July 2016
Fire Came Down!
Fire came down on our campus last May. But don't worry; it didn't burn anyone. John the Baptist said of Jesus: "I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire" (Matthew 3:11).

On May 6-13, Jesus sent the fire of the Holy Spirit to blaze on our campus under a big tent at our Wildfire Tent Revival. Seven Campion Academy students were prayerfully selected to speak for our revival series and God used them to ignite a flame in the hearts of those who attended. There were at least three tangible ways the Holy Spirit moved:

1. Decisions
More than 100 people decided to attend the series on most nights to hear powerful, Spirit-filled preaching. I studied and prepared 4 students for baptism during our meetings and was ecstatic to see about a dozen youth decide to be baptized throughout the week! I had the great privilege of working with pastors Joe Martin and Nick Clark to baptize a total of 14 youth at our Wildfire Tent Revival. And there were about 5 more people who expressed interest in being baptized in the near future.

2. Youth Empowerment
Five of us pastors served as preaching coaches to work alongside and empower our seven student speakers. We were proud to see our Campion Academy students preach God's truth in the power of His Spirit. A variety of students were involved in greeting, ushering, singing, and preaching. This Tent Revival was truly a student-led event.

3. Mission Progress
Campion Academy's mission is to help our students know Jesus and share Jesus. And our one overarching mission on our campus (Campion S.D.A. Church, Campion Academy, and H.M.S. Elementary School) is to be all about people, namely, to serve and save people in our community. While we still have quite a bit of work to do to fulfill our mission, we made great strides at our Wildfire Tent Revival.

Pastor Nestor
Most Expensive Business Meeting Ever at Campion Church

The church in business session accepted the challenge of Nehemiah 2:18  "Let us arise and build."

Motion: We go forward with a goal of 12,000 square feet addition; also includes the 7 renovations
Action: voted and approved; 1 objection

Nehemiah 2:18 continues: " So they put their hands to the good work." The next step will be to present the project to an architect and begin contributing to the Building Fund so that we have funds on hand to pay the architect and begin the process. 

Members of the major improvement committee:
Kim Mehlenbacher, chair, Doug Krehbiel, Chris Nelson, Roger Naranjo, Ellen Potter, Hank Potter, Fawn Graybill, Brent Graybill, Sadie Torrez, Ted Torrez, Micheal Goetz, Nestor Soriano.

           Pastor Micheal
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Our Mission
We serve and glorify God through Christ-centered worship, individual spiritual growth, youth involvement, and community interaction.
Pastoral Staff
Micheal Goetz, Lead
Nestor Soriano, Pastor of
Rob Carlson, Chaplain
Teresa Johansen, Admin. Asst./Treasurer
Service Schedule
Sabbath School 9:30 am
Church             10:45 am
Prayer Meeting  6:30 pm
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Upcoming Events--


Church Campout

What: A Church Campout

When: July 15-17

Where: Mountain Park (on the Poudre River) Registration Deadline: July 8

Cost: $20 per night

More information 



Church Social

What:  Ice Cream Social

When:  Sunday, July 31 at 5:30 p.m.

Where:  Church Patio

Bring one of the following:

  • Pre-frozen homemade ice cream
  • Sandwiches
  • Salad

Table service, cones, chips, and drink will be provided.

Our Church in Action
Judy Olson, 94, sits next to her 1930 Singer sewing machine and samples of the thousands of dresses she has made and donated to orphans.
Judy Olson Featured in June Adventist Review

Never Too Old
Even at 94, Colorado resident continues her mission for orphans.
By Sandra Blackmer

hen Judy Olson was born on December 14, 1921, on a farm near Underwood, Minnesota, Warren G. Harding was president of the United States, Prohibition was in effect, the Great Depression was about eight years in the future, and no home had a television. Bread cost about 10 cents a loaf, gas was 22 cents a gallon, and the average house went for about $8,000.

But even though much has obviously changed in our world since then, one thing for Judy remains the same: a sense of mission and service instilled in her at a young age.

At 94, Judy spends her days making dresses for orphans.

Read the complete article that appeared in the June Adventist Review
Campion Church Never Misses a Beat!
The past few weeks have been full of events including Campion Academy graduation; VBX (Vacation Bible School led by Kari Lange); a farewell for Cory, Sandra and Andrew Fortner, Nick and Taryn Clark and their girls, and Corina and Anthony Handal; and the Northern Colorado Camp Meeting.  If you missed these events, check out the church web site to view the videos.
Take a walk down the hallway to the children's divisions to see the fun decorations that were created for VBX.
Class President, Gabby Williams, leads the Campion Academy class of 2016.

