November, 2015
My Story / Our Story
Nestor Soriano
My Story
  I'll never forget the day when Peter and Wesley came to my house. It was a warm, spring afternoon and I was working on a paper for my psychology class. I heard a knock on my door. I sneakily peaked through the plastic blinds to see who was there. It was Peter and Wesley, old classmates from my old academy. I had not seen them for months, if not years.
  I happily opened the door and invited them in. I was impressed by their attire; they were wearing nice dress shirts and slacks, not typical of young college-age guys. I soon learned why they were professionally dressed. They said, "We're taking a break from school and selling Christian books."
   "That's great," I thought. And then they said something I would never forget. "You know, Nestor, the reason we're doing this is because we love Jesus and we believe that He is coming soon. Jesus changed our lives and we're here to tell you about Him."
  Now it was one thing to hear the pastor at church talk about Jesus. But hearing about Jesus from a peer made a greater impact. A seismic impact. At first, I was hoping to chat with my friends for a few minutes so I could resume working on my paper. But a few minutes turned into thirty, thirty minutes turned into an hour, and an hour turned into about three hours. I had never really desired to hear about Jesus before, but something inside of me was hungering to hear more.
  I remember saying to myself, "I want what they have.
I'm tired of what this world has to offer. I want true joy. I want true happiness."
  Peter and Wesley invited me to hear a preacher that was coming to Chicago toward the end of the summer. I attended the revival meeting and learned about Jesus. I discovered that He really loves me and wants to save me. I was hungry for something more in life, and I found Jesus, the only One who satisfies.
Our Story
  That was 2002. Fast forward 13 years. I'm now serving as one of your pastors here at Campion. And it all started with Peter and Wesley sharing Jesus with me.
  Our church has been making important evangelistic decisions. The church board recently voted to tithe our 2016 church budget for evangelism, namely, 10% of our church budget will be invested for the purpose of reaching our community for Jesus. We also plan to hold at least two evangelistic series next year.
  But money and finances don't reach people; people reach people. Here at Campion, we are committed to helping you reach people. You will hear about Bible study training opportunities in the near future. Take advantage of these training opportunities. There are people in your circle of influence who are longing for something more in life. They are longing for Jesus.
You could be their Peter and Wesley.
Save the Dates!
What: All church and schools' Thanksgiving dinner
When: November 21, following the church service
What to bring: salads, sweet potatoes, breads, desserts
Plan to join and be thankful for our church and all who attend, and for all God is doing for us!
Drone Photography to be Introduced
The November Photo Club meeting is being moved to  November 15. Dave Oden and Palmer Halvorson will be giving the presentation: Drones, Quad-copters and Aerial Photography. The do's and don'ts of where you can fly and some of the awesome footage that can be captured with them will be presented. You don't want to miss out on this presentation. If the weather is nice, we may even be able to fly that Sunday morning. So save the date! November 15th @ 9:30 am in the Fellowship Hall. Contact Dan Turk (, Dave Oden (, Chuck Paulien (, or Palmer Halvorson ( for more information.

