September 2016

Exciting Plans Developing for Outreach, Youth, & Worship
by Pastor Nestor

Our first Wildfire (a student-led evangelistic event that we held last May) was such a great success that the Rocky Mountain Conference, in collaboration with several local churches, tasked Pastor Phil Jones, a retired evangelist and member of our church, to hold another Wildfire event. Several Campion Academy students preached nightly for two weeks under a tent 
on the lawn of The Adventure Adventist Church in Greeley. Fourteen youths made decisions to follow Jesus through baptism. This October 7-22 I will be holding an outreach event entitled "No More Fear." We will be exploring biblical themes to learn how we can be fearless in this fearful world.

For the first time in our local church's history, we now have three pastors. Pastor Esequias Perea has joined our team to serve as pastor for youth and discipleship. He is passionate about working with youth and has already begun planning with our new chaplain, 
Pastor Rob Carlson, on how to best reach our youth in Sabbath School. I have been helping lead--alongside Kyle Cate and Alex Johansen--our Young Adult Sabbath School. The group has been growing and we are currently reading and discussing several chapters from the book  Steps to Christ.

Worship and Concerts 
I have the privilege of working with several committed leaders in our worship committee. We are working on forming a "Philosophy of Worship and Music" document that provides principles and guidelines for our church. This is the first time Campion Church will have guiding principles conveyed in a concise, two-page document. 

We have two concerts planned for the last half of 2016. Dr. C alvin Taylor (, a renow ned concert pianist, will be holding a concert on Sunday, September 11 at 4:00 pm. 

Melissa Otto (, a young music artist from Australia, will be holdin g a co ncert on November 12. She was nominated for best songwriter and awarded best Christian artist in the Music Oz Awards.
Evangelist Phil Jones with the Campion students who spoke at the Wildfire II meetings.

Teen Preachers Uplift Christ in Wildfire II at Greeley
Fourteen people united with the Adventist Church after Wildfire II, a 15-night outreach series of evangelistic meetings by the students of Campion Academy in Greeley from July 29 to August 13. 

There were four baptisms; two persons joined the church by profession of faith and eight more signed into baptismal classes. 
Two of t hose baptized , Carlos and Linda Buitron, joined the Campion Church.They were presented their baptismal certificates and welcomed into membership by Dan Turk.
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Our Mission
We serve and glorify God through Christ-centered worship, individual spiritual growth, youth involvement, and community interaction.
Pastoral Staff
Micheal Goetz, Lead Pastor
Nestor Soriano, Assoc.
Esequias Perea, Assoc.
Rob Carlson, CA Chaplain
Joe Martin, Staff Pastor
Teresa Johansen, Admin. Assistant/Treasurer
Service Schedule
Sabbath School 9:30 am
Church            10:45 am
Prayer Meeting  6:30 pm
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Our Church in Action
Campus Dedicated to the Service of God

In the first sermon in the series, The Final Kingdom, Pastor Goetz asks the question, "Will you be on the dock?" Many responded to the call.  Listen to the powerful sermon here.
Pastor Perea prayed for the principals of HMS Richards Elementary and Campion Academy and their staffs.

Orchestra director, Yves Clouzet, joins members of Mountain Echoes Chorale in the presentation of "River in Judea."

Welcome Back Picnic-- First of a Series of Church and School Events to Begin a New School Year

Watermelon, salads, and desserts were provided by the academy and church family for students after a long day of registering and moving into the dorms.

Students, staff and church members mingle as they eat tasty watermelon, hotdogs, and cookies.
"Hayrides" were taken around the campus.
Cafeteria Director, Dawn Fagan, keeps food on the table for our large gathering.
Students try the home-cooked foods of Campion Church members.
School News
Campion Church pastors and Teresa Johansen.
HMS Off to Great Start

Hello church family!
We are off to a great start at HMS!  The pastoral staff welcomed the teachers and students the first day of school with signs and fruit rollups, thanking us for "rolling up" to school!  Then church members, board members, parents, and staff, prayed over each grade level asking for God's blessing for this school year.

Her e are some upcoming events at HMS: 

September 1 - Open House:  Parents, get to know your child's teacher and important school information.

September 9 - Bike-a-thon:  If you are willing and able to help sponsor a child to bike, run, or walk laps or give a flat donation, please let us know!  We will begin in the morning; come cheer the students on or bring your bike and ride along!

September 12  - Grandparents Day Celebration:  Grandparents, if you would like to come and be a student's adopted grandparent, please contact the school.  Some children do not have a grandparent and would love to share the day with you!   

Don't be a stranger; come visit or volunteer, and get to know our am azing students!  HMS is looking for volunteers to help prepare lunch, monitor students at lunch and/or recess, and help teachers do various things in their classroom.  Or do you have a special talent you would like to share?  We welcome you to co me!

