May, 2017

Pastor's Message
God's Got $2 Million
by Pastor Micheal

While the architects are working hard on some of the details and images, the Capital Campaign Committee (CCC) has been in prayer and conversation on what is the best process for raising the needed $2 million.  The task seems daunting, but in early April the committee met with a consultant from the Philanthropic Service for Institutions (PSI) a service of the North American Division to ask and answer some of these questions.  

While the conversation and planning continues one preliminary question had to be answered.  Are the church pastors and the members of the church board, individually committed to generously and sacrificially support this project?  The question was asked and the answer came back as the Campion church board members committed to $150,000 of the $2 million, and at least $200,000 of work in-kind.  

Currently the building fund has $100,000 cash and there have been additional (non-board members) pledges of nearly $60,000 making the total committed, work in-kind, and cash on hand (as of May 1), $500,000 or 25% of the goal. The Capital Campaign Committee plans to join the board in making an individual commitment in early May. We praise God for this.

Moving forward, the recommendation from the consultant (PSI) is that as a church we meet one-on-one with each other and other possible donors with a goal of getting commitments of about 60% of the overall before doing a public launch for the remaining.

Together, we pray on, asking how we can each sacrificially and generously contribute to the mission impact that this building addition represents. This we know - God's got $2 million.

Our Church in Action
Over 600 Guests Attend Journey to the Cross and Beyond

Only in eternity will we see the impact Journey to the Cross and Beyond had in people's lives.

On Sabbath, April 15, the Campion campus and volunteers from northern Colorado churches joined forces to share the story of Jesus in an event called Journey to the Cross and Beyond. Over 600 guests enjoyed the live village--filled with vendors, tax collectors, and even beggars--and were moved by dramatic crucifixion and resurrection scenes. Registered guests were entered into a drawing to win hourly prizes: a DVD, handmade oil lamp, or a grand prize of a full 10 volume Bible Story set (the Wiggins family won the set). Guests were invited to the Academy cafeteria where Sherrilyn Lorenz's group of volunteers served refreshments. Teresa Johansen and her volunteers also treated all Journey to the Cross volunteers who wished to stay to a supper after the event closed.

 Many visitors shared words of gratitude and praise. One woman from the community shared these words, "What an amazing Journey to the Cross event. was anointed and powerful. Thank you all for putting that on." May we never forget that when Jesus is lifted up, He draws people to Himself.

"Journey to the Cross was cool, I went three times, and it really reminded me about how much Jesus sacrificed himself for all of us." -Abbie Proudfoot (senior)
"It was an eye opening experience that helped me see how amazing Jesus's resurrection was." -Kelby Eickmann (junior) 
Thank you, volunteers, for being used by God to point people to Jesus.
Submitted by Pastor Nestor 
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Our Mission
We serve and glorify God through Christ-centered worship, individual spiritual growth, youth involvement, and community interaction.
Pastoral Staff
Micheal Goetz, Lead
Nestor Soriano, Assoc.
Esequias Perea, Assoc.
Rob Carlson, Chaplain 
Joe Martin, Staff Pastor

Admin Asst./Treasurer:
Teresa Johansen

Service Schedule
Sabbath School 9:30 am
Church            10:45 am
Prayer Meeting  6:30 pm
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Youth and Campion Academy Students Share Jesus in Hawaii
I've organized and been a part of numerous evangelism efforts, but never in a homeless village.  On March 9-18, I joined a team of leaders and youth from Colorado and Wyoming to make a difference in Tent City, a community in Waianae, Hawaii, tucked in the woods behind a harbor where as many as 300 of Hawaii's homeless pitch their tents. We served this community by offering children's programs, free suppers, and nightly Gospel messages.
The mission trip was a tremendous blessing. Adults and youth from the village were appreciative of the food, songs, and messages. Several youth from Tent City made decisions to be baptized. I had the privilege of baptizing five of our youth in the warm waters of Hawaii, two of whom are students at Campion Academy. God made a difference in and through our team.
By Pastor Nestor
Congratulations to Sadie Torrez for leading another successful 9Health Fair. After being the site coordinator for many years, Sadie has asked to be relieved of this responsibility. Nelly Bravatti (left) is the new site coordinator.

