Hello you beautiful flowers! Every Friday, we are delivering new opportunities to participate in camp programming via our website and social media. Your family will have new and exciting options to engage in activities, crafts, cabin chat conversations, fun resources, and more to help support you through this unprecedented time.

While we know this doesn’t replace the joy of coming to camp, we hope it provides some respite and happiness to your family. We would LOVE to hear from YOU about what you would like to see included. Are there certain camp games you want to share with your family? Skits you would like to see online? Staff you want to hear from? We want to hear all about it! Please send your ideas to   info@campkorey.org .

This week’s theme is "Garden Adventures". We here at Camp Korey love the opportunity to spend time with you all here at camp or wherever you may be in this moment! This week we will give you opportunities to grow together!
Josh Simon, Camp Director
First of all, thank you for all who participated last week and congratulations to our winners of some awesome Camp Korey swag!

This week we would love to see you in your Camp Korey gear! Take a picture of you sporting something that is camp themed. Maybe you have a t-shirt, hat, sweatshirt, old silly O shirt, tie dyed shirt, or even a friendship bracelet made at camp.

Send us a picture of you in your gear and we will enter you into a drawing to win the brand new 2020 camp shirt and some other camp goodies! (We'd also appreciate if you let us know if we have permission to share your submission on our channels!)

Drawings will happen during our Facebook live adventure on Wednesday at 3pm! Send us your pictures (videos also welcome!) before then to take part in the drawing.

See you there!!
Camp Korey Challenge of the Week!
Wherever YOU are!

04/24/20 10:30am - 04/29/20 2:30pm

Camp Korey Challenge for this week is to take a picture of yourself or a loved one in something Camp Korey themed! Can't wait to see you!
Can't wait to show off my gear!
Maybe! Will have to check my closet
Thanks, No Thanks!
Hey Camp Korey How YOU Feeling? As we are exploring our gardens, our Child Life activities include a fun game you can create, and garden yoga!

I Spy- There are so many cool things to find when you are out exploring. Have fun creating your very own I-Spy game to play with your friends!
  • Start by finding a surface to create your I-Spy game on. You can use anything from cardboard to paper! 
  • Create a theme or background. The more colors on the I-Spy board, the more difficult the game becomes! 
  • Identify objects you want to include in your game. Choose 5-15 items you want to be the hidden objects.
  • Find ways that you can make these objects difficult to find. Ideas to help with this could be the make the objects small or blend in with the colors around it.  
  • Finally, create a identification key to let the seekers know what they are looking for.  

Challenge a family member or friend to find all of your objects! To make it more challenging, set a timer and see if they can beat the quickest time! You can even do this by sending a photo to your family and friends who are not with you so they feel connected too!
Garden Yoga

Join Rachel as she shows us some garden inspired yoga. Can you squat like a frog, stay as still as a tree, and create some of your own garden inspired yoga positions?

Hey Campers and your amazing caregivers! 

We hope everyone is having a fantastic day today! We have a couple of activities for you in this week’s edition of Guardians of our Galaxy. We wanted to make sure to take a few moments to spend time growing together as a family!
Family Time CAMPsule
Growing together as a family and community is so important! Creating long lasting memories and shared experiences is a fun way to preserve these precious family moments and capture the memories for years to come. See how you and your family grows, changes, and blossoms in the years to come!

Ideas to help you get started:
  • Decide what kind of container you will use
  • Decide where you will store/bury it
  • Choose an "Opening Date"
  • Favorite camp activity list
  • Make your own Warm Fuzzy and put them in there
  • Family photo- Don't forget to include pets!
  • Current headlines or newspaper clippings
  • Prices of things (gas, gallon of milk, etc.)
  • Handwritten notes to each other- Don't forget to include your signature and see if it changes over time
  • Kids measurements
  • Questionnaire
  • Anything else you deem worthy!

