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It’s Not Over: Welcome to 2021
We have prayed God would do a work unusual and unprecedented, but we secretly would prefer He do it under smooth seas and a calm sky. There isn’t a one of us that understands 2020 or can see clearly how God could use it. We were only blind to the future, now it seems time in both directions is veiled to us. Satan has seemingly had his way. 

But. Reread John 10:10 with me:
Satan, the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy… this is the part were satan has his way. But. Watch who has the last word, I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. 

Because of our confidence in our God, we continue to mission forward for His kingdom.

The pastoral team and church board have established symbols, visuals to remind us of our mission to Know.Grow.Go. Each one takes the primary focus of our mission components: the Bible pointing to our Sabbath experience of knowing, a group picturing our growing together, and an arrow indicating movement to Go share Jesus through personal contacts.
Pastor Micheal Goetz

Thank you Pathfinder and Adventurer Leaders
Wednesday nights and beyond, our Pathfinder and Adventurer leaders engage and challenge our young people to develop in life and faith – it’s a picture of discipleship. Thank you to you leaders who are making a difference. You have invested. God will give an increase. –Pastors

January Sermon Series:
Dare to be a Daniel
Ministry Team
Lead Pastor
Micheal Goetz

Evangelism/Worship Pastor
Nestor Soriano

Discipleship/Family Pastor
Michael Morss

RMC Literature Ministry Pastor Matt Hasty

Campion Academy Chaplain
Nancy Meszaros
Office Administrator/Treasurer
Teresa Johansen

Head Elder
Dick Stenbakken

Member Care Team
The Pastors
Carol Turk
Becca Herber
Campion Academy Principal
Don Reeder

HMS Elementary Principal
Paul Bragaw
Our Mission
The Campion Church is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist movement seeking to

 Jesus as our Friend and Savior

a Caring Community

 Share the Everlasting Gospel

Fulfilling the Mission: Know, Grow, Go
Trees Planted by Rivers of Water…
By Pastor Michael Morss
Speaking to the cultural tension that Christians navigate from day to day, Kristen Deede Johnson, professor of theology at Western Theological Seminary, uses the biblical image of trees to describe what our ministry could look like. “Among many other things, trees are known for their capacity to take in the potentially harmful gases surrounding them and offer life-giving oxygen to the world.”[1]
In some of her most recent work on reaching the world while maintaining Christian integrity, Johnson calls attention to a trend within Christianity where many well-meaning Christians are arrested, rather than mobilized, by the sinful things seen in the world around us. The ensuing response, as she describes, is a Christian nation that far too often looks to political institutions to do the work that we as Christians were called to do. 
What is that work? The Bible reminds us that, “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world” (James 1:27). While we all know this verse well, it is a good reminder that these events are not mutually exclusive for the Christian.

I recently had the privilege to lead our Pathfinders in outreach to several families in our fold who have been through some extraordinarily difficult times over these past few years. Truth be told, ministry to our community is the theme that defines our Pathfinder ministry – a ministry that comes together each week to study God’s Word.
Could it be as David describes in Psalm 1, that when we meditate on God’s law day and night that we too will be “like a tree planted by the rivers of water,” and as a result bear fruit to a dying world in need of a savior? If you desire to share the life-giving “oxygen” of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in your community, contact one of the pastors to get involved today.
[1] Keller, Timothy, and John D. Inazu. 2020. Uncommon Ground: Living Faithfully in a World of Difference. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson.
Pastors, Family, Friends and Pathfinders Meet to Pray Over Waverly Taylor
Pastor Goetz chats with Waverly during the gathering to pray with her as she faces a difficult health crisis. She is covered with a quilt signed with messages of love and support.
Photos by Nestor Soriano
The Pathfinders broke from their meeting to pray for their friend Miss Waverly. She praised the Pathfinders who have mowed her lawn and done other deeds of kindness for her,
Christmas Highlights
Campion’s Candlelight Christmas Concert

Music filled the Campion sanctuary and homes with live-streaming as a number of talented members of the Campion Church shared Christmas in the Candlelight Christmas Concert Christmas Eve.

And variety is the key word as there was a great range of ages, instruments, songs themselves, the Hearts and Harmony women’s choir, piano duets and solos, and families represented. The ages ranged from little Sarah Zanardi singing 'Happy Birthday, Jesus' and Elliott Kahler playing his violin to congregational carol singing. There were family groups including the Graybills, Zanardis, Jordans, Issa sisters, and Pastor and Mrs. Soriano. Pastor Goetz brought a Christmas homily and Celeste Rodriguez brought the original Advent story from the Gospel of Luke.

