September, 2017
Pastor's Message
by Pastor Micheal Goetz
Master Plan Update
Earlier this spring, each of the three entities on our campus (CA, HMS, and church) recommended that an ad hoc committee with two representatives from each come together and look forward on how our campus footprint (structures and layout) might change over the upcoming years and how as a campus we can support the mission and direction of the other organizations.

This committee huddled and recommend a plan by January '18 for:
  • Each organization to have a projected plan of any building plans to be broken down to three time segments: The next 2-5 years, 5-10 years, and the next 15+ years.
  • This committee will recommend back to the three organizations, ideas for how collectively we continue working together and supporting each other on a campus without property lines but with a joint mission. 
Pastoral Search
The pastoral search committee has met and looked over a number of resumes for our pastor of discipleship/family and has narrowed the list down to what they felt was the best compliment to the current pastoral team and the needs for leadership.   The next step will be continued referencing and a Skype interview.
Capital Campaign for Building Addition
The Capital Campaign Committee has spent time praying and putting together a brochure that will communicate the need and vision of this building addition.  The next step, assisted by the board members, is to reach out to the rest of us one-by-one and share the invitation to help support the goal for the vision.  This is what those in the industry call the "silent phase." The recommendation is to get to 60% of the overall goal before launching the public or more visual campaign. Of the $2,000,000, we have $685,000 of commitments and savings in the bank to date.

Our Church in Action
Young Adult International Cooking
by Phyllis Zimmerman

The Health Ministry team of Campion church held their first ever young adult international Cooking Experience on Sunday, August 13, with 5 different dishes presented from the countries of Argentina, Guatemala, and Thailand. The participants were treated to full plates of delicious international cuisine of Enchilada Guatemaltecas, Thai Vegetable Bowl with Peanut Sauce, Thai Red Curry with Vegetables, two types of empenadas, and a sweet Argentinian cookie called "Alfajores de Maicena."  Our international presenters were Nelly Bravatti, Heidy Marroquin assisted my her son David, Andrew Hufman, Ignacio Luciano and Nathan Cordova.  Young adults attending from Eden Valley were from France and the Netherlands.  It truly was a great time, tasting and talking. 
Recipe for Enchiladas Guatemalteca's 
In This Issue
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Our Mission
We serve and glorify God through Christ-centered worship, individual spiritual growth, youth involvement, and community interaction.
Pastoral Staff
Micheal Goetz, Lead
Nestor Soriano, Assoc.
Esequias Perea, Chaplain

Admin Asst./Treasurer:
Teresa Johansen

Service Schedule
Sabbath School 9:30 am
Church            10:45 am
Prayer Meeting  6:30 pm
Click on calendar for church, pathfinder, and Campion events.
Life Development Center Seminar Series Coming
The Campion Family Life Ministries is presenting the Life Development Center learning opportunity open to church members and the community beginning September 6 and continuing each Wednesday evening at 6:30 until October 18. The purpose of each class is for enrichment and personal growth.

      The seminars presented will include:
  • Financial Peace University is taught by Dave Ramsey and facilitated by Bill Hay. Hay has been involved in planned giving, estate planning, and trust services for 25 years.
  • Grief, Death and Loss: How to Help Yourself and Others. The sessions will be facilitated by hospice chaplain Mark Atwood and professional counselor Sandy Eickmann. The course will cover topics such as grief after a traumatic death, children and grief, men and grief, saying good-bye, guilt, self-care for the survivor, and others.
  • How to Study the Bible taught by Dick Stenbakken, EdD, using a textbook by Rick Warren covering basic skills, methods, and materials. It is not a theological study, but teaches the student so that he or she can study any topic or Bible book for themselves and gain insight and be faithful to the text.
  • My Bible and I: Difficult Bible Texts Explained. This question and answer seminar will be led by a panel made up of Kim Mehlenbacher, Chuck Paulien, Alex Rodriguez, and Ben Trujillo. This seminar will take the place of the regular Power of Prayer meeting.
If you would like to attend one of these courses, please register by calling 970-667-7403 so that sufficient books and handouts can be available. Child care will be provided, but you must register for this as well so there will be adequate care providers. The classes will all meet in the academy classrooms.
Campion Members Team with Others at the Loveland Adventist Community Service Center
by Sadie Torrez

