March 2017

Pastor's Message
by Pastor Micheal
It's not Surplus
The term "surplus" makes me think of when I was growing and the boys in my circle of friends and I were in an never-ending goal of saving our money to buy th e next coolest knife, tent, compass, and other survival accessories at the army surplus store.  Surplus meant: someone else didn't need it.  
As long as there is a mission to accomplish in our world, the church will never have surplus funds or missionaries.  So, it wasn't surplus, but it was a blessing to pass our church budget by $22,794.91 for 2016. You might remember last fall it was reported that across our Rocky Mountain Conference, our church offering-to-tithe ratio was the lowest.  Because of God blessing through you, Campion ended December above average.  That's a blessing in itself, but it gets better when we consider that 2016 was the year that all the way from our finance committee to our church-in-business, we had agreed to prove God and make evangelism a financial priority.  So we took 10% of everything that came in for church budget and sent it straight to our evangelism fund.  That moved our evangelism budget from $1,200 in 2015 to $25,000 in 2016.  Still with about $24,000 more given to evangelism, we finished the year $22,794.91 above budget.

These funds the financial committee has divided up to make several things possible:
  • Continue to build our focus and ministry with young adults.
  • Send a pastor with our HMS mission trip.
  • Make several goals of ministry teams a reality that were not covered by the regular budget.
  • Maintain a healthy reserve as we collectively look ahead at the building addition and the monies needed for that project.
We work on in 2017.  Not with the surplus, but with the resources with which God has equipped Campion. 

Our Church in Action
Hungry for Change Movie Night

On Saturday night, February 11th  the Campion Church Health Ministry Team kicked off their new movie night with the showing of Hungry for Change.  Forty people attended and learned about some of the shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and food industry
do not want us to know.  They were educated on the deceptive strategies designed to keep consumers addicted to foods that rob them of their quality of life. Hungry for Change was full of interviews with bestselling health authors and leading medical experts plus real life transformational stories with those who know what it's like to be sick and overweight.  
It was a real eye-opener for many of the participants who broke up into small groups to discuss strategies they could start implementing in their lives.
One participant stated, "I have always known about addiction in the form of drug, tobacco, and alcohol, but tonight I became aware that I am addicted to sugar and MSG!"  Another participant stated," The fruit kabobs were beautiful and delicious.  The healthy movie snacks were an added bonus to the night."   Our next movie night is planned for May 20th.  Watch your bulletin for more information.  
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We serve and glorify God through Christ-centered worship, individual spiritual growth, youth involvement, and community interaction.
Pastoral Staff
Micheal Goetz, Lead
Nestor Soriano, Assoc.
Esequias Perea, Assoc.
Rob Carlson, Chaplain 
Joe Martin, Staff Pastor

Admin Asst./Treasurer:
Teresa Johansen

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Sabbath School 9:30 am
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Prayer Meeting  6:30 pm
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Pathfinder Sabbath 

 Pathfinder Sabbath is an opportunity to demonstrate that Pathfinders is more than just camping, honors and games, but an opportunity to develop well-rounded leaders, young people who are on a mission to share Jesus.  The Loveland Cougars took charge of all the various parts of the Loveland church services.  Church members were welcomed by Pathfinder greeters at the front door. 

The church service  opened with 25 Pathfinders and staff marching in behind the color guard to the Pathfinder song.  The church was welcomed by Pastor Esequias and an invitation to attend the Wildfire evangelism series.
Piano music was provided by Companion level Bella, children's story was given by Friend level Grace and Kayli.
Ranger Judah led in prayer, while Chase blessed the participants with scripture reading.
Special music was provided by Kevin on the saxophone and Ashley on the piano. A full sermon given by the club's TLT, Amelia.  
The whole service was a wonderful experience for the club and the congregation. Pathfinder Sabbath provided the opportunity to show young people who are on a mission of finishing the gospel commission in their generation.

Journey to the Cross and Beyond 2017

                This year the Journey to the Cross and Beyond will be a one day event that gives us a chance to invite guests to our church and campus on Sabbath, April 15, from 1:00 to 6:00 p. m.  Admission will be free.
                Weather permitting, we will have centurions on horses patrolling the grounds as guests arrive. People will gather in the church sanctuary for a program; then, every hour, on the hour, groups will be escorted to the Campion Academy gym that has been transformed into the city of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus' crucifixion.
                There will be a series of shops, booths, and other interactive events as people journey through Jerusalem's streets.  They will encounter Roman soldiers, beggars, merchants, the High Priest, and even Pontius Pilate. Each guest will be given "coins" to "purchase" various items such as fruit, nuts, soup-that is if the tax collector and the beggars don't get the coins first.  When they exit the city, they will experience dramatic scenes of the crucifixion and resurrection.
                Guests will then be invited to have refreshments in the cafeteria where they will be able to see Dick Stenbakken's collection of Roman armor, swords, and other first century artifacts contemporary with the crucifixion.  A model bone with a crucifixion nail still in it from an actual Jerusalem first century crucifixion is part of the display.
                We need people to help with the setup and with the take-down (watch the church bulletin for times). We will also need people to assist by staffing and decorating booths and areas in the village or to be costumed shoppers in the streets.
                One of the most important things is to invite friends and neighbors to this unique event.  It is a high energy, fast-paced, and memorable, and it offers an opportunity to link with friends and neighbors in an unforgettable way.  But most of all, support this event with your prayers and presence.
                 For more information, contact Dick Stenbakken by e-mail at or by phone at 970-290-6469.
All About People
Jennifer Gibbs: A Ministry to Children and Parents          

