June 2017

Pastor's Message
by Pastor Micheal

All About People Includes Campion's Own
Even with the largest of our families, when you come home you know you can connect with each one.   But what if you came home to 728 others?  Connecting and caring for each one becomes a very different thing.    

That's what the pastors, elders of member care, and other leaders have now realized.  We must, even while we grow, know and care for our whole Campion Church. Some of us will sit next to some of these persons in worship, others we will know from a distance, and still others we may not see. The need has been identified and the challenge has been accepted--we must provide opportunities to connect and care with our whole church.  The journey has just been started and organization is underway to identify the different areas of focus and establish approaches to care for and connect with each one. 

* Member Care for Members
* Other Groups
* Military
* Campus Students
* College Kids (away)
* New Members
* Inactive  (non-attending)
* Regular Attending
* Shut Ins
* Crisis/Temporary Need
If one of these areas is something God has put on your heart, communicate that with Pastor Micheal or our lead elder for member care, Dick Stenbakken. 
Our Church in Action
J uniors Have Faith to Raise Money for a Clinic

In September, our Junior Sabbath School class decided to give a special mission offering to ADRA.  We scoured the ADRA catalog and finally agreed on purchasing chickens to supply a family with food and a small business. The cost?  $100. We gave ourselves three months (one quarter) to reach the goal. The kids weren't sure.  What if we couldn't get enough money?  What if we didn't reach our goal?  $100 is a lot of money!
We started bringing our dollars and coins to Sabbath School each week.  Surprise visits from Mr. Lorenz brought us gifts in larger bills. December arrived and we started counting.  To our amazement we raised $140! I saw the kids faces light up with excitement when they realized that they were going to be able to send $140 to help our ADRA family for Christmas.  
January came and we were ready to start our next mission project.  Again we scoured the ADRA catalog, but this time with a new faith that God would provide.   The kids decided that we should provide a village with a water tank to hold fresh drinking water.  How much? $500!  We started praying and bringing our dollars, pennies, and loose change.  To our surprise an anonymous donation of $100 showed up at the church office.  Mr. Lorenz stopped by again with money for our ADRA jar. The money was growing, but would it be enough?  The end of March came; we counted, and just like the widow's flour and oil, we had just enough.  We had raised $505!
This April, we found ourselves in a new quarter....back to the ADRA catalog!  We discussed, voted, and then re-voted.  We decided to raise $750 to help supply a clinic!  Is that a lot? Well, I certainly think so!  But our Junior class thinks otherwise; what is $750 to God?  They have a faith that I admire...they know God will provide!  They know they'll have money for their clinic in three months.
I share this with you because when I brought this to the class last September I thought we needed a mission project to show the kids how to help others.  But this mission project has turned into something more!  Our kids know that handfuls of coins, wadded up dollars bills, and prayer can give us exactly what we need.  They have faith that money can multiply and gifts can be blessed.  
Submitted by Carey Jordan
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Our Mission
We serve and glorify God through Christ-centered worship, individual spiritual growth, youth involvement, and community interaction.
Pastoral Staff
Micheal Goetz, Lead
Nestor Soriano, Assoc.
Esequias Perea, Assoc.
Rob Carlson, Chaplain 
Joe Martin, Staff Pastor

Admin Asst./Treasurer:
Teresa Johansen

Service Schedule
Sabbath School 9:30 am
Church            10:45 am
Prayer Meeting  6:30 pm
Click on calendar for church, pathfinder, and Campion events.
Summer sermon series:

Instructions from Construction:  Lessons from Building Projects in the Bible

Pathfinders Honor Parents

The Loveland Cougars Pathfinder Club recently held their first Parent Appreciation Night, the evening of April 19. Over 40 Pathfinders, families, friends, and staff members gathered in the HMS Richards school gym to enjoy the evening.  Pastor Esequias Perea, Youth Pastor for Campion Church, opened the evening with prayer.  The Pathfinders then acted out skits which related to requirements in their Pathfinder curriculum.  In between the skits, the Pathfinders provided their parents a showcase of talents which ranged from a saxophone jazz piece, guitar solo, violin and piano playing, and a Bible reading. The parents enjoyed a nice meal while watching the performances. 