The Loveland Adventist Community Service Center has a new director, Paul Brown, with Sadie Torrez keeping online records of those served. The center is open on Tuesday mornings from 9 to
Ron and Steve Coon assist with clothing.
noon. Food, clothing, quilts, and other articles are distributed weekly and prepa red for times of disaster. 
The center needs a volunteer on Tuesday mornings to sort

The quilters need one more person to tie quilts. 

Diapers , shampoo, cond itioner, lotion, deodorant, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste are always in  short supply. Fresh gar den produce is accepted.  
The community center, 
The quilters: Joyce Williamson, Betty Welch, Marlia Mehner, and Ella Jean Albertsen.
Sadie Torrez organizes the files. Ted helps with food distribution.
at 950 Cleveland Ave
is one way for our church to be involved in the   commun ity. 
A Note from Women's Ministries
By Mary Mehlenbacher
We had a blast visiting fun members who can't make it to church. Come join us and see and receive the blessing. On Sabbath after potluck we take a small gift and loads of love.
If you would like to join us, contact Pat Graybill or Mary Mehlenbacher to find out future dates and  times. 
Campion Summer Wildfire Team
Sees God Send Eight Baptisms to Lakewood Fellowship
Story by Evangelist Phil Jones

          The summer started easy enough with six teens: Abby Logan, Austin Rotinsulu, Jessica Davis, Kayla Gonzales, Kendrick McGrew and Ricky Crews, plus Xander Assa, a college extern who preached at Wildfire II last summer in Greeley. The group was led by Pastor Esequias Perea, formerly youth pastor at Campion Church and now Campion Academy Chaplain, assisted by Evangelist Phil Jones. The teens worked in the Campion Vacation Bible School with over one hundred children, under the direction of Kari Lange, in the mornings and practiced their evangelistic sermons in the afternoons.
          They then moved on to hold Vacation Bible Schools in the mornings and evangelistic meetings each evening in: Greeley, Colorado; Newcastle, Wyoming; and Lakewood Fellowship near Denver. The members at Lakewood Fellowship began earnestly praying in person and by conference call two months ahead of their meetings every Sabbath evening at 8:30. Pastor Ruddy Vivanco, the district leader prepared the first baptism for the opening weekend on July 22. Miraculously God sent two more baptisms that Sabbath via a motorcycle accident which brought sudden and complete revival. Pastor Chuck Gadway, a former pastor at Lakewood, drove six hours from Newcastle, Wyoming, to perform those baptisms.
          And things just got better and better from there! The teens started with ten children in the VBS and finished with eighteen. As they made sincere gospel appeals each evening, the Spirit moved people forward. Loads and loads of happy tears were shed as
Pastor Gadway baptizing in Lakewood
the week moved on, finishing with eight baptisms. The evangelistic meetings had started with around fifteen persons present and closed with around sixty present. As the teens love to say, "Wow, God!" Please pray for the Campion Wildfire Teens this winter on campus and next summer again as we move toward Jesus' soon return.
Mid-America Union Camporee, July 26 to 30, 2017
Custer, South Dakota 
By Bill Arrington
Pathfinder 3
L-R Stephen Turk, Judah Hammond, Colton Herber, Cedric Turk,
Kevin Forshee, and Bill Arrington
            Seven Loveland Cougar Pathfinders, staff, and parents (Cedric Turk, Kevin Forshee, Judah Hammond, Colton Herber, Davin Hammond, Stephen Turk, and Bill Arrington) recently attended the Mid-America Union Pathfinder Camporee from July 26 to 30, 2017. The Camporee location was Custer, South Dakota, in the beautiful Black Hills region of the state. The Loveland team joined other Pathfinders from around Mid-America for an exciting, spiritual experience culminating in all 1500 Pathfinders parading into the Mount Rushmore amphitheater.

