January 2017

Pastor's Message - Running is Cool
by Pastor Micheal   
Running marathons looks cool to young churchgoers. It was a pleasant surprise to find that out when reading an article last night about young people (Millennial Generation - those born after 1980). According to this author and the research they have been a part of, church leaders who are runners or otherwise involved in fitness and recreation actually make the church more appealing to the millennial generation.

The good news for Campion is that every Thanksgiving there are dozens of leaders who run, and then seven (7) members, including leaders, have signed up for the Chicago Marathon in October of 2017. Campion Church really is that cool.

And that's what brought about the idea of having a church app (download Campion SDA @ Apple Store or Google Play). While for many of us the giving options of e-Adventist (online giving) and the tithe envelope work just fine, the goal is to be as available (and cool) to a generation that may literally live their whole life and never write a check. 

In 2016 over $88,000 of our tithe and offering was returned through our app option, Pushpay. But the app does much more than provide a stewardship platform; it is a one-stop shop for our media (videos) and bulletin communication. This makes the Campion SDA app for more than just our church community - it's a way we can share our Sabbath morning journey with former and future members of our church community.

While some of us are happy writing checks or going to the church website, consider the app as an opportunity to share with your tech savvy neighbor a connection with Campion. We are that cool.  

2017 Launch: All About People
by Pastor Nestor

There's no better way to start the new year than by being All About People. Here are a few dates to circle in your calendar as we seek to show Jesus in the first quarter of 2017.
January 14: Show Him - Our sermon series in December and January has been to Know Him and to Show Him. In January, we are focusing on showing Jesus. On January 14, we will launch our 40 Days of Show, a daily initiative to share Jesus with family, friends and acquaintances.
January 20-21: iMPACT - Taj Pacleb, speaker and co-director of Revelation of Hope Ministries ( revelationofhopeministries.com), will be blessing us with his presence over this weekend. In preparation for an evangelistic series he will be holding at Campion within the next year and a half (date to be finalized by our evangelism council), Taj will be presenting a series of inspiring and practical messages. You won't want to miss this event. For more information about this event, visit our website at impactrmc.org.
February 17-24: Wildfire - A team of students (a mixture of Campion Academy and home school students) are preparing for our Wildfire outreach at the end of February. We will be culminating our 40 Days of Show with this series. Seven students have been chosen to preach for this event. Make sure you circle this in your calendar.

Youth and Young Adult Ministries Events
by Pastor Esequias

This past month the youth and young adult ministries held an event. We had an awesome youth vespers on December 10! Following a discussion of Isaiah 1:18 and singing some songs, we ate a lot of pizza and then played games and socialized. It was great getting to see our youth outside of a church setting and get to know them better.
We also had a great turn-out for our first young adult potluck on December 17. There was a total of 13 young adults who attended and enjoyed great Mexican food and fellowship.
We will see more of these types of events in the future for youth and young adult ministries at the Campion Church!

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Our Mission
We serve and glorify God through Christ-centered worship, individual spiritual growth, youth involvement, and community interaction.
Pastoral Staff
Micheal Goetz, Lead
Nestor Soriano, Assoc.
Esequias Perea, Assoc.
Rob Carlson, Chaplain 
Joe Martin, Staff Pastor

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Teresa Johansen

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Teen Prayer Summit Coming this January

Teen Prayer Summit at Glacier View Ranch, held January 20-22, 2017, provides an opportunity for youth in the Rocky Mountain Conference to connect with each other while developing their spiritual life through Bible study and prayer. This year's theme is "Traveling Light." The weekend's events will emphasize developing spiritual identity and community through prayer. The event speakers, Two Guys and the Word, will provide entertaining, conversation-driven, messages that highlight the power of prayer and stimulate spiritual discussion on issues relevant to teens. The aim is to inspire youth to lay down their burdens through prayer and to "travel light."

When?   January 20-22, 2017
Where? Glacier View Ranch
Ages?      13-19

Sponsors? One male sponsor per 10 male participants and one female sponsor per 10 female participants.

Cost?       $50.00 per person
Theme? "Traveling Light"

Speakers?   Two Guys and the Word (info on them at http://www.twoguysandtheword.com/#about)

Registration?   http://rmcyouth.org/prayersummit

Rocky Mountain Conference Constituency Delegates Chosen
The Rocky Mountain Conference Constituency meeting to elect officers and deal with local conference issues will be July 23, 2017, in Denver. Each church selects delegates based on membership numbers. The delegates from the Campion Church are:

Ken Albertsen                     Kim Mehlenbacher
Edwin Bravatti                    Ed Reifsnyder
Tom Cleveland                   Mackenzie Santana
Sandy Eickmann                Robert Stacey
Elliott Fortner                      Dick Stenbakken
Jonathan Gibbs                  Sadie Torrez
Fawn Graybill                      Ben Trujillo
Carey Jordan                      Dan Turk
Neil Sigler

Sabbath December 10
On December 10 Cole Cizek, Isaac Segura, and Devaney Bright became disciples of Christ as Joe Martin led them in baptism. 

Sabbath December 17
On December 17 Sally Oden, Jacey Johnson, and Jacob Worley dedicated their lives to Jesus in a baptism led by Joe Martin.

Young Adults from Campion Academy and Fort Collins Church Make Disciples from Al l Nations
  As a youth pastor in Madison, Wisconsin in 2007, Nestor Soriano had the privilege of baptizin g a young Chinese student from the University of Wisconsin. An avowed atheist, Xiang (pronounced "shiang"), was moved to learn about Christianity.
He studied the Bible with Nestor's friend Jared, and Nestor baptized him during the summer of 2008, the only Christian in his family.
   Now, as associate pastor for the Campion Church, Nestor is involved in campus ministry at Colorado State University. The chief reason for this ministry, Nestor explains, is to save the world by saving students. "Sometimes," he continues, "the only way to reach people in foreign countries is through their family members who become students in the United States."  