Which favorite Camp Korey activity would YOU shrink and put in your time CAMPsule?
Fishing and Boating
Stage Night
Silly O
Camp Dances
Cabin Chat
Cabin Chat is a reflective activity that every camper participates in during summer camp programs. Campers are asked questions and encouraged to share with their new friends. We encourage you to host a Cabin Chat with your family!
  1. Identify a talking object. Whoever has the talking object is the only one sharing at that moment. 
  2. Don’t laugh unless it's meant to be funny.
  3. What happens in Cabin Chat stays in Cabin Chat. This is a space where everyone should feel safe to share!
  4. Challenge by Choice. Everyone has the options to choose to share, or choose to pass on a question. 
1.   If you could grow anything on a tree what would you grow?
2.   What is your favorite food item that grows out of a garden?
3.   What is your favorite camp meal?
A favorite activity for our Camp Korey community is getting crafty with some arts and crafts projects! Join us as we get artsy and bloom!

Create your own Fairy House- When you think of garden magic, you may think of flowers blooming and vegetables growing, but what about those garden fairies that watch over those plants while you are not there?! Don’t they deserve a beautiful home to live in? Here is your chance to make a beautiful garden fairy or garden gnome house! Hang out with Megan to learn more!

Stained Glass Mosaics- Make some beautiful art that can be created again and again! Using painters tape and sidewalk chalk create some beautiful patterns and have fun! Don’t have sidewalk chalk…make your own with these 3 items
Ingredients :
1/2 Cup water
1/2 Cup cornstarch
Food Coloring

Nature's Paintbrushes- What things can you find in nature or the garden to create your own paint brushes? Now, go outside and paint something beautiful!

Pressed Flower Necklace- Join Sayde in creating these incredibly beautiful garden treasures.
I am going to try this many craft projects this week:
None...I am not so into arts and crafts
1 of them
One of the most magical parts of coming to camp is all the fun camp activities you get to do! We want to take this moment to bring some camp magic to you! Come hang out with us as we explore some camp favorites! 

Camp Magic Activities
Camp Korey Fairy House Hunt
What better way to explore the grounds of Camp Korey and to see just how well you know camp! Come on a journey and see if you know camp as well as you think you do
Mud Pies and Outdoor Play
When I was a kid one of my favorite things to do was make stone soup, or serve my brother a mud pie, and make an outdoor "kitchen" out of whatever is around! Check out Rose's delicious creations!
Fred the Flea
There are all sorts of fun insects and creatures you can find outside. I bet you didn't know that you can train a flea! Meet Paul's special critter pal Fred! I bet you can train a critter too! We would LOVE to meet your new friends!
Teen Time!

Hey all you amazing Camp Korey Teens! We have been thinking about you a lot and want to provide some awesome content for you to connect with each other and us! Stay tuned for some AWESOME things coming your way next week!

In the meantime, here is something really cool to help you process and track your moods!

Warm Fuzzy Project
One of the most meaningful and powerful parts of camp is the opportunity to share warm fuzzies with the entire camp community! We do this in a lot of different ways and want to encourage you to share warm fuzzies from the inside out. 

Warm Fuzzy Activity

Beads 'O Love- Create a bead necklace or jar to help acknowledge the good things others do and freely give warm fuzzies to others!
Don’t have beads at home? Learn how to make your own out of old newspapers or paper and glue here

Camp Korey is loved by many!

Thank you for the warm fuzzies!

We REALLY appreciate you!
One of the best ways to connect with each other is over food and sharing a meal together! Have fun creating this garden snack together!

Dirt Cups
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 small box instant chocolate pudding 
  • 1 package Oreos/Newman O’s
  • 1 small tub Cool Whip/whipped cream
  • Gummy Worms/insects/oranges
  • Clear cups (preferably)

Based on our theme of the week, “Garden,” we want to share some fun resources you can explore right from the comfort of your own home! 

  • Tulip Town - Camp Korey is located in the Skagit Valley and the Skagit Valley is well known for our tulip fields! Check out this local partner Tulip Town and see the blooms for yourself! Tulip Town
  • Denver Botanical Gardens - Get out and see the incredible beauty of the botanical gardens through a virtual visit! Denver Botanical Garden
  • Virtual Butterfly Garden Game- Have some fun while exploring this beautiful Butterfly Garden
  • Ten Virtual Gardens- Check out these gardens worldwide! Global Gardens
  • Amazon Smile- As you are ordering things online don’t forget to go to smile.amazon.com and make Camp Korey your charity of choice! Every little bit helps!
  • Seattle Children's Playgarden - This local inclusive and adaptive garden can be found right here in Seattle! Pretty neat! Seattle Children's Playgarden