Until just recently, Jennifer Gibbs has been involved in children's Sabbath Schools in many places for about 40 years. It all began back at Fort Meade, Maryland, when she had Sabbath School "out of the trunk of my car"; they were starting a church group on post and had to take everything down after church every week. Jennifer says that when first asked to do the children's program, she said she would be willing if God would put ideas in her head. "It is amazing what God can do when we are willing - He can and does give ideas." Through the years, she says, Cradleroll has gone from flat to 3D - from just felts to all kinds of "real" things for the children. The leaders now have to compete with TV, games, and so much more. The leaders have to "make it more real" than they once had to do.

Jennifer has always looked at leading and teaching children's Sabbath School as a ministry, her passion. When couples begin having children, she notes, they begin thinking more about spiritual life. "The ministry is almost more about the parents than the children. The children learn, but the parents start reconnecting with the church if they have not been involved before." Also, "children's Sabbath School is a great way to invite people to church, a real witness to the parents." One of the strengths of her ministry has been to contact families when the child has been missing from Sabbath School.

Even though the children are very young, they are learning. "They are learning obedience, boundaries, respect, and so many other lessons in addition to Bible truths. We have only one hour, but can make a difference in a life." Although she says she never wrote music for the program, she has changed and added words to songs to make them match the program. Jennifer's favorite part of Sabbath School? "The hugs at the end." She notes that the children enjoy their programs, but "they give me even more joy."

Chris Nelson was a member of Jennifer's Sabbath School in Pueblo and now his children are in Cradleroll here at Campion. And the ministry goes on. Thank you, Jennifer, for your dedication and inspiration. God will continue to use you.

Arlen and Melissa Mekelburg
The Mekelburgs are no strangers to the Campion area and are very much enjoying being back home in Colorado!
Melissa grew up just east of Longmont on a dairy farm, where she attended elementary school before coming to Campion Academy as a student. After Campion, Melissa headed to Union College, graduating with a BS degree in Elementary Education.
While at Union, Melissa met a handsome young farm boy from Colorado, who was also there pursuing his college degree in Agronomy. Arlen grew up on his family farm on the eastern plains of Colorado, out near Yuma. He attended the local schools before moving on to Platte Valley Academy and later Union and then the University of Nebraska. After graduation, they returned to Yuma to farm on the family farm. Arlen's desire to continue learning prompted a move to Fort Collins to pursue an Ag Education degree from Colorado State University.
The Mekelburgs have worked in Adventist education for 25 years at Platte Valley Academy, Wisconsin Academy and Maplewood Academy. This school year has brought them "home" to Campion once again.  As if teaching and being dean to the Campion girls is not enough, the Mekelburgs have plenty of hobbies they enjoy in their free time. Arlen is an avid reader, sports nut, baker and vegetable gardener. Melissa enjoys keeping up with her girl friends from Campion, flower gardening, decorating the dorm and Facetiming with her two daughters and three grandsons.
They love being back home in Colorado again where they can be close to family and friends, as well as wake up to a mountain view every single day! Arlen has two sisters in the Campion church, Teresa Johansen and Sue Helm.

Campion Welcomes the Martins
Tom and Carrie Martin, and sons Adam and Cam, relocated to Colorado from Texas last Fall. They seem to be enjoying the lure of the Colorado mountains, because they are currently in the process of building a house west of Loveland.
Carrie has been a teacher for 26 years and loves the outdoors and being with wildlife and horses. Tom is the Voice of Prophecy warehouse supervisor. Tom is a missionary at heart and loves to travel overseas for mission trips. He also likes to build things and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.
Tom and Carrie have three children. Their son, Adam, a freshman in college; Cam a freshman in high school; and daughter, Heather, who is married and living in Texas with her husband and two boys.
One of the things that drew the Martins to Campion was the kids' programs that allowed their boys to interact with like-aged kids. "The people at Campion are very friendly and welcoming," says Tom. "And, it's nice to be with Pastor Goetz again as I had association with him in Pennsylvania." 

Welcome, Chamberlains

John and Catherine Chamberlain recently joined the Campion Church and are already enjoying getting to know members and build relationships.  So far they are enjoying the friendly atmosphere at Campion and the fact that the messages are Bible-based and cause you to think deeper.
John is no stranger to the area; he grew up in Longmont and has been in the area most of his life. Catherine grew up in Maine but relocated to Colorado several years ago. Prior to becoming a Bible Instructor at the Voice of Prophecy, Catherine was a teacher at Vista Ridge Academy.  John is a Biomedical Engineer Technician.
Married since 2015, John and Catherine love the outdoors! They enjoy camping, hiking, mountain biking, spontaneous travel adventures, photography and hammocking - basically anything to do with nature. According to Catherine, "we love to get outside and spend time in God's creation. It is very refreshing and a must in our lives."