9 Health Fair Changes Leadership

A pproximately 375 people came and participated in this year's 9Health Fair. This year we added Skin Screening and it was very popular. There were people waiting in line throughout the morning. 
A couple coming through line told us that they drove past another 9Health Fair because everyone at our site is always so friendly and kind.  They said they will never go back to the other site.  They thanked us for all we do and for always being so friendly and helpful.
I want to take the opportunity to thank all the wonde rful volunteers who have been willing to give of th eir ti me year after year to help 9Health Fair b e successful.
Head cashier Anita Busby (right) and her team-mate Elese Finn accurately collect and account for the fees.
 I have enjoyed leading in the health fair for the last 14 years Beth DiVittorio has also decided to step down as Non-Medic al Coordinator so anyone interested i n volunteering in this worthwhile endeavor, call Pastor Nestor. I also want to thank B arb Konrad who solicits donations of gift cards from loca l businesses that are used in drawings for the volunteers.  This yea r she raised $640 that allowed 42 volunteers to receive a nice gift for their service.
Submitted by Sadie Torrez
At Campion church, we are all about people. I have the privilege to work with a special group of people who are dedicated to serve the Lord. The elders have been organized in such a way to help individuals, families, church, and our very own community. Five main departments take the lead in our organization and each one of them is overseen by one of the elders.
1)     Worship
2)     Evangelism
3)     Administration
4)     Discipleship
5)     Member Care
Worship takes the lead in music and many other areas that have to do with our weekly program. Currently we are in the process of searching for new elders who would like to take part in this area. In Revelation 14:6 and 7, John expresses a message of hope which happens to be the last message to this world, and worship is an essential factor in the proclamation of Jesus' soon return.
Evangelism. I call this the front line of Adventism. Matthew says that the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few (Matthew 9:37). Our elders in this area are Alex Rodriguez, Jonathan Gibbs and myself, along with Pastor Nestor Soriano.
Administration is an important department that allows us as a church to plan ahead. Our elders who oversee this area are Kent Kast with finances, Dan Turk with the structure of committees such as nominating committee, and Kim Mehlenbacher with building projects.
Discipleship is an area similar to a school. It teaches our doctrines in small settings, small groups with the idea of spreading the gospel in our community in a more relaxed format/ casual setting, like a home environment. Two leaders have been assigned for this: Steve Eickmann and Tom Cleveland.
Member Care; a mission, I call it, to reach out to those who once were members and are still in our community. Another area is taking a very close interest in those precious souls who come through our doors but are not regular members at our church. These are just some aspects of Member Care; the leaders are Bill Hay, Ben Trujillo, Dick Stenbakken, and Joe Martin.
It is my prayer that you become a part of the plans we have been asking God to lead us into, to advance His cause. I invite you all to join me in prayer for each of these areas and for God to give strength to each and every one of these leaders with these noble tasks. It is an honor and privilege to serve as an elder and to see many souls added to His church. May the Lord Jesus be an active God in your life today.
By Edwin Bravatti
All About People
Gene celebrating his 91st birthday. Photo by Max Goodwin
We Welcome Gene Stafford
Gene attended dental school in Nebraska and started his practice there with his wife Ramona assisting him.  Later they moved to Boulder where he practiced for 30 years.  After he retired from dentistry he drove a transit bus for handicapped people for 13 years.  He retired from that job at age 80!

In 2002 Gene and his wife moved to Milliken but continued to attend the Boulder church.  About a year ago Gene and Ramona started attending the Campion Church and liked it.

Gene's greatest sorrow is the loss of his wife of 67 years last August. If you missed Gene at church the past few months it is because he fell and broke his shoulder and has been recuperating.

We are glad you are well again and able to join us in person at church.
Submitted by Ella Jean Albertsen

We welcome Susie (Arloa) Cox to our fellowship, joining us from the Dacono church plant.

A retired nurse, she took care of her husband Bill (not the Bill Cox who attended Campion Academy or Union College, but a Bill from New York) who was in hospice for four years; he passed away in February of this year. She listened to the Campion Church live-streaming while taking care of her late husband. Because of this care, she has not really had time for hobbies or other outside interests.