In This Issue
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Our Mission
We serve and glorify God through Christ-centered worship, individual spiritual growth, youth involvement, and community interaction.
Pastoral Staff
Micheal Goetz,
Nestor Soriano,
   Evangelism & Worship
Nick Clark,
   Youth Chaplain
Teresa Johansen,
   Administrative. Assistant
Service Schedule
Sabbath School 9:30 am
Church              10:45 am
Prayer Meeting  6:30 pm
Church Calendar
Coming to Campion
School News
Jill Harlow's 7th-8th Grade Language Arts Class
  HMS Richards Elementary school and Campion Academy invite the community to join them for a carnival of food, fun, and games at the annual Fall Festival on Sunday, November 15, from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Campion Academy gym.
  "I love putting people in jail!" says Jenna Williams, 7th grader. The opportunity to lock up your friends and family temporarily is just one of the many fun games that students enjoy.  There is also a zip line, a dunking booth, an "arranged" marriage booth, a box maze, free craft tables, and much more. 
  New this year for football fans: the Bronco game will be on the big screen during the festivities! 
  For Nolan Eickman (8th grade), the best part of the festival is summed up in one word, "Nachos!" --Wait-- make that two words: "Pizza!"  Food is certainly a highlight of the event.  From healthy fruit smoothies to homemade desserts there will be something to please every palate. 
  The school will be collecting non-perishable food items for Thanksgiving baskets.  Plan to bring an item to donate and help members of our community have a full table at Thanksgiving. 
  Students and teachers prepare a variety of booths to raise money for individual classes for trips and new classroom materials.  If you would like to be more involved, volunteers are needed for managing booths, set-up and clean-up.  Community members are also welcome to set up a booth for $25 a table.  Contact the school for more information at or 970-667-2427. 
  8th grader Ashley Halvorson reminds you to "Mark your calendars -- you don't want to miss it!"
HMS Richards Soccer Team Remains Undefeated
Ashley Herber, Ireland Anthony and Richard Bass
  This year the HMS 5-8 grade soccer team, coached by Mr. Hammond, has played in four soccer games against both the Vista Ridge and the ACS Greeley School teams and won them all.
  "I think soccer is fun because you get to work as a team and have fun," says Nolan Eickmann who is an 8th grade member of the team. So far all of the games have been either on a Thursday or a Friday at the Campion soccer field or the Vista Ridge soccer field in Erie, Colorado. 
  The schedule for the games is on the school website, and in the school's weekly newsletter.
  Playing on the soccer team is required for the PE class for only fifth to eighth grades. Maria Bass is in 4th grade and says, "I want to be on the team a lot because I want to impress the big kids." Maria is just one of the kids that can't wait to be able to play on the soccer team.
  This is just the second year that HMS has had an actual team and played against other schools. HMS also has a basketball team that starts play in the middle of November, a volleyball team, and a football team that don't start until later in the year. "Soccer is so much fun and a real team building experience," says Julia Barber.
   Come and cheer us on!
Photo: Piper Barry
Campion Volleyball Team Makes History
                                                               Kelsey Downey
Campion's volleyball team, the Cougars, brought home the tournament trophy for the first time this last weekend after some intense playing at the Union College Volleyball Invitational Tournament October 15-17. Participating teams came from Mid-America Union as well as Florida, Texas, and Tennessee.

Photos of elated athletes and trophies are expected at a time like this, but maybe not images of the girls on their knees with bowed heads in the middle of the gym floor. Yet that's exactly what this volleyball team did after winning the championship game, following an undefeated streak of eight games throughout the tourney.  More
Photo: Jenny Sigler
                                                              Jenny Sigler
Southern Adventist University's film department provided a 2-day filmmaking workshop for 16 Campion students October 4-5, donating a Panasonic HVX200 video camera and providing instruction on how to use it. These students spent time planning projects, filming, editing, and and finally screening their work to an enthusiastic audience on Monday evening. More

Watch student project From Soldier to Pastor featuring Joe Martin.
All About People
Pastor Goetz Successfully Defends Dissertation
 Donna Webb 
He may still go by Micheal or Pastor Goetz, but his official title is now Dr. Micheal Goetz, DMin.  
Congratulations to the Pastor on completing and successfully defending his dissertation earlier this year.
"My passion is to contribute to raising the bar in Adventist preaching," asserts Pastor Goetz.  "Preaching is the center of the congregational worship experience and corporately the most visible part of pastoral ministry. Anecdotally, it was noted that often pastors have not given the practice of preaching its crucial place in their time. This may be because they lack the tools and preparation to give it that place." He continues, "A review of dissertations at Andrews University revealed that little attention had been given to evaluating how we teach preaching to pastors.  With the goal of having a training program that makes the best pastor preachers in the Adventist church (understandably a very high goal) I began my research in cooperation with the Seminary on the campus of Andrews University."
  The Pastor's research focused specifically on treating
Sitting with the panel of examiners.
preaching as a practice with an emphasis on preachers learning excellence through task repetition and peer accountability. These have some similarities to other practices such as law or medicine.
  Congratulations Pastor!  We're so proud of you and your journey and thrilled you are at Campion.

