Hello friends who are looking for oceans of fun! Every Friday, we are delivering new opportunities to participate in camp programming via our website and social media. Your family will have new and exciting options to engage in activities, crafts, cabin chat conversations, fun resources, and more to help support you through this unprecedented time.

While we know this doesn’t replace the joy of coming to camp, we hope it provides some respite and happiness to your family. We would LOVE to hear from YOU about what you would like to see included. Are there certain camp games you want to share with your family? Skits you would like to see online? Staff you want to hear from? We want to hear all about it! Please send your ideas to   programs@campkorey.org.

This week’s theme is "Under the Sea". We here at Camp Korey love the opportunity to spend time with you all here at camp or wherever you may be in this moment! This week we will give you opportunities to dive into some fun things together!!
Josh Simon, Camp Director
Meet Ariel!
We have had the incredible opportunity to hear from the star of the ocean!! Ariel from the "Little Mermaid" has paid Camp Korey a visit!
Come sing along with Ariel!
We will have oceans of fun together!!
First of all, thank you for all who participated last week and congratulations to our winners of some awesome Camp Korey swag!

This week we would love to have you submit which Camp Korey cabin you would choose! Join us in choosing which cabin you would MOST like to be in. We know it is a hard choice, but you must choose one!

For all who vote, we will enter you into a drawing to win the brand new 2020 camp shirt and some other camp goodies! We'll share the challenge template on Facebook and Instagram Stories for you to easily screenshot and share with friends.
(We'd also appreciate if you'll let us know if we have parent or guardian permission to share your submission on our channels!)

Drawings will happen during our Facebook Live adventure on Wednesday at 3pm! Send us your cabin choice here or email us at programs@campkorey.org

See you there!!
My favorite cabin is...
Red Cabin
Blue Cabin
Green Cabin
Yellow Cabin
Staff Cabin
Hey Camp Korey How YOU Feeling? As we are adventuring under the sea, dive in with us with some sea-sational child life activities.

Bubble Painting-
While we can't breathe underwater without a snorkel or scuba gear, we can blow bubbles on land! Make some amazing art! Learn more here!

Ocean in a Bottle

 Create your own ocean in a bottle! There is nothing more calming than the lull of waves against the shore. Create your very own ocean escape!

Star Breathing-
Sometimes the best thing we can do is just take a deep breath and find things that bring us joy! Try out this starfish breathing activity if you start to feel like you need to take a beat!
Hey Campers and your amazing caregivers! 

We hope everyone is having a fantastic day today! We have a couple of activities for you in this week’s edition of Guardians of our Galaxy. We wanted to make sure to take a few moments to spend time growing together as a family!

Message in a Bottle
Ahoy matey! Ye old pirates might be feeling a little lost at sea at the moment as you are so far away from your friends and family. Why not reach out in a fun an unique way! Send someone a message in a bottle, or in another creative and fun way!

Did you know you can send some wacky stuff DIRECTLY in the mail without even putting it in a box or envelope? Slap an address label and postage and send it off!
Here are some fun things to try
  • A coconut
  • A shoe or flip flop
  • A beach ball
  • A potato
  • A mailbox
  • A plastic toy
  • A piece of wood
  • Anything you can write an address on

Special Prize to the most clever "message in a bottle" we receive at Camp Korey!
24880 Brotherhood Rd
Mount Vernon, WA 98274
Octopus Chain of Love
Take some time to make a sea creature that has the most arms to hug you with! Make an octopus with chains that link you to each other.

Campers: Take time to really highlight some amazing things that your caregivers do for you every day! Do they make sure you have food on your plate, encourage you to brush your teeth, help you with school work, or make sure you have a place to lay your head at night? Take time to make a leg link for each thing that your caregiver does for you!

Caregivers: What inspires you about your campers? Do they make you laugh, proud, and full of love? Take time to make a leg link for each thing that your camper does for you!
Cabin Chat is a reflective activity that every camper participates in during summer camp programs.
Campers are asked questions and encouraged to share with their new friends.
We encourage you to host a Cabin Chat with your family!
  1. Identify a talking object. Whoever has the talking object is the only one sharing at that moment. 
  2. Don’t laugh unless it's meant to be funny.
  3. What happens in Cabin Chat stays in Cabin Chat. This is a space where everyone should feel safe to share!
  4. Challenge by Choice. Everyone has the options to choose to share, or choose to pass on a question. 
If you could be a mermaid or pirate which one would you be and why?

If you could be any animal who lives in the ocean which one would you be?

If you could visit any body of water in the world, which would you visit any why?
A favorite activity for our Camp Korey community is getting crafty with some arts and crafts projects! Join us as we dive into fun!

Sea What You Can Make
Origami is a fine art that takes time. If I was stuck at sea, this would be a craft I would choose!
Rose gets Crabby...in all the right ways!

Join the amazing Rose as she helps you create a stuffed crab and a stuffed dolphin! You can click on each image to download the patterns and sew along!

Aquarium Night Light
I can sit and watch fish and snails and sea critters roam around their habitat for hours! They have purpose and show us whether slow or fast, that all of us have a way that we interact with our world!

Create this magical underwater aquarium that helps guide your way!
One of the most magical parts of coming to camp is all the fun camp activities you get to do! We want to take this moment to bring some camp magic to you! Come hang out with us as we explore some camp favorites! 

Camp Magic Activities
Tide Pool Tour
One of my favorite things to do is go out and explore the wonders of the oceans and the tide pools!

Come explore the tide pools of Washington Park!
Tall Tales of Lake McMurray

Have you ever wondered why it can be so hard to catch fish in Lake McMurray sometimes? Read this tall tale and help us name our underwater friend!

CK Under the Sea Jeopardy
Test your knowledge in this one of a kind Camp Korey Jeopardy challenge!
Teen Time!

Hey all you amazing Camp Korey Teens! We have been thinking about you a lot and want to provide some awesome content for you to connect with each other and us!

Check out this week's Under the Sea themed tool toprocess and track your moods!
Heart-Full Interviews
Have you ever wondered what your past counselors are up to now? Join us for Heart Full Interviews as we chat with our past summer staff and learn about their camp experiences and how camp inspires them today!

Episode 1 features volunteer and past summer staffer Sarah! Come along to learn about her camp favorites, all the roles she's had with camp, and how Camp Korey and the campers have guided her life goals!
Warm Fuzzy Activity
One of the most meaningful and powerful parts of camp is the opportunity to share warm fuzzies with the entire camp community! We do this in a lot of different ways and want to encourage you to share warm fuzzies from the inside out. 
Bucket 'O Fuzzies
Fill up your sand castle bucket full of all the things that bring you joy!

One of the best ways to connect with each other is over food and sharing a meal together! Have fun diving into these ocean themed treats!

Ocean Cup Cakes
Cheesy Octopus
Based on our theme of the week, “Under the Sea", we want to share some fun resources you can explore right from the comfort of your own home! 

  • Virtual Dive Trip - Join in a virtual dive experience under the sea with the National Marine Sancutary
  • Whale Watching- Check out these majestic creatures and see what the whales are up to on the World Wide Whale Web
  • Ocean Connection- Virtual field trips with Ocean Connections
  • Check out the Titanic- Have you ever been curious about the Titanic on the ocean floor! Tour the Titanic
  • Seattle Aquarium- Check out our local aquarium and amazing connection partner! Visit here!
  • Amazon Smile- As you are ordering things online don’t forget to go to smile.amazon.com and make Camp Korey your charity of choice! Every little bit helps!