Volume 4, Issue 2 | November 5, 2018
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Superintendent's Message
Supporting our students social emotional development will further their success in a radically different future
Connection , engagement , wonder , future , fulfillment are themes that have been recurring throughout my work this month with our students, staff, parents, and community. In early October at the Santa Clara County Hearing on Hate Crimes, I listened to stories that representatives from the different facets of our county shared about the impact of hate in the lives of our youth countywide. I was there as an educational representative and to share what MUSD is doing to strengthen a culture of inclusion for our students. Throughout our schools, students will find opportunities for connection to peers and staff in programs such as Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies (PBIS), Soul Shoppe, Peacebuilders , Camp EveryTown , Los Dichos, Take it Personally , and Safe School Ambassadors . At the core of every program and school event around inclusion and bully prevention are the practices of: listening for understanding, empathy, and sharing ownership of the school community. These are essential elements in establishing not just safe schools, but learning communities conducive to creativity, critical thinking, and purpose.

As we think about how to design learning opportunities and experiences that will support our students in their preparation for a radically different future from what most of us have experienced, we need to further our endeavors in supporting their social emotional development. In talking with our students at Calaveras Hills High School and Milpitas High School about how they are, or want to be a part of designing a fruitful school experience, these themes emerged: connection with others, feeling valued, balance, and a desire for authentic engagement.

What the world will look like in 2050 will be very different from today. There are two constants we can depend on; technology will continue to both enhance communication and decrease the need for manual labor, and change will continue to accelerate. Frankly, it can be daunting to think about what our kids will be doing as adults.

The programs we have in place to prevent bullying are much more than that, they are providing our students with social emotional skills that are necessary for their success in the future. They are learning to be mindful of their words, and to ensure that their actions demonstrate the value of those who are different from themselves. We are at an awe-inspiring junction for innovation in how we design new school programs. In addition to the science, tech, and math skills that our students will need for the future, our graduates will need to be adept at building a community in which they can be versatile, discerning, and balanced in their approach to life. Our students want to own their part in establishing a future free from prejudice and hate, they want to own their community and be responsive to its needs. We can help them get there together.
Jeff Lamb coaches last scheduled volleyball match of 40-year career; Has coached 77 different high school teams
by Jeff Lamb, Milpitas High School Athletic Director

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 was my last scheduled volleyball match as the coach of the Milpitas High School Lady Trojans Varsity Volleyball Team. After 34 years as the varsity coach, two years as the JV coach, and four years as the JV volleyball coach at Saratoga High School, my 40-year volleyball-coaching career came to an end. It was truly a bittersweet experience, as I have loved almost every minute. Finishing my last practice the day before, in a moment of solitude, brought tears to me eyes. Tuesday night, however, was a very festive atmosphere. It was “Senior Night” for our seven seniors. I was thrilled to see so many faculty members attend the match, some for the first time. A great number of former players were also in attendance. I was presented a signed volleyball from the MHS staff. I almost lost it when I saw tears in the eyes of my daughter Jacqueline and son Stephen, who are MHS graduates and on the volleyball coaching staff. Assistant Coaches Marissa, Anastasia, and Paul also made it special. Of course my No. 1 supporter, my wife Leianne, was there to keep everything together.
I started working in MUSD as a substitute in October of 1977. There were no teaching positions available at this time due to Prop 13 and declining enrollment, especially in PE. Teachers were being laid off with up to 16 years experience in the area. Once I started, I have always worked in MUSD in some capacity; sub, long term sub (math and social studies), TAP Center Supervisor, Physical Science Teacher, Driver Education Teacher, Career Decision Making Instructor, PE Teacher, Athletic Director and coach. For a number of years I taught Algebra in summer school. I’ve also been an MTA negotiator for numerous contracts.

For all 42 years in education, I have been a coach. All but four years being at Milpitas High School. During my career I have been the head coach for 77 different high school teams in a variety of sports; volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, swimming, track, and water polo. I have never missed a single contest in over 2,300 contests. Fortunately I have received number coaching honors; CCS Honor Coach Volleyball and Basketball, CIF State Model Volleyball Coach, and CCA State Volleyball Coach of the Year are a few.