Susie tells me she has three children and two great-grandchildren, and expects two more in June. In the Dacono church she was involved in an outreach for babies, collecting diapers, strollers, and other baby needs for those less fortunate.

A fourth-generation graduate of Campion Academy, Susie (Swarts) graduated from Campion in 1961 so already knows quite a few people in our congregation. Her granddaughter Kaity Vanatta is also joining the Campion Church, and is a great help to her grandmother. Susie is a delightful person to talk to, so get acquainted. Welcome, Susie!
Submitted by Ardis Stenbakken
Kaity Vanatta is a busy 16-year-old young woman. She has moved here so she can attend church with family, including her grandmother, Susie Cox, and she says she enjoys the sermons at the Campion Church although she has not yet become involved in any youth activities at Campion.
Although Kaity has not yet graduated from high school, she is working on that while she works at a restaurant in Greeley. She hopes next year to be able to become a CNA and eventually a nurse.
When she has time, Kaity enjoys volleyball and anything outside, such as hiking. She also enjoys cooking and baking, trying to do different things each time.
Welcome, Kaity; we hope you will continue to enjoy Campion as you become involved.
Submitted by Ardis Stenbakken
Congratulations Ian and Stacy Shives on Your New Daughter

Savannah Jo Shives

Born March 23, 2017 (on her due date!)
7 lbs 8 oz
19.5 inches long

Emma Jeanette Sigler has Arrived!

Proud parents: Eric and Jenny Sigler

Born April 23, 2017
6 lbs 3.5 oz.
19.5 inches long

Emma has other family in our Campion church:
Proud grandparents: Neil and Naomi Sigler
Proud uncle, aunt and cousins:  Matt and Jill Harlow, Grace and Zachary

Happy Birthday to those born in the month of May!
Coming Events
National Day of Prayer
Thursday, May 4, 2016 
Life Center - Community Room (Loveland's House of Neighborly Services) at 6:30 p.m.
"Hear Us...Forgive Us...Heal Us! For the Glory of Your Great Name!" 
Adapted from Daniel 9:10
People of all denominations are invited to pray for our nation and community. This is a time to enjoy our freedom and to humbly come before God and seek His guidance through prayer. Join us for this special prayer event while we pray for: Government, Military, Media, Business, Church, Education/Schools and Family. Prayers will be led by various church and community leaders.
Planning for this community prayer event is a cooperative activity involving church, government, and community volunteers. This is Ruth Person's tenth year as event coordinator to spread "His Great Name!"  
For more information, call Ruth Pearson at 970-669-1385.
Concert May 6
Pastor for evangelism and worship at Campion Church, Nestor Soriano, will be in concert at  7 p.m.   Saturday, May 6 . Friends from Campion Church, Campion Academy and others from Colorado will join him as he shares original acoustic songs and familiar hymns. Please save the date and enjoy an inspirational evening of music and worship. The concert will be held at Campion Church, 300 42nd Street SW, Loveland CO 80537.
Women's Ministry to Honor Home-bound  Mothers 
April showers brings May flowers and Mothers Day. On May 13th right after fellowship dinner we well meet to put the finishing touches on 12 baskets to go to some special mothers. The leaders would like your help to take a basket and deliver it to a mother. Thank You for taking time TO HELP make someone's day special.
Submitted by Pat Graybill
HMS Graduations
Students and staff at HMS Richards are gearing up for the 8th grade graduation of two charming and talented young women.  While they make up the smallest class at HMS Richards, Amie Kooy and Ireland Anthony are well-loved by all.  Their graduation celebration will take place at Campion Academy's chapel on May 17 followed by a reception at the HMS Richards gymnasium. 
Both Amie and Ireland eagerly look forward to the next steps in their lives.  Their chosen motto is, "Not Finished; Just Begun," and aim is, "Look forward, not backward." 
Amie Kooy has lived on campus and attended HMS Richards since kindergarten.  She says her years at HMS have helped her learn more about God and grow spiritually.  She has great memories of fun and educational field trips, such as going to Washington D.C. last year.  Her first through third grade teacher, Brittany McLachlan, stands out as her favorite teacher.  Amie plans to attend Campion Academy next year and is looking forward to meeting new friends and all the fun student activities. 
Ireland Anthony came to HMS Richards starting in 5th grade from ACS in Greeley, when her family also moved to campus.  Ireland really appreciated all of the outdoor education opportunities at HMS such as climbing 14ers, backpacking, and skiing.  She fondly looks back on her time in "Mr. B's" (Paul Bragaw's) class.  Other field trips were a highlight for her while in Mr. Hammond's class, especially their recent mission trip to Costa Rica.  She's also looking forward to becoming a Campion Academy student and meeting new people.  She hopes to be involved in athletics and play volleyball and soccer. 
In addition to the 8th grade ceremony, HMS Richards will also be celebrating the graduation of four adorable kindergartners.  Complete with cap and gown, these young students will be receiving their diplomas on May 15, beginning at 5 p.m.  The students will each share a little of what they've learned this year and their hopes and dreams for the future.  We are proud of our littlest graduates!
All graduation events are open to any interested friends of HMS Richards Adventist School.  Come join us as we celebrate our students' achievements. 

