TO: Northwest ISD Students, Parents/Caregivers, and Staff

FROM: Ryder Warren, Superintendent

SUBJECT: Campus COVID Protocols

NISD team, I hope everyone is off to a great week thus far. I know most everyone has seen (or will see) the announcement from Governor Abbott rescinding COVID protocols – including masks – at the state level, as well as some announcements at the county level. We’ve received questions about our protocols in the district, and we want everyone to know that we are still business as usual in our schools at Northwest ISD – regardless of the county you live in. We will still be following all current COVID protocols – including the wearing of masks – for everyone on campus until further notice. We will be getting guidance from the Texas Education Agency, and we will take into consideration that guidance as soon as it is received. 

Everyone have a great rest of the week and be safe.

Ryder Warren
Superintendent of Schools