Ok rockstars, time to get groovin'! Every Friday, we are delivering new opportunities to participate in camp programming via our website and social media. Your family will have new and exciting options to engage in activities, crafts, cabin chat conversations, fun resources, and more to help support you through this unprecedented time.

While we know this doesn’t replace the joy of coming to camp, we hope it provides some respite and happiness to your family. We would LOVE to hear from YOU about what you would like to see included. Are there certain camp games you want to share with your family? Skits you would like to see online? Staff you want to hear from? We want to hear all about it! Please send your ideas to   programs@campkorey.org.

This week’s theme is "Music Mayhem". We here at Camp Korey love the opportunity to spend time with you all here at camp or wherever you may be in this moment! This week we will give you opportunities to explore our world as never before!
Josh Simon, Camp Director
Register for Virtual Summer Camp Today!! 

We are excited to announce that applications for our virtual summer camp are now open!
Instead of gathering around our actual campfire this summer, we will have our campers join us for our traditional magical camp activities online. By gathering everyone around a virtual campfire we can ensure safety, fun, and continued connection for all our participants. Utilizing technology, we will offer interactive virtual camp sessions aimed at replicating the in-person camp experience as much as possible. Before each session, campers will be mailed all of the camp supplies and goodies needed to participate in activities and have fun! Campers will follow along with staff and volunteer counselors and will have opportunities to connect with others in real time, just like at camp!
2020 Online Summer Camp Schedule
  • Session 1 (June 22-25) – BLOCK Session (open for participants ages 16-18 as part of the BLOCK program)
  • Session 2 (June 29-July 2)
  • Session 3 (July 6-9)
  • Session 4 (July 13-16)
  • Session 5 (July 20-23)
  • Session 6 (July 27-30)- Celebration Week

Celebration Week is a session to honor all of our campers, past and present, and celebrate Camp Korey’s 15 year anniversary. This session will be open to all campers, alumni, families, and those new to Camp Korey. Like a camp reunion, campers and alumni will be able to join us virtually to connect with camp friends, take part in new and exciting activities, and celebrate our story together! Campers who participated in an earlier virtual summer session are welcome and encouraged to attend this session. Whether it be for a day or the session, we hope you will celebrate with us Camp Korey style!
Camp Sessions times and days
Mondays: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Tuesdays-Thursdays: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
In honor of Music Mayhem week, check out this creative and fun musical camp adventure these warm fuzzies went on!

Video was made by campers!!
First of all, thank you for all who participated last week and congratulations to our winners of some awesome Camp Korey swag!

This week's challenge is simple, share what is on your mind using only GIFs or photos! Share things that make you feel something or that has significance in your life!

For all who submit their #campkoreychallenge, we will enter you into a drawing to win the brand new 2020 camp shirt and some other camp goodies! Email us at
programs@campkorey.org. You can also find the template and submit your answer on our Instagram.

(We'd also appreciate if you'll let us know if we have parent or guardian permission to share your submission on our social media channels!)

Drawings will happen during our Facebook Live adventure next Wednesday at 3pm! See you there!!
Hey Camp Korey How YOU Feeling? As we are adventuring in this magical fun land join us in these child life activities!
Meet Anthony!

Thank you to Anthony for joining us for our Music Mayhem Campfire Friday! Watch our video to learn more about Anthony’s career as a Music Therapist at a Children’s Hospital in Ohio, his favorite parts of the position, and how he became a Music Therapist.

Soothing Playlist

Sometimes we all have tough days or tough moments! That is ok! Music can be one of those things that really help create a calm and soothing brain space.

What songs do you go to when you need to feel better? Help us create our own Camp Korey playlist!

Email us your song suggestions at programs@campkorey.org

Hey Campers and your amazing caregivers! 

We hope everyone is having a fantastic day today!

