This Week at Campion
Worship Services
First Service - 9:00 am
The 1st Service will be Streamed and all are welcome.
Sabbath School - 10:20 am
Second Service - No Second Service May 29th
All Together for the Summer
The pastoral team and church board agree that having two services is appreciated and increases our impact. The current plan is to return to two services in the new school year. 
For the summer schedule we are moving to one service - It will be our All Together schedule. The upside is an opportunity to connect with those that might be attending another service. The every other row signs have been removed, and each is encouraged to space as they feel comfortable. 
Sabbath School is 9:30-10:30 am
Worship Service is 10:45-noon. 
This begins, next week, June 5 as part of our Connect Weekend.

Thank you to all those from music to media and deacons to directors of Sabbath Schools that have made the two-service schedule a success. 
Campion Church Covid Expectations Update
The church met in a business meeting this month and covered a robust agenda including a response to our county and state changes on covid requirements. It was decided in response to those changes and in regard to our campus:
To move into following the guidelines of our state. That is, we will discontinue the every other pew designations and allow spacing as families and individuals are comfortable. And we suggest that those not inoculated continue to wear masks.
What will not change is the continued request that if you have symptoms or if you have close contact with someone who is positive for covid, you would join online, and take the necessary precautions. The unfortunate truth remains, if covid begins to spread in our church it will impact our worship services and ministry.  
Vacation Bible School. We are excited to kick off the summer with ‘Kids of Courage’ during the mornings of June 7-11, for ages 4-12! We’ll have numerous opportunities for kids to connect with Jesus and develop a faith worth courageously sharing! To register, visit our website, or call the church office. We also need more volunteers for our teams, even if you’re only able to commit to a portion of the week.
Prayer Times:
Wednesday morning at 7:00 am
Thursday morning at 5:30 am
Friday morning at 9:30 am
Sabbath morning at 8:30 am

Zoom Info
  • Computer - Click this link to join us online on your computer:
  • Phone - Dial this number and meeting ID to join us via phone: 
  • Number - (253) 215-8782
  • Meeting ID - 958-372-6528
HMS Registration for 21-22 School Year
Register now! Space is filling up. To be sure you have a spot, please register online at or contact Aubrey Nelson at 970.667.2427 if you are even slightly interested.

Kindergarten graduation has been changed to June 6 at 2 pm.

Positions needed for next school year 2021-2022:
  • Bells teacher for Grades 5-8
  • School Janitor
  • Hot Lunch Volunteers

Thank you Campion Church for your amazing financial support and prayers this year. We have been blessed to have had in-person learning all school year. We praise God for His many
blessing and give Him all the glory!
Sabbath School - 10:20 am
Adult Sabbath School this Sabbath at 10:20 am with a discussion on the Sabbath School Quarterly in the Sanctuary.  
  • Other adult classes will are asked to be in groups of reasonable size per the room
  • Bible University Sabbath School will meet in person and on Zoom. 
  • Youth class will be in the Pikes Peak room.
  • Young Adult in the Community Center
  • Spanish Sabbath School will meet in Old Junior Room

Children’s Division - Our children’s division Sabbath School will continue to meet in person, and as always, our team is committed to providing a safe learning environment. In order to sustain that effort during these coming weeks, we ask for your help in the following areas:
  • Cradle Roll - One parent per family, and we kindly ask those parents to help with the program to minimize the number of volunteers needed.
  • Kindergarten - We encourage parents to drop off their children, and then join one of our adult Sabbath School classes.
  • As much as possible, please encourage your children to wear a mask. 
Hearing Aid Found. If you have lost a hearing aid please contact the church office.
Kitchen Items Available. Freestanding cabinets are available to those interested in garage or basement storage. Also available are two stoves, wall ovens and a dishwasher. Contact the church office at 970-667-7403.
Veggie food ordering: The Campion Academy cafeteria has created an email to handle all of the veggie food orders. Please use the following email when placing your order,