Newsletter 07 | June 2021
An update on backfill moves and occupancy for COB1.
COB1 Schedule Update

The Office of the State Fire Marshal and Certified Building Official have signed-off all work on the third floor of COB1. Economics and Business Management (EBM) and the Merritt Writing Program (MWP) can pick up their office keys, at the Lock Shop, starting on Monday, June 7th. Please note this applies to those who have offices on the third floor only. Those who previously requested their office moves be delayed until occupancy was granted will have their offices moved on Monday, June 14th.
Final sign off is anticipated for the first and second floors by June 18th. Additional updates to follow.
Reminder from SSHA on Campus Access

When coming to campus to retrieve your office key and/or access your office, please ensure you utilize the below to request campus access:

One time access:
Full/part time access:
For additional information on backfill planning, please visit the moves website.