Welcome to our church!
Chris and Aubrey Nelson, Emmaline, Benjamin, and Judah   
  Chris and Aubrey attended Campion Academy and graduated the same year. Aubrey reflects that her future father-in-law while attending Campion was her pastor and teacher.
  They both went on to Union and that's where they began dating,  Chris went on from there to Walla Walla to get a degree in engineering, while Aubrey stayed at Union to get her nursing degree.  They married after graduating and lived in Portland Oregon, for eight years before moving back home to Colorado with their three children Benjamin 7, Judah 4, Emmaline 3.  They love hiking in the great outdoors. Chris enjoys woodworking and Aubrey enjoys crafting and sewing.
  They already have become a vital part of our church sharing their talents, Chris in music and Aubrey helping in the Cradle Roll. We are very happy to have them as part of our church family. You will be blessed to get know them.
  Interview: Pat Graybill. Photo: Dan Turk 
Charlie Segedi
  His parents immigrated to Glendale, California, from Brazil before Charles Segedi was born and now he has "immigrated" to Loveland, Colorado, with the Voice of Prophecy.  His work now is assisting with estates and trusts that have been willed to the VOP. 
  Prior to 2014 he worked as bookkeeper for the distribution center of the Adventist Media Center in Glendale, California, for 16 years. 
  His interests are tennis, computers, travel to foreign countries and their cultures. He is especially interested in the South Pacific and the Canal Zone. Since moving here he's  been working on his mother moved to Colorado and the Campion Church he enjoys.
          Interview: Ken Albertsen, Photo: Dan Turk
William Anderson
   William was introduced in the August issue, but we did not have a picture at that time. Welcome once again, William.
              Photo by Dan Turk

Felix and Miriam Velez
 They were married September 12 in a ceremony here at the Campion Church after the regular church service. Miriam and Felix courted through the internet. Felix, an artist from Puerto Rico, has been an Adventist from childhood and a member of Campion Church. Miriam is a therapist  from Italy. She has also been an Adventist all her life. She likes to cook, paint, play sports, walk, and hike. Congratulations and welcome to Colorado and our church Miriam.
                                              Interview and photo by Dan Turk.
Roy Supit
   The Campion Church would like to welcome Roy Supit. Roy moved to Colorado last October when he joined the staff of the Voice of Prophecy.  However, he has worked for the Adventist Media Center since 1991 where he worked in the accounting department and the mailroom.
  Roy, the youngest of eight children, was raised in Indonesia. With a large family, and money being tight, Roy started working for a family as a household helper when he was in 7th grade.  While he wasn't paid a salary, his room and board was provided. His hard work and dedication paid off. "If we are faithful in what we do and faithful to God, He blesses us when we don't expect it."  In 1985, when Roy let it be known that he wanted to immigrate to the U.S. to be near his sister, his employer purchased a ticket to the States and covered all his expenses. He even gave him pocket money to  help him get started here. The Lord blessed his faithfulness. 
  Roy's a life-long Adventist who has a passion for ministry. He works as a mail clerk at the VOP warehouse sending out thousands of Bible School lessons, books, DVDs, CDs each month. Roy works long hours just to make sure that every lesson goes out as quickly as possible because he knows how life-changing they are when people are seeking the Lord.
  Roy's family is scattered; his wife and son are still back in Southern California where his son is finishing his senior year at Newbury Park Adventist Academy. They plan to join Roy after his son graduates next spring. Roy's daughter is at Pacific Union College studying nursing. While two of Roy's sisters remain in Indonesia, he has two brothers and a sister in the Loma Linda area,one sister in Florida, and one in Washington.
  In Roy's down time, he likes to snorkel or play and watch tennis.  Roy has found the Campion church members to be very welcoming and friendly and he's glad to be a part of the church family.  Mostly he's looking forward to introducing his family here next year. 
Welcome to Campion, Roy!
                                                                                  Interview and photo by Donna Webb
Our Church in Action
Make a Difference--Volunteer!
Thanksgiving Baskets--
  Donate canned goods and other staples. 
     Clean rock areas around church--Contact Lindsey Santana 
Renew the Quiet Bags for church in Cradle Roll--
     Contact Jennifer Gibbs. 
Quilting Ministry:
     Help prepare quilts for needy families either at the Loveland
     Community Service Center on Tuesday mornings 9-12 or
     Campion on Thursday evenings at 6-8 every other week.
Voice of Prophecy Library--
      Contact Ella Jean Albertsen
HMS Richards Elementary Library--
      Contact Jill Harlow.
Church Web page assistance--
      Contact Jerry Ellquist
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Actions of the Board
The minutes of the October 26th board meeting will appear in the December newsletter.

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