Campion Academy End of Year Events
Campion Sacred Concert: May 12 at 7:30
Pops Concert:  May 21
Graduation Vespers:  May 26
Graduation Sabbath School, church, parent tribute, class night:  May 27
Graduation Commencement:  May 28 at 10:00 AM 

Congratulations to the Seniors who are members of Campion Church

Chelsey Bankhead
Natalie Boonstra
Chantelle Bravatti
Lizbeth Camacho
Cassie Carr 
Michaela Day
Kari Geiger
Michelle Hebard
Randy Maldonado
Samantha Nielson 
Hunter Odenthal
Jaron Philpott
Sienna Turner
Rayna Williams
VBS   June 5, 2017 - June 10, 2017 
08:30 am (MDT) - 11:30 am (MDT)

Imagine a world where curious kids become hands-on inventors who discover they are lovingly crafted by God. Join us for Maker Fun Factory Vacation Bible School! Register your kids today or sign up to volunteer as a leader or helper.

Parents, there will be a parenting class during VBS just for you taught by Carolyn Saddler, a school psychologist.  

Connect NE Colorado [formally Campmeeting] is a weekend event on the campus of Campion Academy focused on mission and worship. The goal is to bring together the churches of Northern Colorado and through the Sabbath connect and celebrate while being challenged to live radically and missionaly for Jesus. 

This years theme, meeting  June 9-10 , is Living a Life for God.  The presenter, Eduard Schmidt, is the director of the North America Institute of Evangelism.
Eduard and his wife Sonia find their greatest joy in personally leading people to experience the joy of salvation found in Christ, equipping them to become disciples who live up to their full God-given potential. Empowering members to be ministers in the community, reaching the North American Division and the world with the distinctive, Christ-centered, Seventh-day Adventist message of hope and wholeness is the goal.
Submitted by Pastor Micheal
The Social Ministries Team will be hosting the annual church Camp-Out the weekend of June 16-18 at Mountain Park Campground.   Please take this opportunity to get to know your church family in a relaxed, natural, and harmonious setting.  Stay tuned for details. 
If you have questions or ideas - Contact Carolyn Sadler (480) 209-5181 or Chris Santana (970) 231-6838.

School News
HMS Costa Rica Mission Trip
The country of Costa Rica was energized by ten HMS 7th and 8th grade students for 13 days.  Our group of 15 individuals joined Maranatha's multiple-group project based in Limon, Costa Rica.  The focus of this mission trip was painting the interior and exterior of the Centro Educativo Adventista de Limon School.  This large Adventist institution provides quality education for approximately 350 students ranging from preschool to high school age.  Only 15% of the students are from Seventh-day Adventist homes, so it is regarded as a mission school which is appreciated for its high standard of teaching and positive values.

Besides the huge painting project, work included pouring cement sidewalks and refurbishing dilapidated desks.  Davin Hammond (our HMS principal) brought expertise and leadership to the cement work.  The results were several new sidewalks, adding function and beauty to the campus.  Our HMS kids are incredible workers.  They painted walls and trim, measured and marked chalk lines, shoveled and mixed cement and sanded and painted desks.  Occasional refreshment from coconut milk, cut by school workers, offered nourishment as the temperatures were hot and humid. 

