August 2016

Building Addition Update
by Pastor Micheal

The rough sketches have been submitted to several architects for their consideration and their proposals. Early in August an architect will be chosen and they will begin working on drawings. 

In the meantime members of the finance committee are working with members of the major improvements team on details of establishing a capital campaign.  

While the amount of $2.5 million is a significant investment for Campion, God has provided to date sufficient funds to begin with an architect. August will answer many of the questions and we look forward to sharing more in the September newsletter. 

Our Church in Action
Celebrity Chef Mark Anthony's Dinner and a Message

Thursday August 11, 6 p.m.
Campion Church August Events:
"Welcome to Campion" Picnic
The Social Ministry is inviting all Campion Church members to come to a picnic August 14 at 5:00 pm to
welcome the Campion students back to our campus.

We are asking everyone to bring a salad and dessert. Hot dogs, condiments, watermelon and drink will be provided. We will be setting up outdoors so bring your lawn chairs or blankets. For your enjoyment, we will be having hay-rack rides! Come and enjoy.
Campus Dedication and Potluck
On August 20 we will have a special first Sabbath for the new school year. There will be a dedication time during our worship hour followed by a potluck on center campus.

We ask church members to bring salads, desserts, and bread. The entrée, vegetable, drink, and tableware will be provided. Please take your dishes to the cafeteria that morning. Lawn chairs or blankets will be needed.

In This Issue
Quick Links
Our Mission
We serve and glorify God through Christ-centered worship, individual spiritual growth, youth involvement, and community interaction.
Pastoral Staff
Micheal Goetz, Lead
Nestor Soriano, Assoc
Rob Carlson, Chaplain
Teresa Johansen, Admin. Assistant/Treasurer
Service Schedule
Sabbath School 9:30 am
Church            10:45 am
Prayer Meeting  6:30 pm
Click on calendar for church, pathfinder, and Campion events.
Church Camp Out Attended by Over 45 and More than 90 on Sabbath

Wendy Eickmann led out in the vespers  Friday  evening around the campfire to begin the annual church camp out. The Sabbath school lesson was lead by Alex Rodriguez and the church sermon was given by Jonathan Gibbs. Vespers Sabbath evening was led by Kim Mehlenbacher. There were hikes and lots of singing, music, and food during the weekend, and new friendships made.
Next year the date is June 16-18  at the same spot, Mountain Park.
Youth vespers at Pastor Nestor's home.

Kid's Cooking School.

School News
                                           "To Know Him.... To Show Him"
by Don Reeder,  Campion Academy Principal

Jesus is the Master Teacher and Campion seeks to follow His example of teaching. Mark 3:7 tells that Jesus first spent time with His disciples. They got to know Him. Once the relationship was there, then Jesus sent them out to minister.
Our desire for each student at Campion is that they will get to know Jesus. Eternal life is knowing Him, (John 17:3).   Once the relationship is there, then they will go out to minister.
Campion's tag line this year is: "To Know Him......To Show Him."
Our chaplain is already incorporating this tag line into the spiritual programming of our school. We are focusing the first semester on the "To Know Him" part and then "To Show Him" will be the focus of the second semester. Please pray for our students. We desire them to know Jesus and when they do they will get closer to Him as they serve Him.
We are pleased that our new chaplain, Rob Carlson, and family have moved in and are getting ready for the new year. Rob's wife, Liz, will be our school nurse. Also, our new girls' dean, Melissa Mekelburg is here with her husband Arlen. We welcome back Ken Albertsen to help us teach algebra.
You may notice some interesting baskets around campus. Those baskets are parts of the new Disc Golf Course. We look forward to many fun times with our students participating in Disc Golf. The course was funded by the class gifts of 2014 and 2016.

Dear Friends of HMS Richards School,

So many events happened at the end of last school year. Surely it had to slow down for a couple months. Maybe through hiking, camping, or even a vacation, you have been able spend some quality time together. HMS Richards ended the school year with 71 students. That is more students than there have have been for at least 12 or 13 years. HMS has felt God's blessings in so many ways over the years and our numbers represent some of the blessings! This year the classrooms will be full! We are planning for 75-80 students for school year 2016-2017. Our hope and need is to hire another teacher to teach 3rd and 4th grades for the school year 2017-2018. That will give us no more than two grades per teacher.

Also, God has blessed financially. We are operating with no debt! We say thanks to the many supporters who sit in the Campion Church pews.

