From the Pastoral Team
One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
 By Pastor Goetz
After walking through the North America Division (NAD) office in Maryland several years ago, an idea to have a mural of images reflecting the creation week came to me for Campion. About the same time, Dick and Ardis Stenbakken saw a creation mural at an area Lutheran church and thought it would make a nice statement if the Sabbath emphasis were added. They shared the idea with the pastoral team, and to Palmer Halverson, and Jeanette Fortner, and then to the several other photographers* as well. The idea grew and metamorphosed into the display hanging on the wall coming from the Sanctuary into the Community Center.
Each column represents a day of creation and are book ended by one of the grandest statements in all of holy writ – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen 1:1) and one highest invitation for mankind: “…worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water” (Rev. 14:6). Displayed in each photograph is the coming-together of the statement of who God is and the invitation to worship Him. Each of the forty-nine pictures makes the case for God being the only Creator and calls you and me to worship this eternal, illimitable, omnibenevolent Being. This was the greatest desire of Elliott Fortner helped put up the mural; it was his desire that these pictures “would each give a clear message of the truths of creation.”
While the creation mural speaks out, those forty-nine galvanizing images are not the only ones speaking out.There is a 3D wooden world map to be mounted on the wall opposite of the Sanctuary entrance (next to the mother’s room). Jeanette Fortner, leading the Interior Decorations Team believes it too will make a declaration: “We are a mission church, students, mission trips, evangelists; it is a visual reminder that there is a world out there that needs Jesus.”
If one picture is worth a thousand words, then these murals are speaking volumes about the God we serve and the mission He has called us to.
*A few photos were taken by local photographers.
Pastoral Search:
Our pastoral search committee has met to begin the search for a new associate pastor. This pastor will lead our congregation and campus in evangelism and worship or media. 

If you have a name to suggest, please invite them to give a resume that can be shared with the search committee. The church board has asked Alex Rodriquez, Bill Hay, Vicki Kahler, Carey Jordan, and Dick Stenbakken to represent the church and join campus and conference leaders in the search process.
Ministry Team
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Micheal Goetz

Evangelism/Worship Pastor

Discipleship/Family Ministry Pastor
Michael Taylor

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Nancy Meszaros
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Teresa Johansen

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Dick Stenbakken

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Don Reeder

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Paul Bragaw
Our Mission
The Campion Church is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist movement seeking to

 Jesus as our Friend and Savior

a Caring Community

 Share the Everlasting Gospel

Fulfilling the Mission: Know, Grow, Go
Schwisow, Jones, and Rodriguez
Three Elders Whose Focus Is Evangelism
Evangelism: noun) the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness.

That really is one purpose of the church. Three of our local church elders bear the responsibility to help make that happen here in our community: Phil Jones, Alex Rodriguez, and Ed Schwisow. In the past months they have worked with Pastor Nestor; until there is a new pastor for evangelism selected, they will continue to support evangelism here at Campion and surrounding communities.

Eddie Schwisow has been working hard leading outreach to the Johnstown community. He says it is his opportunity to perpetuate an example and culture of reaching out “to those who are not yet part of our church.” He adds that he is “blessed to be a child of God, the husband to Sarah, and the dad of Eliana (9), Jonathan (8), and Madelyn (5).” As a family they enjoy time in nature, being involved in ministry, especially through hospitality and friendship evangelism.

When asked about his responsibilities, Alex Rodriguez said he is primarily liaison between elders, the pastors, and the evangelism committee. He believes he should be a personal example and help promote involvement by the membership. Alex and his wife Stacey, a registered nurse, keep busy with their five children (Chase, Celeste, Carissa, Cayliana, and Coralynthia), their garden, and many animals. Alex is not sure he is crazy about all the animals, but the kids are!

Phil Jones says his favorite thing to do is to visit and to lead his small group in Bible study. He says he used to enjoy outdoor activities, but now he is into jeeping! But he also does like to travel with his wife, JoAnne, a volunteer marriage and family therapist with the Pro-life Center in Lafayette. They have two adult children, a son and a daughter. 

He adds, “It's been such a joy to follow the literature evangelists’ leads in home visitation a couple days a week---I've gathered about four number-one leads and anticipate a possible baptism as early as July 10. I am using the "Seven Steps to Become a Seventh-day Adventist" PowerPoint study series that I put together in California last winter. People seem eager to sit down together over the computer and have a 30-minute study together. I think they have missed the personal touch and social exchange during Covid. God's Spirit is moving on hearts!”

Ask him about his seven steps to salvation---each step begins with an “S.”
By Ardis Stenbakken
Women's Ministries Honors DeeAnn Bragaw
DeeAnn Bragaw, a member at Campion, has been selected to lead Women’s Ministries in the North American Division beginning in July. The Campion Women’s Ministries team presented her with a plaque for her new office wall reminding her that her strength will come only from Jesus. She has been the Prayer and Women’s Ministries leader for the Rocky Mountain Conference and the Conference Executive Committee will have to replace her here in RMC.
Ardis Stenbakken and Jeanette Fortner present DeeAnn Bragaw a plaque for her new office.
Photo by Joyelle Worley.
From Grief to Grace to Gratitude
The Campion Women's Ministries sponsored a Women's Ministries Emphasis Day weekend with three presentations offered by Alicia Patterson. On Friday evening she shared her own journey with loss and grief and reminded the group that grief can result from many things such as the loss of a person, job, a pet, or an ability. Alicia's words of wisdom included:
  • Grief happens because we love.
  • Recovery happens when you can look back with love rather than grief.
  • Nearly 1/3 of the Psalms are laments. A lament is crying out to God.
  • Until we show our true face to God, He cannot show His face to us.
  • Speak truth to God. Trust in Him when we are angry with God.
Friday evening, after participants wrote their own lament, she invited those attending to give their grief to Jesus by taking a rock, representing the heaviness and hardness of grief, to the foot of the cross.