The Milpitas Beat: 'Opinion: Students thrive at Community College extension in Milpitas'
The following article was originally published by The Milpitas Beat on October 12, 2018. It was written by Superintendent Cheryl Jordan; Dr. Byron D. Clift Breland, Chancellor, San Jose – Evergreen Community College District; Jorge Escobar, President, San Jose City College; and Michael Mooney, Director, Milpitas College Extension.

Nearly 60 Milpitas High School (MHS) students completed a college-level geometry course recently as part of a summer accelerator math program offered through the San José – Evergreen Community College Extension at Milpitas.

The students in the summer accelerator program were among almost 200 MHS students to successfully complete at least one college course this summer at the extension, which is a unique collaboration between San José – Evergreen Community College District (SJECCD) and Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD).

MHS students had extraordinary success, with 98 percent of students passing their courses, all of which were transfer-level college courses taught by San José City College (SJCC) faculty. These included classes in communications, English, psychology, mathematics, history, and computer science, which are transferable to the University of California and California State University systems.

By completing college-level courses that transfer to colleges and universities, MHS students who participate in programs offered at the extension will graduate from high school having already earned college credits. Because the classes are offered free to high school students, they are potentially saving thousands of dollars toward the cost of a college degree while also positioning themselves to complete their educational goals at a faster pace.

This 98 percent success rate—nearly unheard of in higher education—is possible due to the cohort of highly motivated students taking the classes, outstanding faculty teaching the classes, and the unique nature of the partnership between SJECCD and MUSD, which includes a focused early alert system that allows academic counselors to identify students who may be in need of intervention early on and ensure they receive the support and tutoring necessary to be successful in the class.

Top Milpitas employers open doors to local students for Manufacturing Day 2018
Provided by City of Milpitas

Fifty high school students from Milpitas and Calaveras Hills high schools learned about career opportunities with local high tech manufacturers at the second annual Milpitas Manufacturing Day on October 5.

The event, co-sponsored by the City of Milpitas, Milpitas Unified School District, and Milpitas Economic Development Commission, is part of a community effort to increase awareness of the opportunities for good-paying jobs for young people in local manufacturing careers.

Two local firms - View Inc. https://viewglass.com) that builds "smart windows" with dynamic glass, and Nanosys (https://www.nanosysinc.com/), a leading developer of quantum dot technology for electronic displays - opened their doors to students and other representatives from the Milpitas community.

"Manufacturing Day is a way for Nanosys to give back to our community and offer local high school students a chance to open their minds to the many career paths in advanced manufacturing," said Adrienne van Haeften, Manager of Chemical Manufacturing ay Nanosys.
Participants toured the two firms' high-tech manufacturing facilities where they could see advanced manufacturing in action, as well as the skills and training required for employees in the technology industry.

"MUSD students are curious and driven, they have vision and want to learn more about what is possible for their future careers, and that is why Manufacturing Day is such a dynamic experience for them," said Cheryl Jordan, Superintendent of the Milpitas Unified School District. "I'm thrilled to have this collaboration with the City of Milpitas, together with our local businesses we are developing an extraordinary network for our youth."

Milpitas is home to 150 local companies dedicated to innovative design, engineering, and breakthrough manufacturing technology. The city was ranked in the Top 20 for generating patents in California in 2015, according to the Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies.

MHS Model United Nations team members earn awards
Twelve students from Milpitas High School's Model United Nations team attended their first conference of the year last weekend at Redwood High School in Larkspur. They came back with four awards, including Renee Nario who was named Outstanding Delegate, and Honorable Mentions went to Wilton Lam, Jenny Pham, and Tanya Saharan.
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News and Events
Coach Rey leading an inspiring PE program at Pomeroy
by Vanessa Lorenzana, Pomeroy first grade teacher

At Pomeroy School, our teachers and staff work diligently together to provide each student with a quality education so that our students are able to learn and grow academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. We strive to educate the whole child--mind, body, and soul--so that we can confidently send out well-rounded, self confident, lifelong learners into the world. One way that we are educating the whole child is to provide students with wellness education, including the tools and background knowledge on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