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Students Lend a Helping Hand in Cradleroll

Campion students are helping in the lower divisions each Sabbath.  They assist in the music, distributing the props for each activity, or helping the children participate in the activities.
Photo by Ella Jean Albertsen 

Voice of Prophecy Hopes and Dreams for 2017

The Voice of Prophecy has released some of their hope and dreams for 2017. Take a look at some of the projects God has placed on their hearts:
  • On-location filming of A Pale Horse Rides, the sequel to Shadow Empire
  • A citywide evangelistic series in Seattle this March
  • The launch of at least two new radio programs-including one for kids!
  • The debut of updated Discover Bible lessons with exciting new features
  • Preparations for a major evangelistic outreach in Denver in 2018
  • Translation of the Discover Bible lessons into the Inuktitut language for use in Canada's Arctic
  • A rehabilitation home for girls rescued from human trafficking in India
  • And so much more!

School News
Project Based Learning Deepens Student Learning at HMS
Did you hear about the Pizzeria run by Pre-K -- 3rd graders? Or have you seen the unique bird feeders on campus created by 7th and 8th graders? The students at HMS Richards are taking their learning to new levels with a focus on Project-based Learning (PBL).
PBL requires students to find creative ways to solve real-life questions or problems. "The projects aren't completely planned by the teacher. We give the students an idea and they take off with it and take ownership," says Kristie Smith, Pre-K and kindergarten teacher. The projects are designed to incorporate standards of learning in multiple subjects and each project ends with a demonstration or showcase to the local community. "The projects give me something to be passionate about and allow the students and me to be more creative," says Smith.  
7th and 8th grade students culminated a project centered on local birds in November. The students were tasked with observing and researching birds that can be seen on campus. They designed unique bird feeders to specifically attract their chosen birds based on their individual feeding habits and characteristics. The project was based on standards from their science curriculum and was also incorporated into Language Arts as the students read a theme book about eagles and learned how to write an academic research paper. Parents and community members were invited to hear the students present their research and explain the design of their bird feeders.
In December, the HMS gym was transformed into a pizzeria completely envisioned and managed by the Pre-K through 3rd grade children. Students came up with their idea of a perfect menu (even some fruits and vegetables were included along with the pizza, doughnuts, and cake). A parent, Ruben Gomez, helped the students to film their own commercial for the pizzeria, complete with a student created jingle. The commercial can be viewed on the HMS Richards' website.
The students spent the morning working hard in the kitchen making the pizzas and preparing the other food. When parents and families arrived for lunch, they were ready to wait on each table, take their orders and deliver their food. In the students' ideal pizzeria, there were many options for fun activities and games to play when they were done eating, such as paper airplane throwing, miniature golf, and boats in a kiddie pool.
Keep your eyes out for more interesting projects on display this year. "Each project we are planning this year is geared toward different audiences," says Smith. "The pizzeria was for students' families and the next project is going to be reaching out more to the church community." The next project for the younger students will have a chocolate theme and is sure to be a real treat for church members!
By Jill Harlow

By Grace Loyer, Grade 7
Frosty nights and icy days
Frosty windows snowy cars
And slipping all around
This is Christmas
Candle glow in the window
Carols echo through the night
Kids laughing all day long
This is Christmas
Trees with lights
Boxes with bows
And giving all around
This is Christmas
A baby born supposed to be a king
Born with the sheep and donkeys too
Born to die for all who have sinned
This is Christmas from beginning to end.
By Kendra Eickmann, Grade 7
Christmas is the time of year
Filled with cheer
Everyone is in a good mood
And there's lots of food
There's lots of baking
The sparkling snow is breathtaking
Kids have huge lists
For all their gifts
People everywhere are in a shopping spree
Everyone has a Christmas tree
Through all the December nights
You see tons of Christmas lights
It's time to celebrate
The date
Of Jesus' birth
On Earth

By Ireland Anthony, Grade 8
Christmas time has a chill in the air
Throwing snow up in my hair
Snow has such a fluffy flow
It always makes me want to glow
Christmas lights always
Make be bright
Wrapped gifts under the tree
Always fill me up with glee
Be blessed this Christmas
You and me

All About People
Meet Scott and Pam Singleton

Scott and Pam Singleton are joining the Campion  Church from Lafayette, CO.  They had been attending the Adventure church but decided they would be more at home in a more traditional setting.  They love the music and pastors at Campion.

Pam is very busy caring for her aging father and helping a 92- year-old neighbor whom Pam considers her "mission project."   Scott is employed as head of maintenance at Rigden Farms Senior Living Center.

Scott's hobby is wood working and Pam enjoys decorating, reading and walking. They have two adult children.  

We are so happy to welcome you both into our congregation.  

Staying Connected
January Events:

January 15: International Food Fair. 4:30 - 7:30pm, HMS Richards School Gym.

January 20-22: Rocky Mountain Conference Teen Prayer Conference at Glacier View Ranch. This retreat is planned especially for high school age teens.
January 20-21: Impact Rally at Campion Church. Planned for young adults, college age to 35ish. Taj Paclet, special speaker. Seminars: "Identity. Purpose. Mission"; "Marriage and Mission: Do They Mingle?" "How to Study the Bible to Share the Bible"; "Local church. Evangelism. Me?" For more information regarding schedule, meals, etc. go to www.impactrmc.org/#impactrally
January 27, 28: Senior Recognition. Sabbath sermon: Rob Carlson. Saturday night: senior fund raiser.

Minutes of the Board
Church Business Meeting 12.13.16




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