A special thanks should go to Sherry Hay not only for organizing this Christmas gift to the Campion family but also accompanying so many of the musical selections. 

The church shone with lights and a manger scene thanks to the decorating committee led by Jeanette Fortner.
An octet of Campion's talented vocalists led by George Swanson presented "The Thrill of Hope" for both services December 19th.
Olivia Jordan accompanies her sister Madi and brother Jack as they play "Greensleeves" for the candlelight Chirstmas Eve program.
Photo by Ken Albertsen
Elders' Retreat
By Dick Stenbakken

Campion Church’s elders had a retreat and sharing/learning time together December 4 and Sabbath afternoon the fifth. Pastor Goetz led a study on the book of Jonah Friday evening where he challenged the elders to respond positively to the calling of God and following His directions rather than our own inclinations.

Sabbath afternoon and evening Gus Lee, former West Point Cadet, trainer, and author, led the group in discussions around individual personality preferences and how those variations can add strength to a team by bringing unique insights. Lee reviewed traits of leadership leading to team building as well as challenging elders to identify areas of personal growth to be solid leaders.

Various elder teams presented concepts from a book, Six Thinking Hats, introducing a style of discussion and decision making that incorporates differing views and how, when used together, those differences produce a plan for how successful action can be developed and done.

The over-arching theme was teamwork. This is in line with the elder’s prayer partner teams that are already operating. The aim is for elders to work together as a team of church leaders to assist the pastors in member care, community outreach, discipleship, and other needs of the congregation.
All About People
New Families
Joselyn Serrano

Joselyn Serrano moved here two years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her move was precipitated by the need to find an academy for her oldest son D'Angelo to attend. Joselyn is the single parent of three boys, her husband having died after twelve years of marriage; he died while on active duty.  

Joselyn's sons are attending HMS and Campion Academy. Dylan is in 1st grade, Davin in 4th grade and D'Angelo in 10th. Joselyn has nothing but praise for the schools and the teachers involved with her children. She says the support of the teachers and school is just amazing.

Joselyn is employed by the Thompson School District as the cafeteria supervisor at the Carrie Martin Elementary School. She and the boys enjoy hiking. Joselyn's motto is "Never Give Up."

We are so pleased to welcome this family into our church fellowship.
Interview by Muriel Indermuehle
Jesse Norris
Jesse moved here from Castle Rock, Washington, in search of new job opportunities and a change. Jesse grew up on an academy campus and when he met Pastor Micheal Goetz on campus it helped him in his choice of which church to attend.  

Jesse is now working as a plumber's apprentice. His hobbies include all things connected with history, off-roading, and photography.  

Jesse feels the Lord led him to Colorado. He has enjoyed working with Pastor Morss and the Grow Groups and any connection with photography, using it to encourage people.  

Jesse, we are pleased to welcome you into membership.
Photo by Dan Turk. Interview by Muriel Indermuehle
The Ramos Family
Tristi, Franco, Madisen, and Jack Ramos joined the Campion Church earlier this year. They report that when Madisen entered Campion Academy as a freshman in 2018 the family shifted their focus to the Campion area. They have been very pleased with Madisen’s experience at Campion Academy. Jack is an eighth-grade student at HMS Richards School. Pastor Joe Martin baptized Jack in February of 2020 and Madisen in March of 2019.

Although the family has lived in Colorado most of their lives, they have also lived in the New York City area and enjoyed the East Coast, but the Rocky Mountains called them home. They enjoy hiking, mountain biking, motorcycling, and in winter, skiing and snowboarding. Besides the love of nature and outdoor activities, the family likes to spend time with their “critters”: three dogs, four cats, and 21 chickens.

Tristi has worked as a consultant for Accenture, but since the children joined the family she has been volunteering or teaching various K-8 classes. Franco partnered with Amazon in 2018 as part of their delivery program. 
Interview by Teresa Johansen
Matthew Savage Joins Campion Church
Matthew Savage (Matt) has joined our congregation by baptism (see the December issue of Campion Connections). But he is not new to our church as his father and mother-in-law are Pastor and Lynn Eagan and his daughter Christine is a student at the Academy and Autumn attends HMS Richards School.