Pathfinder 3
  L-R Davin Hammond, Cedric Turk, Stephen Turk, Kevin Forshee,Judah Hammond, Colton Herber, Bill Arrington   
            Highlights for the team included eating great meals, tent camping during severe thunder storms, participating in morning and evening worship, visiting theReptile Gardens, checking out the Crazy Horse Monument, learning pioneering skills, and wearing their uniforms proudly at Mount Rushmore. It was an unforgettable experience for the entire team. Together with other clubs, the group lived the Camporee theme of becoming "Kindred Spirits."
Pathfinder 2
L-R Cedric Turk, Colton Herber, Kevin Forshee, Judah Hammond
Johnstown-Milliken Picnic
Dave Oden.

By: Debby Worley  

What a cool morning and sunny afternoon for the Johnstown-Millliken picnic, wi th a scrumptious lunch, surprise homemade ice cream, volleyball, and badminton. We had wonderful fellowship, and welcomed our newest member: a 5-day-old baby! The shaded playground at Johnstown's Parish Park was great for the kids. This was the 3rd annual picnic, and we are already planning next year's. 


All About People
We are happy to welcome Delila Laune to the Campion Church.
By Pat Graybill       
Delila grew up on a farm in South Dakota with three sisters, one of whom is Lorraine Binder. She attended Union College, graduating in 1958 with a nursing degree. She then moved here to Loveland in1960 and worked for Dr. Grosboll for six years. Later she worked for the Loveland hospital for 27 years. In 1969 Delila met and married Larry Laune; they enjoyed many fun years traveling together. Although they always enjoyed kids, they were not blessed with their own.
Delila says that she enjoys music, reading, cooking, and baking.
Welcome to John Sandoval
By Muriel Indermuehle 
John Sandoval was born in Wyoming but has lived most of his life in Colorado.  He moved from Denver to Greeley and has been attending the Campion church for the past year.  John owns his own business and spends his weekends "chilling" with his son.  Welcome to Campion John, we are happy you are now a part of our church family.
Three Babies Dedicated
Tom and Renee Cleveland, Pastor Nestor and Katherine Soriano, and Jonny and Josephine Loi presented their children to God surrounded by grandparents and other family members.
Cari Cleveland
Eliana Soriano
Zachary Loi 

Joel and Christina Baker welcome Elina Christine Baker

Elina Christine joined the Baker family on August 1, 2017, weighing 6 lbs 10 oz and measuring 20 1/4 inches long.

Staying Connected
Inviting Women to Meet for Lunch and Exercise
Any and all women are invited to join a group of Campion Church women who like to meet together to walk each Wednesday morning at 9:00 to exercise for one hour. They would love to have you join them! They meet in the parking lot across from the batting cages on the west side of Cleveland at South 5th Street--just before Hwy 287 becomes two-way as you head south. Come join--it is fun!
There is another group of women who would love to have you join them for lunch the last Wednesday of the month at 1:00 pm to try different restaurants and to fellowship. Each orders off the menu individually, and it is separate bills. Each month the group decides which restaurant they will visit the following month. If you are interested in joining the group any time, please call Barb Konrad (970-278-5882) as she lets the restaurant know how many they might expect. Bon Appetite!
Have fun trying new restaurants and then walk off the calories!
Two Events with Jacqueline Huse and Her Daughter Shelby

Greeley Church Hosts Concert - All Are Invited! September 16 at 6:30 pm.

Women's One Day Retreat September 17.  See more information below.


