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April, 2021 
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Information for parents and supporters of students in residence
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Exam Support
April is a busy time for students as they finish up final assignments and start their final exams. 
Student Studying in residence
Student Academic Success Services (SASS) provides free and confidential services to help with time management, motivation, exam preparation and exam anxiety strategies.     

If your student feels anxious or overwhelmed, encourage them to speak with their Don, Residence Life Coordinator, a peer at the Peer Support Centre or the University Interfaith Chaplain.   

Student Wellness Services offers a range of health and counselling services for students, with counsellors embedded in most faculties/schools, including residence, and additional specialized supports for racialized students, LGBTQ+ students, Indigenous students, and Black-identified students.  
Students can access crisis and counselling support 24/7 through Empower Me, Good2Talk, and Wellness Together Canada.

Learn more about the academic and wellness resources students can access as they prepare for final assignments and exams here

Students are also encouraged to take active breaks from studying to promote both their mental and physical wellbeing. Athletics and Recreation offers virtual and pre-recorded on-demand fitness classes as well as limited use of their outdoor recreational facilities.
Exam schedules   

  • Final examinations run from April 14 to 28.  
  • Your student's exam schedule is posted in SOLUS. Learn more about exam regulations here and remote proctoring here.  

Residence Quiet Hours 

 22-hour quiet hours began Sunday, March 28, with courtesy hours from 7pm -9pm, providing a quiet study environment for students.  
With the province in shutdown, all retail and dining locations are take-out only, and exam hours are now in place. We encourage students to plan their meals and order online. We continue to offer variety and choice, including adding popular dishes from some of our retail locations (like Flip It and KHAO) into the dining hall menu mix. 

Students needing any support with food on campus can book an appointment with Hospitality Services' Registered Dietitian, Jessica Bertrand, through this link
Grocery Delivery
campus Market
Make sure your student is fueled up for finals!

Order exam snacks and gifts with Campus Market today!

Campus Market will be available for online grocery orders, and local delivery, until April 16.   

Log on today and set your student up for study snack success!  
Planning for move-out 
Move out
Students are also preparing to pack up and say farewell to Residences. We have provided information about check-out, key return, and where to donate unwanted items. Our move-out webpage has full details, including a move-out checklist and COVID-19 guidelines.  

Under the province’s current stay-at-home order, moving qualifies as an essential reason for travel.
To maintain a quiet and respectful study environment, students are required to move-out no later than 3:00 pm on the day following their last exam.
  • If your student is not able to move out on that timeline, they can fill out the Residence Extension Request Form here before April 26.

  • If your student would like permission to stay in residence after residences close on April 29 at 3:00 pm, they must email reslife@queensu.ca to apply.  
Helping your student move-out?
We have worked with local public health to ensure a safe move-out process for everyone. Every student can have up to two people helping them with move-out.

We understand many families are coming from outside of the KFL&A region to move students out; you are approved to be on campus for the purpose of move-out, provided you complete and pass the symptoms/contacts screening on the SeQure app before arriving.

As you move out, we ask that you comply with the following guidelines:  

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times
  • Maintain a space of 1-2 meters between yourself and others, including our facilities and desk staff  
  • Guests must use public washrooms only   
  • Follow signs about elevator and stairwell use   
  • Use the available hand sanitizers at each building entrance  
  • Follow proper and frequent handwashing guidelines  
  • Bring your own move out cart if you are able  

For more residence-specific COVID-19 frequently asked questions and answers, please visit our residence COVID-19 page.  
Staying Safe
Queen's has been working closely with KFL&A Public Health and other community partners since the pandemic began a year ago to communicate the importance of following public health and safety measures to all students.  

There is concern about the rising COVID-19 variant case counts in Kingston. We have been providing updated information and resources to all students in residence. Please see our Family and Supporters page for all COVID-19 related communications.
Further information is available on the Queen's COVID-19 Information website, including a COVID-19 Case Tracker, that reports cases within the university community, whether on or off-campus.  
Off-Campus Living
Our Off-Campus Living Advisor offers housing talks and one-on-one support to assist students with the transition to living off-campus. Students can get confidential guidance on evaluating off-campus housing, avoiding fraud, tenant rights and responsibilities, and COVID-19-related housing information.   
Queen's University owns a variety of apartments and houses close to campus. Many students find the Community Housing Accommodations Listing Service (ALS) helpful when searching for available Kingston student rental units.   

Hospitality Services offers 8 different off-campus meal plans to suit your student's lifestyle and dietary needs. 
Storage Units 
Need local storage over the summer? Our move-out website has a list of off-campus storage companies.  
Address Changes 
We will be reminding students to redirect their mail to their new address or change their address directly with any accounts that send mail.  

Please do not send your student parcels or mail this month, as it may not arrive before they leave. Canada Post will not redirect mail for students living in residence. Anything that is received after they leave will be returned to sender.  

Students should also update their address in SOLUS after they leave Residence.
Summer Job Supports
 Queen's Career Services offers a wealth of information and advice to support your students' summer job search. 
The Queen's Summer 2021 Work-Study program also is available and provides part-time positions to eligible students.
Cover Letter
Important Dates

  • April 14 – 28: Final first-year examinations. Students are required to move-out no later than 3:00 pm on the day following their last exam.   
  • April 26: Deadline to submit the Residence Extension Request Form   
  • April 29: Dining halls close as at 2:00 pm  
  • April 29: All residences close at 3:00 pm   
Final Campus Connection of 2020-2021  

This is the final edition of Campus Connection for the 2020-2021 academic year. 
We hope you have found this newsletter helpful. Visit the Student Affairs Parents, Families and Supporters webpage to find answers to your questions and sign up for The Pulse monthly e-newsletter to stay informed about dates, deadlines and how to help your student thrive.  

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we have continued to navigate these unprecedented times. We know that it has been a challenging year for both our students and those who support them. We appreciate the commitment students have shown in following COVID-19 restrictions, and your patience as we work together to keep our students, staff and community safe.  

Thank you for your continued support of your student. As always, if you have questions, please email reslife@queensu.ca.  

Residence Life Office 613-533-6790, reslife@queensu.ca
Residence Admissions 613-533-2550, reshouse@queensu.ca
Student Affairs 613-533-6944, parents@queensu.ca
Hospitality Services (meal plans), 613-533-2953 dining@queensu.ca

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