October, 2017

Pastor's Message
by Pastor Micheal Goetz
Who Is The Church--It's Been Decided!
Last winter, several groups initiated conversations on the subject of how we care for each other as a church community.  The term "care" seems to be focused on the emotional aspect, but the real question was: how do we journey together as a church while looking out for each other?
Currently, the organization and expectations are that there are the pastors and 3-4 of the elder team who are directly responsible for member care. When the church board met in September two ideas were presented on what was termed "member care" (the church looking out for each other):
  1.  That while pastors and elders will be involved, an approach to member care be organized that involves a much wider group and would then result in impacting a much wider group. The leadership of member care would include men and women, elders, pastors, and some who hold neither of those positions but have the gifts and passion to see all of our church family being cared for [looked out for]. This would involve point leaders for specific groups such as shut-ins, college students, times of crisis, inactive members, military, and more.
  2. The platform from which we seek to create a church looking out for each other comes not from the pastors or elders, as is the current model, but from the Sabbath Schools and small groups.  This was one of the three original purposes for Sabbath Schools (Bible study and mission being the other two).  The question was asked---would it work if every Sabbath School (S.S.) and small group (S.G.) had not only a study leader but a care leader who would keep the group on task, watching out and caring for the whole group? As a church then, both active and inactive members, could be divided up to be on the parish or member list of the various S.S.'s and S.G.'s.  The responsibility would then really be of the church to look out for the church.*  
That's the church being the church.
*Note:  This slight shift in the roles of the Sabbath Schools and Small Groups and the leadership for member care is a working conversation and will be discussed and voted later this fall. Ideas and input to the pastoral or elder team are very welcome right now.
Our Church in Action
Pathfinders Take Aim for a Great Year!

Your Campion Church Pathfinder ministry is off to a great start and looking forward to a year of fun, friends, and following our Master Guide--- Jesus!  This year's group consists of 23 Pathfinders full of energy and adventure.   Our club had a blast on Sunday, August 27th  at the Lon Hagler Archery Range learning and perfecting their archery skills; they completed their star honor with instructor Stephen Turk and will take aim at the church service---on Sabbath, October 7. More Details

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Our Mission
We serve and glorify God through Christ-centered worship, individual spiritual growth, youth involvement, and community interaction.
Pastoral Staff
Micheal Goetz, Lead
Nestor Soriano, Assoc.
Esequias Perea, Campion Academy Chaplain 
Admin Asst./Treasurer:
Teresa Johansen
Service Schedule
Sabbath School 9:30 am
Church            10:45 am
Prayer Meeting  6:30 pm
Click on calendar for church, pathfinder, and Campion events.
Capital Campaign/Building Report: 
$723,347.88 has been pledged and/or donated to date.
Did You Know?
During 2016 there were 1,356,476 baptisms into the Seventh-day Adventist Church worldwide; this is 154.74 every hour. This is the most for any one year, bringing the total church membership to 20 million

Be The Hands of Jesus and Host New Members
Our church is beginning a new program: hosting new members in private homes or other venues the first few weeks they are with us as members. If you have not yet signed up as a host family and would like to do so, please let the church office know. Thank you so much for those who have already signed up; we pray that this will be a blessing not only to our new members but to you as well. 

All About People
In Memory
Harold Oden
Harold Oden November 8, 1936 to September 17, 2017
Harold Oden was born November 8, 1936 in Tucson Arizona to Emil and Opal Oden. Harold's parents were influenced by HMS Richards on the Voice of Prophecy radio show to believe in God and soon became Seventh-day Adventists. That is why Harold was named after HMS Richards. Harold was the middle son of three, his older brother Quinton passed away on May 6, 2017 and his younger brother Vance passed away on September 20, 1988. 

After years of service in industry and faithful service to the church's schools, Harold Oden and his family moved to Campion Academy in 1989 from Southern California to manage one of the Campion Academy industries:T-Pack.  He is survived by his wife Betty Oden, son and daugher-in-law Dave & Sally Oden.

New Members
Please Welcome Joel and Christine Baker
Campion is happy to welcome Joel and Christine Baker to our fellowship. Currently, Joel is Associate Media Director at the Voice of Prophecy and Christine is a full-time mom to 2-year-old Annika and new born Elina.

