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January 2011

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Happy new year...
Too late for happy Christmas, just in time for happy new year...
Christams family tree
Jacopo, Antonella, Lucrezia, Luca, Lorenzo

With African time we wish you a happy new year.
This Christmas was spent once again in the Chyulu (last year we went in Italy, first time since we moved to Kenya).
It was nice spending Christmas at home.
We had lovely guests and we enjoyed our traditional picnic on Christams day in the Chyulu.

We have been blessed by a very good rainy season: all is flowering and green.

Great moment to enjoy the Chyulu Hills.

Chyulu Hills
Chyulu Hills: lush and green after the rains

picnic Christmas
Christmas picnic in the cloud forest

The year of the cat(s)?
Happy sisters

2010 was quite a year for our cats. Wildlife Pays (the compensation program financed by Campi ya Kanzi conservation fee) has been challenged as never before and proved the key to our success in preserving not just lions, but all predators.
The reward has been amazing spottings of cats (once a group of 20 lions just outside camp!).

Enjoy this collection of our favorite photos.

The camera trap at the camp waterhole has captured good shoots (aardwolf, porcupine, leopard, mongoose, jackals, cheetah, lion,  eagles...) we will soon load the best shots on

Nosero boy
Nosero boy

Nosero Tembo Car
Stefano with Nosero daughter


leo night
Just seen the other night...

Cheetah at waterhole
and just seen the other day...

This Christmas season we have also been specially lucky with leopards.

It is unusual to see this rather elusive cat. Many guests have been blessed with a good number of sights and the other day two different leopards were seen in the same game drive: very lucky!

leopard best
A beauty...
Elephant party
Come and enjoying a walk with the eles

Remember we told you about the elephant orphanage by David Sheldrick Trust, in Ithumba, Tsavo East?

We took Lucrezia there last May. We went back the other day to check on Chaimu, the baby elephant we rescued in June 2009. She is doing very well and seemed to recognize Parashi, who helped rescuing her.

among eles
Among elephants...
a walk with ele Luca
A walk with elephant


Quite difficult to express in words the amazing feelings of walking among elephants, of being sniffed, touched, gently pushed by adult elephants roaming free.


Come and stay a week with us at Campi ya Kanzi: we will spend a night at the charming camp in Ithumba and make you live an experience you will never forget.

You will be supporting a great conservation cause and you will have the most incredible safari of your life.

A walk with eles
Our friend Pio with the orphans herd

Parashi and ele
Wendy & Parashi

Kilaguni & Luca
Who has the longest nose?...
Pio & Wendy
Pio & Wendy

Come and visit, or joining us skiing!
Great time to come or a chance to see Maasai kids on the snow...

Care for a magical sunset in front of Mt. Kilimanjaro?

For a walk in the wilderness?

For a magical moment in Nature, with the Maasai?

twiga sunset
Twiga sunset
acacia sunset
A Kanzi sunset


Do not think twice: come and visit now.

We have seldom had such a green landscape.

Or go to Europe and join Lucrezia and her eight school mates for a ski trip!

Adamello Ski and Hotel Mirella have donated to Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust an amazing ski trip.

The kids will be in Ponte di Legno, at Hotel Mirella, from February 2nd till 9th, with Stefano and Anna (our pilot).

Hope to see you either at Kanzi or on the Dolomite!

Luca & Jacopo
Take a walk on the wild side...

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Thank you and hope to see you here soon,
Luca with all the Campi ya Kanzi and MWCT teams