God is truly blessing the Loveland Cougars this year. This night gave the kids an opportunity to let their parents know how important and vital they are to the success of the club.
Submitted by Bill Arrington
VBS for Parents and Kids

A totally interactive Vacation Bible school is coming June 5-10. Check out this new and innovative program that will be held in the Campion Academy gym.There will also be a parenting seminar Monday through  Thursday
 from 9 to 11 while your children enjoy their VBS activities.  Carolyn Sadler will be providing parenting tips in the Campion Church Fellowship Hall.  Carolyn has practiced school psychology for the past 15 years.  She would love to have parents come and ask questions and get to know each other and to form a sense of community and support.  So check out the web site and register your children now for a fun week!                 
Coming Social Events

-Ice Cream Social planned for Sunday July 16th.
-Back to School Welcome on Sunday August 20th.
-Celebration for Community Leaders (Firemen, Police Officers etc.) on September 28th.
-Chili Cook-Off  on October 14th.

All About People
Samantha Nielsen, a Campion student, is baptized by Chaplain Rob Carlson.
Amie, Grace, Nevaeha, and Kevin, are publicly declaring that they are accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior! This is a product of Adventist education! "Being a pastor is awesome," says Pastor Esequias Perea.

Kevin is baptized jointly by his father Karl Forshee and Pastor Nestor Soriano.
Pastor Joe Martin welcomes Connor Coe into the Seventh-day Adventist Church family.

Wecome to the Sacks

Carol Sack moved to Loveland from Conifer to be with and help her father Ralph.  Ralph spent his entire life as a farmer raising registered Angus beef cattle. Carol credits his outdoor living for keeping  him  healthy and active all of his 98 years of life.  He still helps in the yard, waters the plants, and vacuums the carpets in their home.  

When Carol was living in Conifer, she attended the Littleton church where she was active as a greeter, song leader, and the head chef in the church kitchen. The move has not slowed her down and she still works full time as a business consultant. Carol enjoys hiking, camping, and horse back riding when she has spare time.

Welcome to Campion church, Ralph and Carol, we are so happy that you are now part of our church family. 
Submitted by Muriel  Indermuehle

Warren Family Dedicates Baby Rachel
Nichole and Kyle Warren surrounded by their parents and siblings dedicate themselves to raise their children Michael and Rachel to love Jesus.
Staying Connected
Church Campout June 16-18

The Social Ministries Team will be hosting the annual Church Camp-Out the weekend of  June 16-18  at Mountain Park Campground.  Please take this opportunity to get to know your church family in a relaxed, natural, and harmonious setting. 
If you don't camp, please join the group for the day in the Poudre Canyon at Mountain Park Campground.
If you have questions or ideas - Contact Carolyn Sadler (480) 209-5181 or Chris Santana (970) 231-6838. 
Grief Seminar Scheduled for Fall

Among the seminars Family Ministries is planning for this fall are a variety of programs to which you can invite friends and neighbors.   
One of them will be about grieving.  It will cover the grief process for those who are grieving as well instruct ways to help others who are grieving, including things like helping someone who is dealing with the unthinkable, and how to help teens and children with losses. 

Mark Atwood will be presenting.  He is a chaplain who specializes in grief, and has a master's degree in grief counseling and death studies.  Mark did his internship as a chaplain in a children's hospital where they treated cancer.  He currently works as a hospice chaplain.
School News
Sophomore biology students on the Colorado River near Moab, Utah.

Click on the above link to read all about the end of year events at Campion Academy.

Kent Kast
Meet Our New VP of Academics

   At Campion Academy, we are excited to introduce our new Vice Principal of Academics, Kent Kast. Kent has taught at Campion for six years, beginning in the fall of 2011. He currently teaches Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus, which he will continue to teach along with this new promotion. As the new VP of Academics, Kent will work closely with the Administrative Staff at Campion on envisioning what the future of academics will look like at the school, and seeing those visions through. He will organize and participate in teacher evaluations and professional development for our teachers, as well as ensuring academic excellence at Campion and certifying that all of our graduating seniors have completed the necessary courses.
   "Kent is such a great person to work with. He is kind and giving, and always makes time for his students.  He is involved in music and outdoor club as well, which helps him develop relationships with all of our students on campus. I appreciate Kent's kind spirit and positive attitude, and I am looking forward to working directly with Kent in the years to come." -Sherry Hay, Registrar
   "Kent comes into this position as VP of Academics with 30 years of experience. Not only has he been a teacher of many different grade levels, he also has experience as principal, and we are excited to have him be a part of our Administrative Team. What I appreciate about Kent is that if there is a need on our campus, he is willing to fill it." -Don Reeder, Principal
Campion's First Annual Summer Volleyball Camp