Staying Connected

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Social Ministry Events for 2017 - Put them on your calendar 

March 11, from 7-9 - Gym Night at the Campion Academy Gym
April 8 - Hosting a reception after Nestor Soriano's concert
June 16-18:  Campion Church Campout at Mountain Park
July 16 - Ice Cream Social
August 20 - Welcome back Picnic on Campion Academy Registration Day
October 14 - Chili Cookoff
December 1 - Soups and Carols Vespers
January 20, 2018 - International Food Fair

School News
Steady Growth Creates Need for New Teacher and Building Space
Word has gotten out; HMS Richards Adventist School provides a Christ-centered education full of rich learning opportunities that's hard to beat. Over the past ten years, HMS Richards has gone from a low of 22 students in 2006, to 67 students enrolled this year.
The consistent growth has allowed the school to hire an additional full-time teacher for the upcoming school year to lead a third and fourth grade classroom, and run the music program. After having reviewed several applications, they are pleased to announce they've hired Mrs. Leah Anderson.
Anderson has over 25 years of experience in Adventist education and has taught at Bemidji SDA School in Minnesota, Minnetonka Christian Academy, Wisconsin Academy, and most recently Petersen Elementary School in Columbus, Wisconsin. She has a Master's of Science in Education, specializing in reading and literacy. In addition, she was awarded the Irma Leech Award for excellence in teaching and served on the NAD Assessment Task-force from 2012 to 2015. The HMS staff and parents are looking forward to Anderson joining the team of teachers in August.
Campion Students Speak at Wildfire, Call for Baptism
by Cori Nelson & Jennifer Sigler
February 17- 24, Campion held its third annual Wildfire, a student-led evangelistic series covering topics such as the Sabbath, what happens when we die, and heaven. Each night began with student-led praise songs, a welcome, prayer time and introduction, and then a wonderful sermon. Junior Lauren Fry  really enjoyed the whole process, "I was blessed by this year's Wildfire by the music, speakers, and people coming together to praise God."    Read More...
Campion Lady Cougars are Back-to-Back Champions
by Chantelle Bravatti

What a time it is to be a Campion Cougar! The lady Cougars proudly took home the 
Union College basketball tournament championship trophy for the 2nd year in a row last weekend, February 18-19. The boys' team also played with passion and courage, and they represented the  Cougars well Saturday night. Junior basketball player Jordyn Hammond says there is more to tournament than just winning.
Campion's Independent Living Class Designs Kindergarten Sabbath School Lessons
by Steven DeMaio & Jennifer Sigler

As part of 
Kathy Binder 's Independent Living class, seniors at Campion Academy designed a backdrop and nature lessons about Arctic animals to present to the kindergarten Sabbath School class at Adventure Church on February 4.

Completed in conjunction with a unit on child development, the students had to use their classroom knowledge to create age-appropriate activities for the Sabbath School class. The project included a paper mache igloo and whale, and a painted landscape of the Arctic including scenes of polar bears, Arctic wolves, rabbits, and a penguin. The seniors went to Adventure Church earlier in the week to set up the room for the children, then taught Sabbath School the following Sabbath.  Read More...
Church Business
February board/business meeting minutes will be published in the April newsletter.

March Church Offerings:
Note regarding the World Budget Offerings, the second Sabbath of each month: Please know that if you they would like to give a specific donation to the emphasized offering of the day, you should mark it specifically on your tithe envelopes. All loose offerings go to the World Budget.
March 4: The offering given for this day will be used for the combined budget of our local congregation.  That budget covers the lovely seasonal decorations, maintenance of our local church building, and expenses for ministry such as Sabbath School, Youth Ministry, and Evangelism. The literature that has been given out lately is paid by this offering, as are the papers used in the children's department.
March 11:  A portion of today's world budget offering goes toward Adventist World Radio. AWR fills a unique role on the front lines of church outreach, carrying the Gospel to places where church workers would have a very difficult time entering. . . and people are listening! AWR's programs can be heard in more than 100 languages through shortwave, local AM/FM radio, and podcasts, bypassing harsh governments and hostile cultures. With your help, Adventist World Radio can add new languages and untouched territories.
March 18: When you enter the Campion Church, aren't you thankful to sit on clean pews, have lights and heat, and to have a public-address system, and that the piano is in tune? All this costs money, and all this is paid by today's local church budget offering. It has been suggested that if you pay your offerings monthly systematically, you may want to divide your offerings with 10% going to tithe (of course!), and another 10% for offerings: 5% to the local budget and the other 5% is divided between the world and conference offerings. This system makes figuring tithe and offerings easy.
March 25: This week's offering supports the outreach and programs of our Rocky Mountain Conference, and pays for much of the support they give to our local church for our youth and for evangelism. Our Conference has a large territory; churches and members are often isolated; we are so fortunate here at Campion to have our pastoral support and programs for our children and youth, as well as our schools. We in turn can support the Rocky Mountain Conference.

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