Music Matters
Music is such an important and integral part of life! Everyone has a specific type of music that they are drawn to and that means something to them. Take the time to sit down with your caregiver or parent and find out some things about their musical journey. Ask them:

  • What their first concert was.
  • What the first album they bought was.
  • How did they listen to music when they were your age? Record? 8 track? Cassette tape? CD?
  • What kind of device did they use to play their music? Was it a sweet yellow boom box like me?

Cabin Chat is a reflective activity that every camper participates in during summer camp programs.
Campers are asked questions and encouraged to share with their new friends.
We encourage you to host a Cabin Chat with your family!
  1. Identify a talking object. Whoever has the talking object is the only one sharing at that moment. 
  2. Don’t laugh unless it's meant to be funny.
  3. What happens in Cabin Chat stays in Cabin Chat. This is a space where everyone should feel safe to share!
  4. Challenge by Choice. Everyone has the options to choose to share, or choose to pass on a question.
  1. If you could learn how to play any musical instrument which one would you choose?
  2. Who is your favorite musician and why?
  3. If you could pick your top two favorite songs, which ones would you choose and why?
A favorite activity for our Camp Korey community is getting crafty with some arts and crafts projects! Join us as we make music together!
Create Your Own Instrument
Have fun making your own music and marching to the beat of your own drum! Check out these instruments you can make at home.

Design your own album cover

If you were to create your very own music album what would the cover look like? Have fun designing your own album cover and send it our way when you are done! We would love to feature you and show off your album cover!

Song Association Game
This is a fun and easy game to play while waiting for dinner to cook, in the car, while waiting for the next Campfire Friday to come out... It is simple and can be played anywhere! Enjoy!
One of the most magical parts of coming to camp is all the fun camp activities you get to do! We want to take this moment to bring some camp magic to you! Come hang out with us as we explore some camp favorites! 

Camp Magic Activities
Everything's A Drum!
Our amazing friend Alex has been working on this song called "Everything's a Drum" and she needs YOUR help to finish the lyrics!

Send us your lyric ideas at programs@campkorey.org
Write your own song!

Ever wondered how to write your own song? Here is a simple guide to help you get started. Also...make sure to make it your own! This is to help you get started!

Sing Song Time!

Download the NEW and updated Camp Korey Songbook and sing you camp favorites from home!

Join the amazing Megan and friends and sing some Camp Korey Favorites!

Teen Time!

Hey all you amazing Camp Korey Teens! We have been thinking about you a lot and want to provide some awesome content for you to connect with each other and us!

Check out this week's Music Playlist bullet journal spread!
Heart-Full Interviews
Have you ever wondered what your past counselors are up to now? Join us for Heart Full Interviews as we chat with our past summer staff and learn about their camp experiences and how camp inspires them today!

Episode 4 features volunteer and past staffer Jack! Come along to learn about his camp favorites, all the roles he's had with camp, and how Camp Korey has guided him! A special thank you to Jack for highlighting important mental health resources at the end of his video. May is Mental Health Awareness month, it is especially important now to take care of your mental health and check in on your friends and family. Thank you Jack!

Warm Fuzzy Activity
One of the most meaningful and powerful parts of camp is the opportunity to share warm fuzzies with the entire camp community! We do this in a lot of different ways and want to encourage you to share warm fuzzies from the inside out. 
Melody of Kindenss
Create your very own song of kindness! This is a great way to remind yourself and others of all the things that make you uniquely you and make you stand out in a crowd!

Make your very own melody of kindness!
Based on our theme of the week, “Music Mayhem", we want to share some fun resources you can explore right from the comfort of your own home! 

  • History of music - Take this musical journey and learn a little bit more about the history of music! A musical journey
  • Body Beats- Use your body to make beautiful and silly music! Body Beats
  • Zoom-Palooza- Support our friends from Camp Without Borders and come hang out at this virtual concert May 29th at 6pm! Zoom-Palooza
  • Virtual Concerts- Th Melodic Caring Project is an outreach program that brings concerts to hospitals! Check out some of these concerts!
  • Amazon Smile- As you are ordering things online don’t forget to go to smile.amazon.com and make Camp Korey your charity of choice! Every little bit helps!