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September 1, 2019

Senior Adoptions   
Forming Lasting Bonds

To form lasting bonds and bridge the gap between divisions, each year the Lower and Middle School classes adopt a senior! This year, the seniors were greeted with smiles, certificates, and presents and will continue to interact with their adopted class throughout the year. 

The seniors are living one of Oakwood's belief statements, " We believe that the need to develop positive relationships with others is as basic to human nature as is the need to learn."

Cross Country     
On top of being a part of Oakwood's Cross Country team, 9th grader Olivia Thorn went the extra mile as she participated in a 5K with other area runners around town and with ECU's Cross Country team in their event with Fleet Feet last weekend. Way to go, Olivia! 

Independent Study
Participating in an Independent Study this year with Ms. Blackmer, 11th grader Kristina Kessler gave a presentation to 5th grade about what's in their drinks, what's sugar, and why it matters. Take away message - rethink your drink because water is best! Awesome job, Kristina!  

Pre-K students have been loving carpet time with Mrs. Painter! Here, you can see her reading "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn about  Chester, a raccoon that does not want to go to school.  In the book, h is mom gives him a very special kiss in the center of his palm that helps Chester transition from home to school.   Chester was helping Mrs. Painter read the story when all of the sudden he disappeared!   He left a note leading the class  on a scavenger hunt to find him.   His trail of clues lead them to meet all of their specials teachers and see their classrooms.   His last note led them back to Mrs. Painter's classroom where they found Chester with treats for them! 

Latin IV
As a part of their beginning of the year review, Mr. Taylor's Latin IV class declined  adjective-noun pairs. 

5th Grade Math    
Ms. Blackmer's 5th grade students warmed up their math brains for the year by playing math games! Who said math can't be fun?!

Physics Class
Mrs. Edwards' Upper School physics class performed a lab measuring the elasticity of a spring. Awesome! 

Latin Program     
Each year, the Latin program sorts its new members into ancient Roman "dynasties". Check out some of the new Romans during the sorting ceremony! 

Back-to-School Kickoff
Celebrating the beginning of a new school year for Oakwood students and their families, the Parent Service Association (PSA) hosted their second annual Back-to-School Kickoff party on August 24!  With a western theme, they had food trucks, pony rides, petting zoo, mechanical bull, music, games, and lots of amazing and fun family entertainment.  A huge thank you to PSA for organizing and sponsoring this remarkable event!  Check out more pictures here.  

Alumni Spotlight     
Shout out to Jacob Barondes ('16) who spent his summer in Israel completing an internship program working in the start-up industry. Specifically, Jacob was working with integrated networking and business development through a non-profit that works like an accelerator for medical tech and pharmaceutical companies. Wow! Keep up the great work, Jacob!  

The 2019-20 Presenting and Platinum Corporate Partners Proudly Support The Oakwood School!     

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