In addition to these work projects, three Week of Prayer meetings were arranged for the students: one for the preschoolers, one for the primary school (1st - 6th graders) and one for the secondary school (7th - 12th grade).  HMS was responsible for the primary school (which contained of 130 students) Week of Prayer.  Before the trip, our kids had written short talks about basic Christian/Adventist beliefs.  Our meetings consisted of prayer, singing, object lessons and 2-3 kids sharing their talk.  Unfortunately, their well-prepared sermonettes had to be whittled down to less than half their original length due to lack of time and the need for translation.  We delighted in interacting with the school kids.  They were a lively bunch, enthusiastic singers, and eager to participate. 

Since our school joined numerous other small groups for this project, we were able to mingle with people from around the United States.  Our day started with a hardy breakfast and worship.   After working for a couple of hours, those involved in the Week of Prayer left for the meeting.  We took a much-needed lunch break around 1:00.  Our cook was a talented lady who made tasty meals, creating dishes from the available local food.  Then, it was back to work for the afternoon.  Some of our HMS students also assisted in conversational English classes for the students.  Once we returned to our lodging, we had time to clean up and take a quick dip in the pool.  We then met for supper and worship, which the various groups took turns leading.  Through this routine, friendships were forged and our multiple groups became one large family. 

Before returning home, we took a couple days to play.  We enjoyed snorkeling, soaking in hot springs, hiking the hanging bridges, seeing waterfalls, and the Arenal volcano.  Zip lining through the rain forest, hundreds of feet above the ground was a favorite for many. 
It is safe to say, that our lives will never be the same after our experience in Costa Rica.  We learned more about ourselves and each other and have a deeper sense of God, His creation, and His people. 
By Wendy Eickmann, Parent-sponsor on the mission trip
News from the Academy

Campion Academy Awarded Accreditation
by Principal Donavan Reeder

 Campion Academy has just been awarded the highest level of  denominational accreditation. They achieved the six-year term with an  interim visit in three years. This is the highest available term that can be  awarded since the evaluation process was changed.

The visiting team was headed by Jerell Gilkeson, education superintendent from the Atlantic Union. He was joined by teachers and educational superintendents from the Mid-America Union. They spent three days going over all aspects of Campion's program.

The Campion staff has worked very hard in preparing for this visit. The excellence in education was evident to the team. Plant Services had our campus looking great and the cafeteria was mentioned for its excellent food and service. In fact, when a randomly selected group of students was asked what problems they saw or what they didn't like about the school, much to the surprise of the visiting team, the students couldn't think of anything they would change.

The visiting team was also impressed by the friendliness and character of our students, and they remarked that they could see a great level of spirituality in staff, students, and programming. They commended the school and Campion Church for sharing the mission and working together in training students for service.

Campion ran a t-shirt design contest that would show our theme for this year, "To Know Him... To Show Him." Jordyn Hammond won the design and staff and students wore the shirts on Monday of the visit. (see accompanying picture)

Read the latest news including mission trips, banquets, sports and so much more from Campion Academy by clicking the link below.

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Church Business

Report from the Finance Committee
As we close the first quarter of 2017, we are fortunate to be able to share some excellent financial results with our church family.  We are currently $1,729.01 behind our combined budget goal.  By comparison, last year at this same time we were $14,747.81 behind our combined budget goal.  We are very blessed to see such strong financial results so early in the year.  Tithe also remains very strong, with total year-to-date giving of $230,640.58.  Thank you for your generous support of the Campion Church!  If you have questions related to church finance, please feel free to reach out to Macee at or 970.231.6835.
Tithe Chart
Submitted by Macee Santana
Board Minutes April 24, 2017
May Church offerings.
During May there are two weeks, May 6 and 20, that the offerings will go directly to the upkeep and maintenance of our local church and its mission in our community. This is God's house, and we want it to be the best we can make it for Him as well as our congregation and community.
May 13 offering is an important one as we look around and hear of the many disasters occurring in our world. The offering will be divided between Adventist Community Services (ACS) for response to disasters in the North American Division and Adventist Disaster and Relief Agency (ADRA) for needs all over the world. Both are vital to the mission of our church.
May 27 offering is for our own Rocky Mountain Conference Advance for support of evangelism, schools, summer camps, and many other needs in our own back yard!

Campion Church
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