campers are asked questions and encouraged to share with their new friends. We encourage you to host a Cabin Chat with your family!
  1. Identify a talking object. Whoever has the talking object is the only one sharing at that moment. Fun idea for this week is to find a favorite furry friend! 
  2. Don’t laugh unless it's meant to be funny.
  3. What happens in Cabin Chat stays in Cabin Chat. This is a space where everyone should feel safe to share!
  4. Challenge by Choice. Everyone has the options to choose to share, or choose to pass on a question. 
  • What is one nice thing someone has done for you this week?
  • Share something you are grateful for.
  • Share something kind you have seen someone do in your community.
A favorite activity for our Camp Korey community is getting crafty with some arts and crafts projects! Join us as we get artsy and share hope and joy with others through random acts of kindness!

  • Pop up cards – Create a card for family, friends, neighbors, your teacher, garbage collector, mail deliverer, delivery driver, elderly, etc. Make a list of 3 people you want to share some joy with and get to it!  
  • You Rock! – Gather some rocks. Paint, decorate, and create some rockin’ art to then distribute in your neighborhood (check out a quick timelapse below to follow Nichol in placing rocks). Put them in places that others will see and it can bring them joy! Send us pictures of your rocks and we will try to guess where they are hidden!
One of the most magical parts of coming to camp is all the fun camp activities you get to do. We want to take this moment to bring some camp magic to you! Come hang out with us as we explore some camp favorites! 

This week join us as we sing and dance round the virtual campfire and take a tour of camp to share warm fuzzies together!
First, tour acts of kindness at camp with Josh!
Join us in creating more Random Acts of Kindness! Let us know what you do for someone else at info@campkorey.org .

Next, learn a camp dance with Paige! This dance, from a previous year's summer camp, is to a song called "When Can I See You Again," and gives us a chance to connect by dancing out our feelings about the loneliness and worry in our worlds.
Finally, sing along to camp favorite, "Stars in the Sky," with Nichol. Play or sing along and remember the beautiful times you've had with friends at camp!
One of the most meaningful and powerful parts of camp is the opportunity to share warm fuzzies with the entire camp community! We do this in a lot of different ways and want to encourage you to share warm fuzzies from the inside out. 

Warm Fuzzy Activity

Window Art - Paint positive messages on your windows, share hearts or rainbows with the outside world. Be light from within!
Based on our theme of the week, “Random Acts of Kindness,” we want to share some fun resources you can explore right from the comfort of your own home!