Please pray for us this school year as we are busy about God's work in teaching His children!  Blessings to you church family and friends. 
Kari Lange

Conference President, Elder Ed Barnett with his wig.
Campion Academy Enrollment Grows to 155

With praise and thanks to God, Campion is happy to announce an opening enrollment of 155 students--20 students greater than last year. The faculty and administration have made this a matter of prayer over the last year as they worked on improving communication, academics, and Campion's spiritual emphasis.

The Rocky Mountain Conference has been supportive in our growth, with some good-natured challenges aimed at our recruiter, Jessica Rios, who has been recruiting in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Kansas throughout the year.

During the summer, Elder Barnett asked Jessica for a recruiting goal, and promised that if she beat it, he'd shave his head. With extreme confidence, Jessica asserted her goal for 150 students, and promised she'd shave her head if Campion enrolled any less than that. 

At our recent teachers' convention at the beginning of August, Lonnie Hetterlie and Craig Carr bought Elder Barnett a wig to prepare him for his impending hair loss.  Now, with Campion's enrollment well beyond Jessica's goal, Elder Barnett will have to succumb to the razor sometime soon.
Senior Survival
Each year the senior class spends 4 nights at Glacier View Ranch in plastic tarp shelters they build themselves (with the help of rolls of duct tape). This year the shelters held up in pouring rain and hail as well as keeping the students (mostly) warm through the 40-degree nights.

But senior survival isn't only about campfire cooking and wild edibles, it's even more about teamwork, self-discovery, and spiritual growth.
Upcoming at Campion
Alumni Weekend, September 23-25

Friday, September 23
  • 9:00 a.m. - Campion Alumni Reeder Classic 
  • Vespers 7:30 p.m. - Campion Church
  • Common Ground Café 7:30 p.m. - Student Center (Reconnect with alumni over hot drinks and biscotti)
Saturday, September 24
  • Sabbath School 9:30 a.m. - Campion Gym
  • Church 11:00 a.m. - Campion Gym - Darold Bigger - Retired Rear Admiral from the Navy Reserve Chaplain Corps
  • Vespers 6:00 p.m. - Campion Church - Patriotic Hymn Fest
Sunday, September 25
  • Motorcycle Ride - 8:00 a.m. - Front of the Ad Building
See the complete schedule.
Alumni online registration.
All About People
Welcome to Campion
Kevin Olsen and his three children joined us from the Loveland Church. Originally from California, Kevin is a single parent to Kenneth, Carli, and Kayli who all attend HMS Richards School.  
Carli was baptized at the Campion Church in October last year. 
Kevin says his hobby is motorcycles and they are "a dirt bike family." He would love be involved with almost any kind of outdoor activity at the church, and he would like to have the kids in Pathfinders, but because of his long hours of work (he drives a cement truck) he has been unable to get them to Pathfinders. When asked about his favorite Bible character he said many come to mind, but Sampson popped up first. We are so happy to have this family with us at Campion Church! 

Interview by Ardis Stenbakken
Dennis and Becky Barts             

We want to   welcome the Barts to our church family.  They  moved from Spokane, Washington, to Broomfield, Colorado, several years ago.  Dennis is the CEO of Avista Hospital and Becky works part time as a teacher's assistant at Vista Ridge Academy.  
I asked the Barts why they chose the Campion Church and they responded that they like the praise and worship time, they appreciate the mixture of hymns and praise music.  They love the energy of an academy church and the friendliness of the people here.  

The hobbies that they enjoy together are kayaking and biking, but Becky enjoys scrap booking also.

The Barts have a son and daughter-in-law who live in Kansas City with two children, 
Avay age 5 and Ashtyn age 2.

Dennis and Becky are grateful  to God every day for the good gifts He bestows and we are delighted that they have chosen to join us at Campion.

Interview by Muriel Indermuehle
A Dream Comes True
Robert Carlson hoped and planned during academy days at Upper Columbia Academy and during his coursework at Walla Walla College that someday he could be an academy chaplain.   Now Rob and wife Elizabeth have become part of the staff at Campion Academy as campus chaplain and health aid, respectively.

Coming from pastoring in Minot, North Dakota, the Carlsons feel that "God led us to Colorado."  With their son, Harper, age 6 and daughter, Alice, age 4, they find hiking and disc golf enjoyable recreational pursuits. 
Elizabeth was raised in Wyoming and Washington state in a pastor's home, graduated from Auburn Adventist Academy, and completed a communication major at Walla Walla College.
Interviewed by Ken Albertsen
Deena Friesen
We want to welcome Deena to our community of faith.  She moved from Boulder to Longmont where she currently resides.  Deena works as an x-ray tech, specializing in mammography, at Longmont United Hospital.  

In her spare time, Deena enjoys hiking, kayaking, and reading.  She also enjoys singing and misses having a choir.

I asked Deena why she chose Campion Church and she said she heard many good things about our pastor.  She also likes the friendliness of the people here.

Deena says she is learning more about God every day and enjoys being involved in mission trips. 

Welcome to Campion Church, Deena, we are so happy to have you as part of our church family.  

