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Campi ya Kanzi News
April 2014

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Campi ya Kanzi graduates to adulthood


Yes, it has been 18 years since we, Antonella and Luca, started Campi ya Kanzi.

We scouted this beautiful landscape in 1995 and after long negotiations with the Maasai we began building the camp in July 1996.

We were completely solar back then, clearly being ahead of our time.

Then it will be of no surprise to hear how we have completely transformed Campi ya Kanzi, into an even more eco-friendly luxury camp...



It is a brand new camp. It is as green as it can be!

  • New luxury tented cottages, with amazing art work by artist Gian Paolo Tomasi (do you like this Okoikuma lion?). His smaller artwork can be purchased by guests and all proceeds will be for MWCT.  

  • New custom made Italian linens
  • New custom made Italian bedding 
  • New bathrooms, with an amazing low energy lighting system


  • New hot water solar system: revolutionary technology not using direct sunlight but UV light. This is guaranteeing hot water, with no carbon emissions, even on cloudy days.
  • New photovoltaic system, also using a revolutionary technology where solar panels produce direct electricity without having to charge batteries. It translates in to a much longer lifespan of the battery bank, while still having zero carbon emissions for our electricity needs: all energy comes from the sun (it really feels good writing a zero emissions newsletter!)
  • New interior decor at Tembo House, including new sofas  


  • No plastic bottles! A European water purification system using two different filters and a UV light purifies our drinking water. Campi ya Kanzi is 100% plastic bottle free!
  • Refurbished cars, in leather and wood finishing, with our giraffe theme color
  • New fly camp, at Motikanju Conservancy, next to Kilimanjaro, exactly where Hemingway was camping
  • New Maasai Kids Safari, where children will enjoy learning to throw a spear (securely!), to light a fire (safely!), to dance, and will spend time hearing the elders' stories... an authentic immersion in one of the most fascinating cultures of Africa
Parashi and Mia
Parashi and Mia (from Colombia!)
  • New paint job, giraffe theme, on our aircraft, 5Y-LLJ
  • New wellness center: Kanzi Amani (Amani means peace, quietness), with a Jacuzzi for 4, a 18mt pool, a massage room, and a new holistic approach to peace and wellness (Transcendental Meditation courses can be pre-arranged)


Yes, we did not spare anything and we have a brand new camp, with the warm hospitality of the earlier Campi ya Kanzi.


So new that we are introducing a different arrangement of accommodations.

-          6 luxury tented cottages

-          2 tented suites

-          1 swimming pool suite

-          Kanzi House, with 2 double rooms and 2 twin rooms


Well, come and enjoy your Amani Kanzi safari soonest!


P.S. Do you like to know the weather at the foothills of Kilimanjaro? We also have a new weather station!

The air adventure begins: scenic flight over Africa
May 2014: Kenya-Malawi-Namibia-Botswana-Zambia-Tanzania-Kenya 

We told you in the previous newsletter of our air safari. We are about to embark on it.

This is the journey we will take, with our Cessna 206 and with a Caravan. 5,500 miles over the most beautiful places of Africa.

You can follow us on our blog, we will give updates with videos and photos of this amazing adventure.


Meet our new camp, with the original soul which has been there for 18 years

 Celebrating the new camp with free bednights!


Come for one week and get 2 free bednights.

It is our way to celebrate the new Campi ya Kanzi.

Minimum 2 guests. The offer is valid from now till September.


Take one week with us, spend a day in Tsavo West (may be you will have last week's luck, look at these amazing wild dogs),  walk in the cloud forest, game drive to the spring, pamper yourself at Kanzi Amani...



Simply enjoy one week in our wilderness paradise...

We are 4/5 of the Maasai Mara, with a much higher diversity. You will do something different every single day.

And you can make it even more diverse by adding special activities: a transcendental meditation course, spend a night in the fly camp, go horse-back riding... the choice is yours!



Come enjoy our hospitality (here is Parashi at Tembo House)


Come and look for our favourite lioness: Namunyak (here is as we have seen her on Saturday)

Namunyak and Friends
Namunyak and Friends

Or simply come to enjoy this view...


Maasai Kids Safari
Campi ya Kanzi provides its guests with an authentic and profound connection with the Maasai landlords. We have now tuned it to cater also for the younger ones.
Pashiet and Parashi have great joy taking young children to meet their kids. They love teaching how to throw a spear, how to light a fire, how to bead, how to dance...

Kids will then spend time with the elders, hearing Maasai story.

An amazing experience which they will likely treasure for all their life...

We are all kids and this is going to be fun for everybody! The good news is that if you are 16 and below, you cost your parents half of their rate!


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Hope to have you here soon,

All our best,


Antonella, with Samson, Stefano, Luca and all the Campi ya Kanzi  team