Join us this summer for a two day camp that will focus on fundamental skills, game-like play and growing together as a team! 

Dates:  July 30-31
Cost: $50
Times:  9 AM - 4 PM
Who: Female volleyball players going into 9-12 grade

Download the registration form, fill it out, and mail it in by  July 1.  We hope to see you there!
HMS Richards Adventist School Thankful for Generous Church and Community
Another successful and spirit-led school year has come to a close at HMS Richards Adventist School, and the staff, students, and parents are thankful for a generous church community whose financial support has made it possible. Approximately 21% of the school's operating budget each year comes from church subsidy. In addition, students benefit from the approximately $15,000 given annually in offerings for the Worthy Student Fund. 
The HMS Richards' board and administration recognize the sacrificial nature of the financial support they receive from our church, and are committed to fiscal responsibility, even as they make plans for additional staff and programs. The school has consistently operated within its allotted budget for more than five years. However, there are continued and growing needs as the school strives to provide students with the best educational experience possible. This past school year, the preschool program was expanded and a new preschool director was hired. A new 3rd & 4th grade and music teacher has been hired for the upcoming school year as well. As these new hires have increased the school's annual expenses, the church has also committed to increase the total subsidy given in the upcoming fiscal year. 
Many of our church members have faithfully handed out coins, dollar bills, and even large bills, to the sweet, smiling children who fill our aisles on their way to children's story each Sabbath. All of the money received from this weekly offering goes to the Worthy Student Fund. Because of this fund, 13 students this past school year, who would have otherwise been unable to attend HMS, received financial aid to reduce the cost of their tuition. In addition, because of the generous subsidy the church gives, all students, whose parents are Campion members, receive a tuition discount of $540 annually compared to other Adventist students, and $1080 compared to the Non-Adventist rate. 
Even as the numbers of our staff and student body have continued to grow, our building and classrooms have continued to show signs of age and wear. In the coming years, the church's continued and increased financial support will be especially needed for maintenance and building improvements. These improvements are needed not only for improving the aesthetic appeal of the school, but also for the health and safety of our students. 
Currently 84% of the school's total budget goes to teacher salaries and support staff wages, 4.3% goes to instructional materials, and 11.7% goes to other operational costs such as utilities, maintenance, insurance, and other administrative costs. Budget Charts
God has greatly blessed HMS Richards School with such a supportive church community. We thank the members, staff, and church board for their continued financial commitment to Christian education. We pray that we continue to glorify God with the gifts we are given and that our school is used in a mighty way to lead children to Jesus. 
Jill Harlow
7th & 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Church Business
June Offerings:

June 3 offering: Local Church Budget
Did you notice the "flood" problem in the hall by the restrooms? It is going to cost money to get all of that fixed. And that money comes from the local church budget. Just like at home, one never knows when an emergency will arise. So we need to be faithful in supporting our local budget.
June 10 offering: World Budget
This month's World Budget offering is divided between the North American Division Multilingual Ministries and Chaplaincy Ministries. Multilingual Ministries supports outreach and support of groups of many different languages. Chaplaincy Ministries supports military, prison, campus, hospital, and even business chaplaincies. A portion of this offering also goes to provide literature, books, and support to individuals in these categories. If you want your offering to go to one of these ministries, please indicate it on your envelope or when giving online. Undesignated offerings go to the general world budget.
June 17 offering: Local Church Budget 
Summer has its own expenses and ministry programs. Our church is active and growing and needs funds to keep all this happening.
June 24 offering: Rocky Mountain Conference Advance
Does this offering pay our pastors' salaries? No. But it does support their ministry in this conference, as well as education and youth programs.

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