Interview by Muriel Indermuehle
Welcome Jerry and Tanya Huether
Campion welcomes Jerry and Tanya to the church family. The Huethers moved to Colorado from the Miami, Florida, area; however they both consider Oregon to be home, having only lived in Florida for a year. Florida never gelled for them, so they were in the process of moving back to Portland, Oregon, when God had other plans.
The Voice of Prophecy invited Tanya to join their staff as Director of Development. Prior to joining the Voice of Prophecy team, Tanya was a self-employed freelance fundraising specialist drafting grants and fundraising programs for non-profit agencies. In addition, she was doing graphic design work.
Jerry's career has taken him far and wide. He is an international pilot for American Airlines travelling to the Caribbean, Central America, and parts of South America. So, when the call came to move to Colorado, he was as ready to go as Tanya. Colorado offered exciting new adventures!
Jerry and Tanya met in Dallas, Texas, where Jerry was working as a pilot. Tanya was working for Union College and was tasked with writing profiles on their alums for CORD magazine, the alumni news magazine. One of her assignments was to write a feature on Jerry Huether for an issue they were doing on flight. The rest, as they say, is history!
Jerry, an Alberta Canada native, and Tanya, who grew up in Oregon, live a very active lifestyle. Both enjoy cycling the mountains and back roads of their new home state. Tanya also enjoys sewing--when she has the time--and piano. You can also find Tanya on the platform singing with the Praise Team on those rare weekends she's in town.
Being a pilot affords the Huether's the opportunity to travel extensively. Their most memorable and epic trip was to northern Italy where they not only had the chance to see some of the Giro d'Italia (Italy's version of the Tour de France), but they also visited Florence and the regions where the Waldensians fled persecution from the Roman Catholic Church.
Jerry and Tanya, thank you for making Campion your home church.

Interview by Donna Webb

Lyn Shiffer  is one of our new members, moving here from Brookings, Oregon, at the beginning of this year.  She is employed full time by the VOP which is keeping h er very busy in a job she truly enjoys.  

I asked Lyn why she chose Campion Church. She responded that our church is like a "breath of fresh air."  She loves all the children and appreciates that there is opportunity for participation by all a ge groups. She also likes that she can connect electronically.  Lyn's hobbies include sewing, reading, and crafts--when she has time.

Lyn's mother joined the Adventist Church when Lyn was 5 years old.  Since then, Lyn has continued to grow in faith. She loves the Lord and wants to be ready when He comes back. 

We want to welcome Lyn into our Campion Church family; we are so glad that you have become part of us.  

Interviewed by Muriel Indermuehle
Staying Connected
Cone or scoops?
Ice Cream Social Provided Time to Play 
The social committee under the leadership of Jennifer Gibbs and Chris Santana organized games and time to fellowship after delicious homemade ice cream, salads, and sandwiches July 31.
Ping-Pong champions, Jonathan Gibbs and Elliott Fortner,

Naomi Sigler, and Elliott and Jeanette Fortner prepare the canisters of homemade goodness.

Baby Clouzet Showered with Gifts
Melissa and Yves were honored at a church baby shower organized by Marilyn Jackson and her committee. The baby is expected in early October.


Harley Freeman 2
Duncan Terry 2
Kevin Forsythe 3
Sydney Halvorson 3
Christopher Johnson 3
Melissa Worley 3
Sten Erik Sorensen 4
Barry Boicourt 5
Loma Faling 5
Joe McRoberts 5
Marilyn Jackson 7
Teresa C Wright 7
Gabriela Camacho 8
Daron Zimmerman 8
Elliott Fortner 9
Thomas Hinrichs 9
Jake Philpott 9
Max Goodwin 10
Lindsey C Patrick 10
Julie Spickard 11
Crystal Coria 12

Caleb Geiger 12
Michelle L. Dennis 13
David A Chavez 14
Tyler Cowan 14
Judy Olson 14
Robin Aker 15
Marlene Ellquist 15
Cindy Santana 15
Gina Thrasher 15
Ania Hansen 16
Sandra Jurs 16
Megan Bowen 17
Austin Dreier 17
Megan Ferguson 18
Tony Hall 18
Aubrey Nelson 18
Russell Nelson 19
Levi Esparza 20
Corey Kulm 20
Alexandria Torres 20
Sue Helm 21

Carey Jordan 21
Perrin Altos Logue 21
Ellen Potter 21
Alicia Cruttenden 22
Courtney Krueger 22
Zeca Santana 22
Devaney Bright 23
Marilyn Hinrichs 23
Lief Sorensen 23
Nicholas Donohew 24
Damian Johansen 24
Douglas Lorenz 24
Victoria Odenthal 24
Glenn McCluskey 25
Mark R Busby 26
Cheri Hughes 26
Kaileigh Cate 28
Lia Gabriella 28
Shawna Hammond 28
Minutes of the Board
Read the minutes for reports from the Clerk, Finance Committee, Evangelism Committee, Building Project and Music and Worship Committee.

 Minutes August 16, 2016

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