Matt is the RN House Senior Manager at McKee Hospital which means that at this time he is extremely busy. His wife Tammy works in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) so it is a busy family. He indicates that when things lighten up he will decide how he would like to be involved in the Campion Church. When he does have time, Matt likes to do woodworking and gardening.

We praise God that you have joined our church, Matt. May the Lord continue to guide you.
Interview by Ardis Stenbakken
Birthdays this Month
In Memory of Pat Graybill
Pat Graybill passed away December 16; she had been an active member of our congregation for many years; Pat would have been 78 on December 26. At this time no services are planned although there may be an announcement in the spring.

Pat’s friends note that Pat was passionate about wellness and health, often hosting cooking classes and other programs promoting wellness. Another thing those that knew Pat say is that Pat had a phenomenal ability to share her faith; Marge Velazquez knew Pat from back when they were both at Madison College and related that Pat seemed to be able to find people everywhere with whom she would share books and Bible studies. Pat liked to sing; she loved music, reading, and cooking. Her daughter-in-law Laurie says, “She was a great cook!” Pat had been active in Women’s Ministries from the early days in this Conference and was a member of the Women’s Ministries team here in our church at the time of her death; she planned special events and had several planned for this 2021 year.
Another thing Pat loved was her grandchildren—often helping them with their school work and supporting and mentoring all eight in any way she could.

Pat is survived by her husband Buck, son Buck Jr. and wife Laurie, and son Brent and wife Fawn, and eight grandchildren

Pat worked with her husband Buck in real estate, managing a number of apartments. She would often help people who were in need to have a place to live, always looking for ways to be a blessing.
Coming Events
Service Schedule
First Service 9 - 10:10
Sabbath School 10:20 - 11:20
Second Church      11:30 - 12:40

Services streamed live from
10 Days of Prayer January 6-15
Seeking Revival 2021.
Come and experience "United in Prayer" from January 6 -15.
Join nightly from 6:30-7:30 pm in the Community Center at Campion Church.
Tenisha Tavares
Healthy Winter Soups with Melanie Goetz January 28
Join us as Melanie Goetz shares plant-based and delicious recipes for homemade soups on Thursday, January 28, at 6:30 pm in the Community Center. Free appetizers included. Social distanced seating is available. 
Sex Trafficking Awareness Coming January 22 and 23
"There's still a lot of naivete about human trafficking,” explains Karen Fettig. The predators “know when to make their move," says Fettig who will bring information and education to our campus regarding this huge issue. She will be speaking to the Academy students Friday evening January 22 and presenting a session to the entire church Sabbath afternoon at 3:00 January 23 in the church sanctuary. These sessions are sponsored by the Campion Church Women’s Ministries. All are invited to attend.

Fettig, a resident of Manderson, Wyoming, is an activist who has been concerned regarding this trafficking issue for 15 years. “My focus is how to educate parents and kids. I want to bring human trafficking awareness to our communities," she says. Fettig says sex traffickers are convincing, they are patient, they know exactly how to talk to young girls to get them to do what the predator wants. Fettig wants to protect our young people so has been invited to our campus. Nancy Kast, who is one of the Campion Women’s Ministries team leaders notes that both boys and girls, men and women, need to be aware of trafficking so they can be protected themselves and able to spot and help others.

The Department of Homeland Security defines human trafficking as the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. Colorado reported 176 cases in 2019; these cases involved sex, construction, landscaping, agriculture, domestic services, pornography, and more. 
Church Business
Building Campaign Status
Let's each do our part to pay off the loan and remodel the kitchen!
Offerings this Month
January 2, 16, and 30: Local Church Budget:
Chairs, tables, insurance, utilities, paint, new furnace, bulletins, paper, computers and printers—you name it, if it is local, this budget pays for it. The list is long, but we have three opportunities this month to cover our expenses. This church has been amazing in its faithfulness; now is not the time to let up.

January 9: Rocky Mountain Conference Advance:
As our Conference Youth Department plans for the summer programs, even with all the uncertainty as to what will happen, they depend on this offering. Youth camps receive 10% and the summer camp programs receive another 10%.

January 23: North American Division Religious Liberty
Some aspects this offering covers are:
·        Distributing Liberty magazine to nearly 200,000 mostly non-Adventist thought leaders
·        Maintaining a litigation fund to defend Adventists' religious convictions in the workplace
  • Sponsoring events such as the annual Religious Liberty dinner, congressional visitation and training sessions for legislative liaison work
  • Interacting with public officials to represent our church viewpoint to policy makers
  • Producing regular weekly television and radio programs 
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