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ITGA's New Campus-Community Connections: College Town News and Views
Thanks to the dozens of suggestions from members near and far about a new name for Dateline. The most common word used in this diverse idea tank was "connections," which sums up much of our work on a daily basis. Thanks to Douglas Shontz, a communications specialist for the Borough of State College, Pa., for the winning pitch, Campus-Community Connections. For his idea, Douglas will have his Boulder 2020 registration reduced by $50, and receive some ITGA personalized swag at the conference. The new Campus-Community Connections will highlight news from ITGA campuses and communities. The deadline for each addition is eob every Tuesday. Send your submissions to Finally, would you like to join the ITGA Outreach Committee, or have questions and ideas about ITGA outreach in general? Please drop us a line at
ITGA College Towns as Economic Drivers
College towns are emerging as economic powerhouses, thanks to their outsized share of the young, highly educated workers who are in high demand. And as more students stay put after graduation, college towns' potential is only growing. Major universities, particularly research institutions and those affiliated with nearby medical centers, employ tens of thousands of people and spend billions annually. And now, instead of leaving for bigger cities right after graduation, a growing number of grads start businesses and hire people, creating new feedback loops of investments and driving more amenities that attract other talent to the area. See what is happening in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Boulder, Colorado; South Bend, Indiana; Ames, Iowa and Champaign, Illinois. Axios
ITGA Villanova: Thanks to Off-Campus Police
Radnor police Superintendent Christopher Flanagan received the first ever Villanova University Caritas Award at a ceremony Monday. Flanagan has been very active in helping the university and its students develop improved relations with members of the nearby neighborhoods through various town and gown outreach programs. These include an annual barbecue to make college students who live off campus cognizant that loud music late at night bothers neighbors and that trash and recycling should go into proper cans, and marshaling the township public works department to help students when they move out in the spring with removal of large refuse items. Daily Times
ITGA Ithaca: Leading With Love
In 2016, Cornell University’s Office of Community Relations pitched the concept of a “Leading With Love” walk to mark the start of the Ithaca City School District academic year. The now-annual walk is a simple, non-political event that celebrates education, young people, and the power and potential of unified, loving communities. The bottom-line driver of the Leading With Love walks has been Ithaca School District Supt. Dr. Luvelle Brown, author of "Culture of Love: Cultivating a Positive and Transformational Organizational Culture." The walk was held Wednesday, and described in this article .
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