What can you do to help someone in loss?
"You can't fix grief. But you can be there to console. Just show up. Just listen. Give them permission to talk or not.

Sabbath afternoon the group had opportunity to express gratefulness through art with drawing, writing, and sculpting with Play-Doh. "You can't wait for life not to be hard to be happy." Find happiness in "what is left."
A participant shared that, “This topic was so necessary at this time—in the pandemic we lost everything—our freedom, our jobs, our health, sometimes family and friends—everything. These topics fit the times.”
By Ardis Stenbakken and Ella Jean Albertsen
Alicia Patterson shares that nearly one-third of the Psalms are laments--crying out to God with our pain. She led the group in writing their own laments for the grief in their lives.
Photo by Joyelle Worley
If you were unable to attend, watch on Facebook at Campion Seventh-day Adventist Church
Over 70 Children Attend VBS
Campion Church Thanks the Leaders!
The fiery furnace
Crafts with a purpose.
The "African" water carrier.
Learning about other countries.
Do you really want to be a mummy?
Singing with Amelia Zimmerman and team.
All About People
Wayne and Nancy Harlow Join Their Twins Jenny Sigler and Matt Harlow
Wayne and Nancy Harlow, parents of Matthew Harlow and Jennifer Sigler, spend summers in Maine but moved their winter selves to Colorado “to be near children and grandchildren.”

Nancy grew up in the mountain states and met Wayne from Maine while they were both in Southern California. It was Wayne’s match-maker sister that arranged the fortunate meeting while he was at La Sierra College and she at Loma Linda Medical Center. Nancy became a registered nurse and Wayne did construction after teaching at Pine Tree Academy.
Now she does scrapbooking and quilting and he likes running, but they both like bicycling.
Interview by Ken Albertsen
Nancy and Wayne Harlow.
Photo by Jenny Sigler.
Meet the Jewett Family
Our new members, Austin, Katie, and Jake Jewett, are a family who drive an hour to our Church. While Austin is from the area, Katie has lived in every time zone, but has been in Colorado the longest. The couple were raised Adventists, and now they love to share that heritage with their toddler, Jake. As Campion Academy graduates, Austin and Katie enjoy being at our Church and appreciate the student involvement it has. Summer is the busiest time for Austin as a truck driver, but you can find him riding his Harley or golfing when he can. Katie is a stay-at-home mom who takes care of the household plus frequents the zoo, Nature and Science Museum, Little Gym, and hikes with Jake. The three look forward to Sabbath lunches with Austin’s family, plus bowling, and visits with friends.
Interview by Joyelle Worley
Austin and Katie Jewett with son Jake.
Photo supplied by Katie.
Baptisms of Halie Merson and James Potter
On Sabbath, June 19, we were privileged to be a part of the baptism of two of our young people, Halie Merson and James Potter. Halie is home schooled and just finished 8th grade. She loves animals and has aspirations of someday being a veterinarian. Right now, she has 20 baby chicks and a Border Collie.

Halie's testimony is as follows: "A couple of months ago, I started to have an interest in walking with God. As you know, I've grown up in the Seventh-day Adventist Church ever since I was born, but I never really had a true interest in Bible studies and devotions and walking with God. A few months after we moved to Colorado, I started to think about doing Bible studies. I also had some influences in my life that showed me that I wanted to believe in other things than my friends were. After doing Bible studies with Pastor Nestor, I grew and grew and here I am now. I can't wait to spread the gospel with others and continue to grow in Christ."

James Potter is 10-years-old and attends HMS Richards Elementary School and is a part of Junior Sabbath School. This was a special day for James and his family. He asked his mother when he could be baptized. She said, "When you feel ready, just ask the pastor." Soon after that, he asked Pastor Nestor and started preparing for this day. If you know James, he is a very special boy, patient and kind, loves school and Sabbath School and playing with his friends.  "He wrote the following. "I am getting baptized because I love Jesus with all my heart and I want to give my heart to Him."

It was such a joy to watch these two young people give themselves to Christ and His service. We welcome them both into our church fellowship,
By Muriel Indermuehle
Halie Merson
James Potter sang before his baptism conducted by Pastor Nestor Soriano.
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July 3: Local Church Budget
We are so blessed to belong to a church that keeps up with its budget—I am sure God is pleased, and it makes the local ministries and opportunities so much easier. Thank you each for your part! .

July 10: World Budget (General Conference offering)
This offering supports all the departments and activities at the General Conference office level, but it also makes appropriations to the various mission fields and world divisions. It is a huge undertaking, and it requires much money that is carefully spent to advance the gospel in all the world.

July 17: Local Church Budget

Have you noticed all the nice things happening with the landscaping around our church? It looks so well-kept and well-chosen. There are people who have done the work on a volunteer basis, but the materials have and will continue to require money. Let us support making the church attractive to all

July 24: Rocky Mountain Conference Advance
Evangelism comes in many forms, and this Advance offering supplements evangelistic programs throughout our conference. For smaller churches this is a necessary blessing. Let us support spreading the Word!

July 31: Local Church Budget
The outside church doors need replacing. There are going to be many challenges getting things set up for adequate storage even as the kitchen is being renovated. Look around and see what you think needs to be updated and kept in tip-top shape.Then support your ideas with this offering.
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