At Pomeroy, we are very fortunate to have an amazing, dedicated physical education (PE) teacher, who not only inspires the students, but also motivates them to be a better version of themselves. Each year, the California Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is administered to students with the goal of establishing lifetime habits of regular physical activity in all of our students. Research indicates that regular physical activity, combined with good nutrition, contribute to healthy outcomes for our students by preventing health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension, stress, and anxiety.
To prepare students for the Physical Fitness Test and to establish healthy habits early on, Coach Reynard Elzey provides all of our students with a unique and wonderful PE program at Pomeroy. When it is time for PE, the students get super excited, and not just because they get to go outside, but because they get to spend more time with Coach Rey!
Laughter, squeals of delight, and student engagement are so prevalent that whenever anyone, teachers and parents alike, walks by one of Coach Rey’s PE classes, they can’t help but smile. The students begin with warm ups, where students from each class are given the opportunity to lead the classes in doing dynamic stretches. Then, the students run a lap before they participate in engaging circuits. Coach Rey sets up the circuits using hula hoops, cones, jump ropes, hopscotch, and more to provide students with cardio and functional activities. At the end of each PE period, the students look forward to playing fun games that encourage them to collaborate with one another. The students learn how to strategize and work together as a team to reach a common goal. At the end of PE, the kids return to their classes with huge smiles on their faces, and they look forward to the next time that PE comes around!

Sinnott Elementary celebrates during Fall Festival
by Kristan Prolo, Sinnott Elementary School Assistant Principal

Sinnott Elementary School held its Fall Festival October 26. Many teachers had booths to challenge our students' minds, coordination, skills, and even dance moves. There were many laughs and high fives, especially when a sixth grader or teacher was the recipient of a well aimed pie. While we enjoyed having fun completing various games, our history was on full display in the multi-use room to celebrate 50 years. Laughs were also had here as students found some of their parents old elementary school pictures in the yearbooks on display. While we were dressed in 50s wear for the 50th day of school, it reinforced Sinnott's storied history of the previous years.

CrossFit Thomas Russell grows in its second year
Thomas Russell Middle School is in its second year of an official CrossFit affiliation as a middle school, called CrossFit Thomas Russell (CFTR).

CFTR has their largest group of kids to date, 24 members. They’ve participated in Turkey Trots, climbed Mission Peak, visited local CrossFit gyms, and competed in an annual Mud Run. They’ve already fundraised about $1,500 this year and plan on raising a total of $3,000, which they will use to buy sweaters/socks/shorts, visit CrossFit Volition for a workout and barbecue, and pay for registration for their annual Mud Run. It is the dedication of the students that make the club so great.

MHS Academy of Travel and Tourism hosts mock interviews, event planning presentations
The Academy of Travel and Tourism held a Mock Interview and Event Planning presentation in the library at Milpitas High School October 26 .

Mock Interviews, conducted by community business partners, were attended by the juniors, who were ready with prepared resumes. Seniors presented mock-ups of an event plan to judges. All students were dressed professionally. Eight MHS alumni also attended as volunteers.

Additionally, the academy held their first mentor meeting at the San Jose Community College extension on October 4 (bottom left). They had 43 juniors and about 10 managers attend from the Fairmont, Double Tree, Embassy Suites, and the Crown Plaza Hotels.
Rancho Middle School holds assembly, other activities
for Anti-bullying Month
by Sean Anglon, Rancho Milpitas Middle School Assistant Principal

With October being Anti-bullying Month, Rancho has orchestrated a number of activities and events to help students understand the importance of being an upstander instead of a bystander. In addition to activities such as our Children's Internet Protection Act lessons from Common Sense Media taught by each team and our school-wide Pledge to Stand Up Against Bullying, we opted to have Keith Hawkins speak to our students about "Bully Free: The Way To Be" on Oct. 22.