Principal Don Reeder and local elder Tim Clegg field questions on the Sabbath School lesson during Camp Meeting.   Jonah was the topic of the  lesson as well as the theme of the weekend.

School News--Campion Academy

Apply now for the '16-'17 school year. For more information and to begin the application process, go to www.campion.net.
Registration & Church Welcome: August 14
Fall semester begins August 15
photo: Brittany McLachlan
A Good Work Ethic Pays Off

"If I was ever being lazy my dad and brother would get after me until I did my job correctly the first time," says Kyle Rushold, recent graduate of Campion Academy and the school's first student to get his own parking spot.
The work ethic instilled by his family paid off when he started working for the maintenance department at Campion after his sophomore year. When Kyle started his senior year, Plant Services Director Glenn O'Halloran hired Kyle to be the student assistant for Plant Services, a position that requires him to supervise up to six students on the morning work crew.
Campion Students Befriend Elderly through the ASSIST Program

Chris Johnson, a recent graduate of Campion Academy, found himself working in a place he'd never expected-a nursing home. Granted, the Green House Homes at Mirasol, in Loveland, Colorado, aren't your typical nursing home, but Chris had no experience and wasn't even sure what the job entailed when he agreed to give ASSIST a try.
ASSIST is a grant-funded program managed by Southern Adventist University that pairs students with senior citizens to build relationships and offer assistance. Campion has participated in the program since 2008.
Chris spent two hours a day, five days a week with the residents, talking with them, going for walks, watching TV, or reading to them from the newspaper. "It became a natural friendship over time; it wasn't like I was working," he adds. "Some of the elders were really sad to see me go. One of them said, 'You're like a grandson to me.'" Read More...

Staying Connected

Pray for our Missionaries in Zambia
   The latest stage of the Zambia Mansa Church building mission project began on June 13 with 27 missionaries from Colorado, Kansas, Washington State, Texas, and other locations. Their route took them to Dulles airport, through Dubai, and then to Lusaka, Zambia.
    This current trip is a continuation of a 2014 building and evangelistic mission to Zambia when a team from the Rocky Mountain Conference raised two thirds of the walls of the school's new church and said they would return in 2016 to paint and dedicate the church that local work crews would continue to build.
   Members of the group will be sharing their testimonies with each other in the evenings and helping with work on the church as well as building the security wall in the day time. The group will return to Denver and other locations on July 4. [Text and photo by Lynne Eagan. Pictured below are: back row from the left: Paul Eagan, Steven Scheffler, Kevin Ames (VOP), Jake Philpott, Kyle Rushold, Caleb Anthony, Warren Cowgill, Joe Philpott, Jorge Zuniga, Kelby Eickmann, Jaselyn Zuniga; front row: Christine Eagan-Foster, Lynne Eagan, Matthew Tomeny, Kent Kast, Rayna Williams, and Jaselyn Zuniga
July Birthdays

Brandon Harrison 1
Yuan Fang Hu 1
Brayden Marroquin 1
Thayer Morris III 2
Heidi Sorensen 2
Jaden Stroh -Villarreal 3
Jalen Contreraz 4
Matthew Anderson 6
Phyllis Goodwin 6
Ryan J Helm 6
Euna Kunau 6
Thomas A Acton 7
Stacy Shives 7
Keon Clark 8
Jason Roessner 9
Heidy Marroquin 10
Larry Howard 11
Kari Lynn Lange 11

Lauren Bravatti 12
Wesley A Duffy 13
Bryson T Bragaw 14
Betty Oden 14
Melissa Wright 14
William J Anderson 15
James C Chavez 15
Tiara Neal 15
Anastasia Cate 17
Bruce Whitley 17
Yuan Shing Hu 18
Chad L Anderson 19
Antonio Gonzalez 19
Kelly Barger 21
Tiffany Lauri 21
Roger Naranjo 21
Jonathan Candy 22
Rebecca Cline 22

Pamela A Ross 24
Sarah E Beeson 25
Rita Lauterbach 25
Tristan L Sewell 25
Dejanae Bankhead 27
Jessica Clark 27
Lisa Cordis 27
Kelby Eickmann 27
Janet Parfet 27
Allen Pehrson 27
Dick Stenbakken 27
Debra Kay Floyd 28
Melissa Clouzet 29
Jonathan Lange 29
Robert S Wagner 30
Chad W Dupper 31
Keith Evens 31

 Actions of the Business Meeting and Nominating Committee

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