Several improvements are happening at HMS this summer. Most of the visible improvements are in conjunction with becoming a licensed preschool provider. Licensing will make it possible to accommodate the full prekindergarten and kindergarten program next year. We expect to have 15 students plus a waiting list for this school year. Our hope is that the preschool program will grow into its own building in 2 or 3 years. Miranda Gomez is the preschool director for this coming year. She has worked tirelessly to get the required classes, and worked with different state departments. So far the physical plant requirements are not huge but necessary. One of the main outside improvements is the chain link fence installed around the playground.

Another improvement at HMS will be our community involvement through a few more projects with project-based learning (PBL). Stay tuned to see how that develops in each classroom. We are excited to take a turn to become more 21st century learning inclusive! Along this line we are also trying to make available for use at least one device, IPad and/or computer, for each student in grades 1-8. We are still in need of some funding to allow this to happen.

Also, to remain balanced, and because it is part of who we are as a school, we will be more intentional about spending time learning in nature. We are so blessed to be situated on a campus with endless opportunities for outdoor education. Some of our PBL projects will go hand-in-hand with outdoor education.

As we move forward, we also have some needs that require talent, money, and/or time. Please look at the list and contact HMS if you are willing and able to help with anything listed below:

   1. Refrigerator

   2. Overhead projector

   3. Round tables

   4. Handyman misc.

   5. Grounds upkeep maintenance

   6. Funding for IPads (about $7000 more needed)

Thank you, church family, for your dedication indicated by involvement, financial commitment, and prayer for HMS and each student represented!

Davin Hammond. Principal of HMS Richards Elementary

All About People
In Memory
Anna Mae Williams
Anna Mae went to sleep early Sabbath morning, July 23, 2016. She was born  January 15, 1920, in San Salvador where her parents were missionaries. She had to come home to the U.S. to learn English. Because she was fluent in Spanish, she taught it at Campion Academy from 1994 to 2000 and  lived in the house just to the south of where the Helms live.

Her husband, Harold M. Williams, was an evangelist/preacher. She was an elementary school teacher most of her life.

She is survived by her children Harold, Al, and Betty and many family members.

There will be a memorial service on Friday, August 5, at 10 am.

Charles Segedi  8-12-63 -- 6-27-2016
Charlie moved to Loveland from LaCrescenta, southern California, to work at the Voice of Prophecy as a junior accountant.  He attended Glendale Academy and La Sierra University. 

He passed away suddenly in his home on June 27. He is survived by his mother Wilma. H e will be especially missed by members of the Stenbakken Sabbath School class and members of the Albertsen small group as well as life-long friends at the Voice of Prophecy.

Services will be held August 27 at 4 p.m. at the church.  
Staying Connected
Welcome to our news church members, sisters Maddie and Olivia Jordan, who were baptized by Pastor Micheal in May.  
Judah Hammond was baptized in the Big Thompson River on Sabbath afternoon July 30, 2016. by Pastor Michael.
Congratulations to Kyle and Kelsey Cate who were married June 12th at Pelican Lake in Windsor.    Brittany McLachlan Photography

Jerry A Hufman 1
Chole Lange 1
Paula Howard 2
Stacey Rodriguez 2
Rose Schnell 2
Renee M Cleveland 4
Debbie Freeman 4
Matthew D Nordloh 4
Erica Keeton 5
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E Wayne Welch 5
David L Barger 6
Stella Mae Bradshaw 6
Shawn Flowers 6
Troy Anawaty 7
Jody Wilson Buckardt 7
Janelle Reifsnyder 7
Michael L Seeley 7
Douglas B. Smith 7
Elijah Kooy 8
Jerry Ellquist 9
Amanda K Simpson 9
Evelyn Peck 10

Frank A Velazquez  10
Donavan E Reeder 11
Sharon D Williams 11
Patty Bronsert 12
Ruth Anderson 13
Nicholas Floyd 13
Fawn Graybill 14
Jerry Huether 14
Clay Cuny 16
Erin R Hargrove 16
Ashley R Herber 16
Emily Scholar 16
MacKenzie Santana 17
Regan Garman 18
Harold Williams 18
Katrina Damschroder 19
Merle Atwood 20
Mitch Geiger 20
Steven Clark 21
Gregery Yearous 21
Danielle Neidigh 22
Vivian Olson 22
Tim Clegg 24




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