Hawkins has spoken at Rancho twice before, and each time, we enjoy having our students experience his presentations. In lieu of a lot of technology, he simply interweaves comedic, and sometimes serious, personal stories with kinesthetic activities that leave students energized and excited about being "better than good". Throughout his presentation, Mr. Hawkins speaks about the importance of behaving with integrity, learning from mistakes, treating people with respect, and refusing to be limited by self-doubt; these are ideas that will help students both at school and in life. 
Milpitas community unites during Homecoming game
by PaulJunver Soriano, MHS student

Generations of Trojans, from alumni like current Milpitas Mayor Rich Tran, to present students and even future Trojans, gathered on the benches of Milpitas High School’s football field to watch and support the game against the Wilcox Chargers on October 19! The Trojans put up a tough match, tying with the undefeated Chargers at the end of the first half. During halftime, the high school’s marching band and color guard provided auditory and visual entertainment for the crowd. In the end, despite the Trojans’ fall, the homecoming game was an event that united the Milpitas community and uplifted the school’s spirit!

Randall students dance to Mariachis as they read bilingual books on Hispanic Heritage at the Milpitas Library
by Myrna Alayan, Randall fifth grade teacher

Randall Elementary fifth grade students and their families got to take pizza with a Hispanic Heritage book to go home with them on Monday, October 15. Diana Lara, Supervising Librarian at Milpitas Library, organized a Hispanic Heritage Event with Mariachis and Arts and Crafts like making Ojos de Dios and playing Loteria. 

From 6:30-7 p.m., families sat to listen to a library orientation. Students got their library cards and browsed the cart and tables that Lara set up for them with books of Tito Puente, Isabel Allende, Frida Kahlo, Sonia Sotomayor, Lionel Messi, Roberto Clemente, Alex Rodriguez, Cesar Chavez, Sandra Cisneros, and many others.  At 7 p.m., as kids ate their pizza and read their books, Mariachis played songs like Cielito Lindo. 

Padres Unidos helped make this event a success. 

Allison Guerrero, a fifth grade student at Randall, created a piece of art work for her teacher Mrs. Alayan  She hopes to be like Frida Kahlo one day. 

MHS Marching Band learns from experiences at Gilroy
by Vivek Chotai, Student Board Representative and MUSD Communication Intern

The weather is cold, there’s so much homework left to be finished, and the uniforms are tight and sweaty. But they can’t worry about that now, as it is showtime. At 9:42 p.m. on October 13, 140 students from the Milpitas High School Marching Band took to Gilroy High School’s football field with the color guard, carrying their instruments with pride. The school gave the green light of the performance, the culmination of more than 200 hours of practice, allowing the drum majors to salute and kick off the event.

The performance was full of various formations the band has practiced, including a compass and spiralic patterns. The Milpitas High School Color Guard dances and skillfully handles large flags while maintaining tempo with the beat of the marching band. Parents who have come all the way to Gilroy cheer and record videos, which will be used to improve any mistakes. The Trojans take second place out of two schools, defeated only by Mountain View, and receive awards for best visual and best general effect.

Regardless of the outcome, the students were proud of their accomplishment.

“Gilroy was the first performance where our actions meant something,” said MHS junior Sean Nguyen, who plays the piccolo. “You can imagine we were nervous for the first performance. But whatever story or theatricality of our show we were trying to portray really shined through that night.”

Johnny Huang, MHS junior and sousaphone player, shared his thoughts.

“We put on a fantastic first performance of the season, and we are off to a great start,” he said. “Of course, there are many things, both visually and musically, that we need to smooth out and work on. However, after improving these things, we will be able to have an even more fun and exciting season ahead!”

Overall, the Milpitas High School Marching Band and Color Guard achieved success in their first competition. The students and staff put in tremendous work and effort, which paid off significantly. With at least four more competitions remaining, the groups are bound to yield positive results for the 2018-2019 school year.

Spangler students raise over $5,000 during Spartan Sprint
by Kristina Ravo, Spangler Elementary School Assistant Principal

All of the students at Spangler Elementary School participated in the Spartan Sprint on October 12, completing as many laps as they could in a 20 minute window. Together, students raised more $5,000 and with the money that still needs to be turned in, we believe we'll make our goal of $6,000. This event was put on by our PTA and all the students had fun running, cheering each other on, and completing enough laps to earn prizes such as pizza for their whole class from Principal Luis Lopez.