Christian media is in their blood. Joel was raised as a missionary kid in the Ivory Coast and Rwanda, returning to America when war broke out. He studied Media Technology at Southern Adventist University and went to work at 3ABN. Christine is Swedish and studied baking and confectionery. She worked for one of the most famous bakeries in Stockholm before joining an Adventist TV station as a camera operator and editor. They met while both were working at ASI in Dallas and married in 2009 when Christine moved to America. 

"We just want to thank Campion for the warm reception we have received here and all the new friends we have made," says Joel. "Also for the huge support Campion and its members have been to us during the recent birth of our baby." 
Interview by Donna Webb

Kimmie Clark Joins Campion
Kimmie has a wonderful reason to join our community here at Campion!  Her daughter, Sharon Harrison, is the school nurse, she has a grandson at Campion Academy and two grandchildren at HMS Richards Elementary!

Kimmie began her nursing career when she was 15 years old and  in high school.  When her afternoon classes were over, she would walk across the field to Paradise Valley Hospital in San Diego and work until  11 PM as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  She went on to upgrade her skills through the years, completing her RN and Masters in nursing.

When not working, Kimmie enjoys sports, roller skating, reading, hiking and travel.  Be sure look for her at church and give her a warm welcome!
Interview by Donna Webb

Welcome to Johnny and Josephine Loi
Johnny was born in Vietnam, the son of ethnically Chinese parents. His father was the pastor of the Chinese Adventist church and lived under constant scrutiny of speaking against the Communist government. Many of Johnny's relatives fled war-torn Vietnam--his father's relatives to Australia and his mother's to the United States. In 1990 an aunt and uncle in California sponsored the family to come to America.  After a few months in California, his father was given a call to pastor a Chinese church in New York City. Johnny went to public school there through high school. At Binghamton University Johnny received his undergraduate degree in computer science and his master's degree at Cornell in systems engineering.  

Josephine grew up in Indonesia in an Adventist family. She came to the U.S. for college and received her engineering degree at MIT. Her doctorate is from Princeton in Chemical Engineering. 

Both Johnny and Josephine were involved in Adventist campus ministries at these secular institutions. They met at a conference for Adventist clubs on the east coast.  

Josephine is a chemical engineer working at home for a Chicago company in the oil and gas industry. Johnny works in Boulder as a software engineer. They welcomed Zachary into their lives on May 27. "We came to Campion to be with family. Now we value friendship with other young adults and young families here."

Interview by Ella Jean Albertsen
Nothing feels better than to be remembered!  Be the one who surprises someone on this list.  

Coming Events
Laura Williams
Laura Williams in Concert on October 28

Laura is a budding, young Christian artist who has  flown all around the country giving concerts, singing for evangelistic meetings, and working with various ministries, such as The Voice of Prophecy, Modern Manna, Amazing Facts, and various television stations including The Hope Channel, LLBN, and 3ABN. She will be blessing our church with a concert on October 28 at 5:00 pm.

Concert invitations/schedules are available at the Welcome Desk. Invite your friends and neighbors to attend these concerts.

The Anderson Trio in Concert on November 11

Melissa (Anderson) Clouzet has been the Choral Studies director at Campion Academy for five years. Together with her siblings, Heidi (Anderson) Gonzalez, and Gregg Anderson, they have been making music together from a very young age. Hailing from Bemidji, Minnesota, the trio continued singing together throughout their entire Adventist education, which culminated at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. The result is a beautiful blend of peaceful vocal harmony, covering beloved hymns and contemporary Christian music. Our church is excited to present this family in concert on November 11 at 4:00 pm. We know your hearts, and those whom you invite, will be touched and blessed!

