Inspiration is in the Air at Camphill

On November 18 and 19, Camphill California hosted the 2nd annual Inspired Communities Workshop. This was an exciting opportunity to learn and connect with other like-minded individuals who have started a Camphill-inspired community or are interested in starting an initiative which fosters a sense of community.

Inspired Communities workshop introductions in Paloma Hall at Camphill California.

Parents of children with special needs, siblings and professionals in the field of developmental disabilities recognize Camphill communities as providing an inspired alternative to conventional schooling and adult living environments for children, youth and adults with special needs. 

Anya and her son, Octavio, with Kahumana community members
 in Hawaii.

People from all over the country came together to share, learn, connect and inspire one another as a way to spread the wisdom that has touched and helped so many people.

''Sometimes the future 
seems daunting for those of us searching for community for our adult children with special needs. Many of us aspire to live in a community like Camphill. I enjoyed the workshop, and it was nice to meet new people on a similar journey to creating a sense of community for our children,'' said Heidi Cartan, an attendant at the workshop.

''We're working to build collaborative relationships both locally and nationally,'' says Anya, who has just returned from visiting the Kahumana community in Oahu, Hawaii. Although they are not part of the Camphill movement, Kahamanu has been inspired by the work of Camphill communities. They invited Anya to join them in their community after attending the workshop. Anya was able to show support and share input on how to successfully integrate residential with special needs living into their already existing organic farm and resource center programs. The movement of Anthroposophical ideas is an essential part of the Camphill movement and it's exciting to see and be a part of it spreading across the nation.

After attending the workshop, Carey O'Connell shared with gratitude "how much Will and I appreciated meeting you and attending the Inspired Communities Workshop. It was an amazing experience. Camphill is so beautiful, and you all clearly are inspired in your community. I hope to find a place as close to what you all are doing for our son when he is ready to move out.''

Coworker Spotlight!
Josias proudly standing in the Marimi garden.

Josias Harder came to Camphill California in August of 2015 from England. While he has previously worked with individuals with special needs, joining a lifesharing community was a new adventure for him. After finishing his studies in music in England, Josias was ready for his next steps in life. ''I knew I wanted to work with people. I had worked with people with special needs before and lived in a communal house, but never the two together.''

Josias remembers being on a bus in England and searching ''Camphill'' on his phone since his mom used to work at one. ''Camphill North America came up, and when I found Camphill California, it made sense to go there. It was in California, it had a garden, and I could develop my skills of working with people.'' After quitting his job in England, Josias traveled for two months as he made his way across the Atlantic and the United States to Santa Cruz. ''I feel very supported in what I want to do by Camphill and am grateful to be working and living here.''

Josias is currently staying in Ishi house with 9 other people. In the morning he goes on a run with Alex before morning circle and starting his work day in the Marimi garden. To support his appreciation for the land, Josias works with the Marimi Land Crew where he helps take care of the garden, chickens and other outdoor responsibilities. ''I call myself Steve's unofficial apprentice,'' Josias laughs. Part of his duties of the land crew are to do daily walks around the Marimi property to see what tasks need completion during morning work hours. ''It's really great to get to work with other people who love gardening just as much.'' 

When asked what his favorite memory is of Camphill California so far, Josias responded that ''Christmas time last year was really memorable. Life just kind ofslowed down and everyone got to really enjoy each other's company. There is a warm feeling of family and togetherness that we got to appreciate at a different pace during this time, and it's really nice to have that while being so far away from my own family.''

Josias is also a second year student of the Camphill Academy. ''The academy took me by surprise because I wasn't expecting it, but the more I got into it the more I enjoyed what it has to offer. I find it very useful. Even if I do not want to follow this path as a career I am learning things that will be helpful throughout my entire life. I really enjoy being a part of the Camphill Academy and it's a big inspiration for me to keep doing what I'm doing.''

Camphill California is happy to have Josias as one of our coworkers and very grateful for his unique contributions to our community. We look forward to continue supporting him and seeing all that he has to offer in the coming years.

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