Zanker Elementary PTA hosts Walk to School Day
Zanker Elementary School's Parent Teacher Association hosted Walk to School Day on October 10. This is part of a national event and a wonderful way to celebrate the joy and independence of walking to school. It brings our school and the community together for a common purpose. It helps the environment and alleviates our parking situation, among a number of other benefits. The school had five starting routes for different groups to depart from, and there were volunteer leaders for each route.

Cal Hills hosts Community Resource and Wellness Fair
On October 10, Calaveras Hills High School hosted its second annual Community Resource and Wellness Fair for students. 12 agencies were in attendance, and had representatives tabling during the students' lunch period. Students were able to get information, giveaways, and candy for visiting the tables and asking questions about the programs/services offered by the organizations. 

The following organizations were present: San Jose City College Milpitas Extension, Mission College, Ohlone College, De Anza College, San Jose Conservation Corps, Silicon Valley Career Technical Education, MUSD Adult Ed, MAP-In, Alum Rock Counseling Center, SCCOE, WaldenWest, and Planned Parenthood.

Event focuses on preparing for the 'Future of Education'
by Vivek Chotai, Student Board Representative and MUSD Communication Intern
Photos by Jonathan Tran

On October 4, more than 50 people attended the “Future of Education,” an event hosted by Chris Norwood, Board of Education Vice President. Students, parents, educational administrators, and community leaders came together to discuss the problems and solutions to ameliorating Milpitas’ educational system, in order to be prepared for the future. This diverse population was informed on how students learn at school, and the steps that were taking place to provide them with the best education possible. Presentations were given by a range of individuals, including officers from the Milpitas Police Department regarding school security, administrators of adult education explaining the positive effects they are producing in society, and four students depicting their point of view as the youth. These educational leaders sparked discussion, which helped clarify the concerns and common misunderstandings held by the community.

Norwood facilitated the conversation, using technology to inspire new ideas, an example of the future of education itself. This included a real time survey, which each person was given the link to and told to take not by using a computer, but their phone. Around half of the population attending were unable to do so, since many people were not familiar in using technology as a tool of education. As a result, many of the younger attendees went around to help those who needed it, symbolizing how youth are adapting to the new forms of technology, and using it as a medium to communicate and learn in school. The results of the poll were projected live, displaying extraordinary efficiency, which impressed many of the community members.

Ever since the neolithic revolution, humans have been constantly improving, creating new forms of technology and innovation. This is still true to this very day, and it can be shown by the tremendous effort given by the Milpitas Unified School District, teaching students how to adapt to the new circumstances not only in school, but also in life. Change is inevitable, but with a district preparing for it, the future of education will yield the best possible results.

Mobile engineering lab visits Burnett Elementary School
by Hanna Asrat, Burnett Principal

The Try it Truck is a brand new mobile engineering lab out of the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito. They visited Burnett's first through third graders graders on October 2.

Students were able to explore, build, and invent with classmates using a variety of tools and materials. One teacher told me, "My only complaint is that I didn't get to go inside the truck to build, too!" The students were so excited (I heard more than a few students gasp and exclaim, "Oh my gosh!" as they walked onto the blacktop!) and had a great time engineering. Our STEM teacher was impressed with the program, too! So much so that we're going to try to get them to come back for our fourth through sixth grade students later in the year!

Upcoming Events
Fabric Art class kicks off November 19

Are you interested in working with fabric? Are you curious about the different uses? Wan to know more about this art medium? Milpitas Recreation and Community Services is hosting a Fabric Art Class, led by instructor Melbal Holliday, for high school age students 2:30-3:45 p.m. Mondays (starting November 19. 2018) at the Barbara Lee Senior Center, located at 40 N. Milpitas Blvd. This class is FREE to high school students, but space is limited. Register by calling (408) 586-3400. For more information, view the flyer.
MUSD | Phone: (408) 635-2600