The Best is Yet to Come
September 17, 2017
Women's One-Day Retreat
Sunday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Presented by Jacqueline Huse and her 17 year old daughter, Shelby
Pinehurst Country Club
6255 West Quincy, Denver
Register for one-day retreat by September 8
$39.00 per person includes noon meal on Sunday
BY MAIL - include your name, address, phone, email address. Enclose check payable to RMC WM or credit card - include CC number, security code, zip code. Mail to Ginger Bell, 1035 Midland Street, Brighton, CO 80601
BY PHONE (with credit card) Call Ginger at 720-980-9006
Learn More about the Women's Retreat 

Campion Academy Homecoming September 22 to 24 
By Marilyn Jackson and Ardis & Dick Stenbakken
          The Campion Academy Homecoming September 22-24 will honor the alumni of 1947, 1952, 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992,1997, 2002, 2007, 2012, and 2017. Mike Mennard will be the special speaker for the Friday evening vespers at 7:00 in the Campion Church and our own Pastor Micheal Goetz will be the Sabbath service speaker in the gymnasium. The Sabbath evening vespers at 6:30 will be presented by a singing group from Southwestern Adventist University.
           The Campion Alumni Reeder Classic four-man scramble will take place at 9:00 am on Friday at the Ute Creek Golf Course. Those desiring to play should contact Don Reeder at 970-556-0663 or .
           On Friday, alumni should register between 2:00 and 6:00 pm in the gym lobby, and registration is also available online at The first 300 to register will receive a gift. Friday's supper in the cafeteria is at 5:15 by donation, and the Common Ground Café where the more recent graduates can reconnect over hot drinks and pastries will be in the academy student center beginning at 7:30.
          Sabbath activities include Sabbath School with Mike Mennard and Michelle Velazquez-Mennard beginning at 9:30 and the church service at 11:00; both are in the gym. Lunch will be in the cafeteria at 12:30, and supper at 5:30, and again paid by donation. The honor classes will meet in the afternoon for visiting and picture taking. The vesper service will be followed by alumni soccer and basketball games.
There will be a motorcycle rally Sunday morning at 9:00, meeting in front of the administration building.

Financial Peace University
By Bill Hay 
Dave Ramsey is a very popular nationally syndicated talk show host who talks about money. The amazing thing about his show is that he is unashamedly a Christian, and openly announces that his guide to money management is none other than the Bible. Every day he has a "Scripture of the Day" that he reads, then briefly comments upon it. And he closes each broadcast hour by saying "If you want to have financial peace, you must walk daily with the Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus." It is very surprising that someone with that approach would have such a huge following in the secular world.
Ramsey has put on video his 9-session course to sound, Bible-based financial management. He calls it Financial Peace University. We have the privilege of hosting this at Campion church this fall. Classes will be on Wednesday nights September 6 through November 1 in the Campion Academy Ad Building from 6:30 to 8:00. We expect to have several families from the community join us.
Each meeting will begin with the video of Dave Ramsey. His style is light and entertaining, yet he teaches very profound concepts. After the video we will spend a few minutes applying what we have learned. This is much more than just learning; we will apply what we have learned to our own financial situation. Refreshments will be served.
The Ramsey organization states that nationwide, the average family that participates in FPU will pay off $5,300 in debt, and put $2,700 cash in the bank within the first 90 days. That is an $8,000 turn-around! Remember, that is the average, so you will likely be a little off of these numbers. But for sure you will be a lot better off than you were before.
Yes, you will be shown how to pay off your debts, and how to save and invest. But there is also a hidden benefit to this class. Most married couples find that in working together on their finances they are drawn much closer together. The number ONE cause for divorce in America today is FINANCES. And it is also the number ONE subject of contentious arguments within a marriage. So if you find yourselves fighting about money, this class is a wonderful opportunity to get on the same page. Not a day goes by but what the Ramsey organization hears from someone who says "this class saved our marriage!"
Cost for the first 12 families is $99 (additional kits will be ordered at $109). The kit includes a textbook, workbook, budget envelope wallet, etc. In addition to the materials, you will have a lifetime membership to the Ramsey organization, and can re-take the class at any time in the future at no cost. (So if you have already taken it previously, come join us!)

School News

The 2017-18 school year has officially begun! 
On Sunday, August 20,  145 students arrived on campus to check in to school and move into the dorms. It was an exciting day for students and parents as the kids met new friends and reunited with old ones. All the staff at Campion are excited to begin a new year and help show the love of Jesus to all our students. 