A Pale Horse Rides is coming to the Campion Church. The Voice of Prophecy has developed innovative and soul winning programs such as Shadow Empire and A Pale Horse Rides. Shadow Empire was so well received-and had such far-reaching effects, including baptisms---that they produced a second series called A Pale Horse Rides. It is set to air October 27 and 28 and will be coming to Campion Church---watch for announcements and invite friends!
Last year, hundreds of churches throughout North America participated in Shadow Empire. The success was astounding as thousands of people walked through the doors of our churches to attend.  A Pale Horse Rides promises to be even better!
It is only three nights---just three sessions! It has been especially designed for today's busy people, and just like Shadow Empire, it will start a conversation about prophecy, religious liberty, and Bible truths. It is meant to bring people in through the doors of our churches, and once the series is over, they can be invited to a more in-depth study or an evangelistic series. This series will correspond with the Martin Luther 500th anniversary, and messages will be presented from the actual locations in Europe where the dramatic events mentioned in the series actually took place!
Pray for A Pale Horse Rides; new times require new methods---even though the message doesn't change-and the Holy Spirit has a plan for this series here in our community!
It is free to us to participate, and we also have access to cost-effective resources to enhance the experience in our church, Because the VOP is a not-for-profit company, they depend on the generosity of supporters to produce high-quality resources to advance God's truth. The cost for this series, including production and the design of all the resources, is approximately $240,000. The VOP offering October 14 will help defray these expenses and development.
School News
Grandparents Day
Naomi and Neil Sigler sit in as grandparents for Zachary and Grace.
HMS News:
HMS Grandparents Honored at Annual Event
HMS students in grades Pre-K through fourth were blessed to have around 35 special visitors for their annual celebration of Grandparents' Day.  The students were excited to show their grandparents, great-grandparents, and adopted grandparents their school and introduce them to their teachers and friends.  
As second grader Courtney Cate put it, "I think that my grandparents are awesome.  They take me swimming and also I like them for a lot of other reasons, but especially because they love me."  

September Highlights:
  • September 8:  Students rode and ran to raise money for the HMS Student Aid and Scholarship Fund at the annual Bike-a-thon. 
  • September 11:  Grandparents Day celebration for grades Pre-K to 4
  • September 16: HMS students had their first music performance at the Campion Church
  • September 20-22: Students in grades 5-8 attended Outdoor School at Glacier View Ranch. 
Upcoming Events: 
October 5-6:  No school for Fall break

Campion News:
Bryan Williams, alumnus of Campion, has set a new fastest known time (FKT) for running the Colorado Trail.
He finished the 486 miles on the morning of September 3 at Waterton Canyon in Denver after eight days and 30 minutes. He took seven hours and 10 minutes off the previous record!
Campion Student Meets Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient 
Over 40 Congressional Medal of Honor recipients were in Pueblo, Colorado, during the week of September 11 for the 2017 Congressional Medal of Honor Society Convention. Out of the hundreds of entries, Grant and Collin Velbis, students
Collin, Lieutenant Taylor and Grant.
at Daystar Christian School were winners of a contest and were able to sit at the table and  have breakfast with retired, 1st Lieutenant James Taylor. Grant, who is now a  sophomore at Campion Academy, said, "Getting to meet a Medal of Honor recipient, in real life, was definitely an amazing experience! They are the nicest, most humble guys you'll ever meet."  More
Business of the Church
Pulpit Posies
Have you noticed the lovely fresh flowers brightening the front of our church recently? Someone has been paying for these personally, and the church budget has paid for some. Now you can donate a bouquet for a special occasion in your life or to honor someone. There is a signup sheet on the bulletin board across from the church offices. Sign up and ask Teresa in the church office (970-667-7403) how you pay for this special gift of love. 

Board Minutes

Clerk's Report: The membership year-to-date is 750. Last month there were 29 transfers in and 25 transfers out and one death. Attendance in 2016 was 1194 compared to 1393 in 2017.

Read the complete report here: September 18, 2017  Board Minutes
October Offerings
October 7
Local Budget:
Clean, newly painted hall walls, new hall carpeting, and other improvements to the appearance of our lobby and halls, cost money, and these funds come from the local church budget.
October 14
World Budget: Voice of Prophecy / La Voz de la Esperanza.
Since 1929, the Adventist church's flagship media ministry, the Voice of Prophecy, has used a multitude of media to circle the globe with good news of God's saving grace. They still continue this legacy by equipping the world for Christ to come. (Remember-unless you designate the offering, it will go to the general World Budget. To give to VOP or LaVoz de la Esperanza, mark them specifically on your envelope or online.)
October 21
Local Budget:
The treasurer's report given in last month's newsletter indicated that we are behind with the local budget, but there is still time to make up that deficit and end up the year in a strong way and keep our church and its ministries in good shape. Let us always be faithful.
October 28
Rocky Mountain Conference Advance
The conference uses 40% of this offering for evangelism. This is the largest funding slice from the RMC Advance. This money is allocated to the local churches for local evangelism, so Campion benefits from this offering, as well as helping our sister churches.

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