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August 25, 2019

Introducing Oakwood's Class of 2020  
Soon-to-be Alumni

The Oakwood School's opening day on August 22 started bright and early as the 25 members of our Senior Class of 2020 met for their annual picture at the Upper School sign, enjoyed a senior breakfast, and then was introduced -- and stole the show -- at the opening day all-school assembly. With TWELVE "lifers" in the group (a "lifer" attended Oakwood K to 12) our 12th graduating class is going to make our 24th year one for the books! 

"Do all the other things, the ambitious things - travel, get rich, get famous, innovate, lead, fall in love, make and lose fortunes...but as you do, to the extent that you can, err in the direction of kindness." - George Saunders 

Oakwood's Senior Class of 2020

Simon Barker
Nathan Barondes
Caroline Brown
Jack Dyba
Keith Graziosi
Maddy Heins
Sarah Howard
Gonzalo Insaurralde
Nancy Li
Tiffany Lin
Emilio Marty
Julia Moore
Samantha Pabst
Natalie Potter
Robert Prati
Macey Robinette
Logan Saad
Aalivia Smith

Avery Sorie
Jordyn Styles
Emily Surles
Kennedy Tate
Alec Tedder
Eddie Wang
Chen Zhang

Children's Miracle Network Fundraiser    
Oakwood 4th grader  James Miller  and 1st grader  Wesley Miller held a lemonade stand fundraiser during their summer break in August to raise money for Children's Miracle Network.The boys worked hard hanging signs, dropping flyers in mailboxes around their neighborhood, and putting signs up in stores and restaurants throughout town. Many Oakwood families came out and donated online. Thanks to the generosity of so many here in Eastern North Carolina, the boys were able to raise over  $1,750 -- and counting!

This act goes hand in hand with Oakwood's belief statement " We believe that both within and beyond the school walls, students learn that service to others is one of the deepest satisfactions the human spirit can know." Remarkable work, James and Wesley! 

8th Grade English Class
Upper School 8th graders are already hard at work in Mr. Boyd's English class working collaboratively on creating class flags!

5th Grade Problem Solving  
Our Middle School 5th graders spent time problem solving last week in science and math. They learned you CAN find the solution, but it just may take a few tries and some different strategies!

Stats Class
Mr. Cowles' Upper School stats class practiced engineering skills by building the tallest tower they can with paper bags, straws, and tape. How cool!

Meet & Greet    
We had a great time at our annual "Meet & Greet" for new and returning families and students in all grade levels on August 21! Catching up with old friends and making new ones and meeting their teachers, parents and students enjoyed their time and learned about all of the awesome things happening at Oakwood this year!  Check out more pictures here .

First Day of School  

Celebrating our 24th opening day, we had a Big Step Breakfast hosted by PSA, an all-school assembly honoring the Senior Class of 2020 and welcoming all Pre-K-12 students, and a ringing of the bell to kick-off the new school year!! It was also announced that Oakwood's play production this year will be William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."  See more pictures here 

Mr. Cowles' Upper School math class students had some cool ice breakers up for his first day of school! Students were asked questions like, "One of my strengths in mathematics is ____", and "By the end of the year, I plan to achieve the following goal:____".

Sip, sip, hooray!! Mrs. Durden's 2nd graders celebrated the first day of school with some jitter juice to accompany a read aloud book "First Day Jitters" by Julie Danneberg.

To introduce Lower School Kindergarteners to their new teachers and where their specials classes are located, Mrs. Strickland and Mrs. Carnighan's classes played a spy game where they "snuck up" on specials teachers, Head of School Mr. Q, Lower School Coordinator Dr. U, and Ms. Christine to surprise them with a song...incognito, of course! 

Oakwood Grandparent Makes $6,000 Gift    
Oakwood Grandparent Patricia Rawls recently made a restricted $6,000 gift to the school in honor of her husband Artie Rawls for the school's Scholastic Target Clay Program (STCP) Club. This gift will fully fund a storage trailer, safe, and workbench for the student athletes to maintain and safely store equipment between practices at Hunters Point. "Artie always had a love for the STCP Club at Oakwood and enjoyed sharing this passion with his grandson Carson Aarup (now an Oakwood 10th grader). It means a lot to our family to make this gift in Artie's honor." Thank you Patricia and Artie Rawls for your generosity and making a difference!

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