HMS Richards Students Make the Trek for Eclipse Totality Viewing
by Jillian Harlow
On the third day back to school, Paul Bragaw and Davin Hammond led their classes of 5th through 8th graders up to Wyoming for the once in a lifetime opportunity to view the solar eclipse totality. 
"I must admit; I was skeptical that it would be worth it to the students to ride in a car for potentially 10-12 hours and maybe not even experience the two-minute eclipse totality," said Hammond.  "Fortunately, despite some slow traffic, we arrived at a rest stop in Wyoming in time to view the whole eclipse through the special glasses purchased for this occasion.  The two minutes of totality were a pure gift from God!" 
Grace Garman, a sixth-grader at HMS who attended the trip, said, "It was just super cool because when the sun was totally covered we could take off our glasses and the crickets even started chirping.  Also, it was a really cool 360 degree sunset." 
Hammond gave a fuller description of the experience;  "We were able to take our glasses off and view a dark circle apparently glowing from the backside with a white light. The mountains in the distance were just silhouettes on the horizon. It was a dark dusk that even confused the wildlife, and the crickets began to strum. A person could view a few stars/planets in the dark grey sky. But, my favorite part was the first few seconds as the sun started to peak out from the black sphere, a tiny bright light appeared. Someone in the group referred to it as a diamond. Picture the brightest, pure white, diamond shining, much smaller than the sun, but much bigger and brighter than any other star. What a God!" 
It certainly was a unique experience for everyone who attended and taught lessons not only about science but about our Great Creator.  Teachers at HMS are emphasizing the study of God's first book (nature) this year so it was a great way to start the school year.
August Highlights:
August 17:  The school year started on a high note on with pastors, teachers, staff, and community members joining together to pray over our 83 students.  We are thankful to God for continued growth and many new families joining our community!
August 23:  HMS acquired an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) through a generous donation from Thompson Valley Emergency Medical Services. 
August 31:  HMS families Open House
Upcoming Events: 
September 8:  The annual Bike-a-thon fundraiser will take place on Friday.  Students will be biking and running laps to raise money for the HMS Student Aid and Scholarship Fund.  Be sure to come out and cheer on our little riders and make a per-lap pledge for a student!  Contact the event organizer, Kerri Belsito, if you are able to volunteer, at 970-215-6856. 
September 11:  Grandparents Day celebration for grades Pre-K to 4.  All grandparents (and adopted grandparents for those students whose are not able to attend) are invited to attend school with their grandchildren.  They will enjoy a special program, crafts and interactive activities to honor the special relationship Grandparents and Grandchildren have. 
September 16: HMS students will perform music during the Campion church service.
September 20-22: Outdoor school at GVR for grades 5-8

Business of the Church
September Offerings:
September 2:  Local Budget:
We all like an attractive, clean church. But unless we are willing to clean the church ourselves, someone has to be paid to do the cleaning. This good person is paid by the local church budget--one of many budget items for our local church.
September 9: Fall Mission Appeal:
This is one of the primary offerings of the year for mission advance. Even after being a church for over 150 years, there are still parts of the world that have never heard that Jesus is coming again.
September 16: Local Budget:
This is the time of year when we need to make sure the furnace is ready for the winter. Even if it is fine now, we need to build a reserve for the inevitable breakdown.
September 23: Rocky Mountain Conference (RMC) Advance:
Forty percent of the Rocky Mountain Advance is used for evangelism. This 40% enables the conference to provide funding to us at Campion for local evangelistic efforts.
September 30: RMC Education:
George Crumley, our Conference Treasurer, says that they use 10% of every dollar given to the RMC Advance for education. But today we have the opportunity to have 100% go for support and major capital purchases or improvements to our conference schools, including HMS Richards and Campion Academy.

Campion Church
300 42nd St SW
Loveland, CO 80537
(970) 214-8907
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